The way students dress has a direct impact upon their attitude and performance and the attitude and performance of others.  In order to maintain a respectful, positive, and productive educational environment, the Chaparral Elementary dress code is based on California Education Code (35183.6) and the LVUSD Parent, Student and Staff Legal Notification Handbook. 

    “Clothing or appearance that can create a class/school disturbance or distraction that interferes with the learning environment, or represents a danger to student health or welfare is not permitted.”

    Students should wear comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes that allow them to move safely and participate easily in a variety of activities such as art projects, sitting on the floor, and/or strenuous physical activities.

    • Shirts must be long enough that if hands are raised over the head, a bare midriff will not be exposed.
    • Shirt straps must be at least one inch wide (no strapless tops).
    • No baggy or oversized pants.  Pants must be able to stay up and not touch the ground.
    • Skirts and shorts must be worn with a hem that reaches the tips of the fingers when arms are extended down the thigh.
    • Clothing that shows, or appears to show, underwear is not permitted.
    • Shoes with open toes and/or open backs (for example:  flip flops, jellies, sandals, clogs, Crocs, etc.) are not permitted.
    • Shoes with high heels, wedges, or skate wheels are not permitted.
    • Peds or socks must be worn with shoes.
    • Appropriate shoes, such as sneakers, must be worn for P.E. class.
    • Sun protective clothing (including hats, caps, sunglasses) is permitted when outdoors.
    • Hanging chains, dangling jewelry (earrings, necklaces and/or bracelets) that are safety hazards and/or distractions may not be worn in school.
    • Clothing which depicts any of the following is not permitted:
    • Offensive or vulgar language.
    • Inappropriate pictures or innuendos relating to sex, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or other controlled substances.
    • Advertisements for alcohol, cigarettes or other controlled substances.
    • Breaking the law, violence, ethnic and/or racial slurs.

    Students may wear plain hats on the playground, during P.E., recess, and lunch but not in the classroom or any building.  Students must keep hats in backpacks or out of sight or they may be confiscated.

    Parents may be called to provide an appropriate change of clothes.  Confiscated items can be picked up in the office at the end of the school day.