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    AR Departmental Policies

    The RenLearn STAR program will be used to determine goal points for each individual student. 

    8th Grade cap at 40 points per term
    7th Grade cap at 35 points per term
    6th Grade cap at 30 points per term
    AR counts as 10% of student's total grade. Extra Credit is only availablue up to 9 points (if grading by total points, 1 extra credit point for every 5 points earned over goal).
    Quiz taking rules
    Quizzes may be taken in the ELA classroom if teacher makes time or the library before school, at lunch, or after school (or with a pass to the library).
    Students taking a quiz in the library must have a signed AR slip AR™ form filled out completely and signed by English teacher in the bottom box.
    The day before the end of the quarter is the last day to take AR quizzes, (earlier in 4th quarter due to library closure and laptop check-in).

    Signing AR slips ends the Friday before the last week of the quarter. Students must plan ahead - procrastination is not advised. 

    One non-fiction book is to be taken and passed each semester.

     AR Deadlines

    Teacher 1st Quarter  2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
    Andrews October  January  March 


    Edwardsen October  25 January  March 


    Hepps October  January  March 


    Thomas October  January  March 


    Wigger October  27 January  March 


    Wildman October  January  March