• ACS clubs vary from school year to school year.  ACS clubs generally meet at lunchtime and sometimes after-school.  If you are interested in participating in an ACS club, you shoudl consult the schedule below.  Before attending any club meeting you must come to the AP office and pick up a pass that allows you in to a building during lunchtime.  

    2017-2018 Clubs will begin after Labor Day. 2017-2018 ClubsCLUBS  

    Last year's clubs (2016-2017):

    Cheer Club meets in the gym at lunch on Thursdays.

    Circus Club meets in the gym at lunch on Fridays.

    Cooking Club meets at lunch on Thursdays in D117 (Espinoza).

    CPR Club meets on Tuesdays and Thursday at lunch in MPR for October and November.

    Dance Club meets on Fridays at lunch in the gym.

    DIY meets on regular Wednesdays at lunch in E110

    Disney Movie Club meets on Tuesdays at lunch in F108 (Dickinson).

    Hebrew/Jewish Club meets on Mondays at lunch in E212 (Berke).

    Mindfulness Club meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in F111 (Espinoza).

    Model U.N. Club meets on Fridays in F207 (Kane).

    Peer Tutoring meets Tuesdays at lunch in E202. 

    Ping Pong Club meets on Mondays and Thursdays at lunch in MPR in October. 

    Robotics Club meets on Thursdays after school in D117 (Kaminski).

    Student TV Club meets at lunch and after school on Thursdays in E207 (Purvis).

    Tech Deck Club meets on Thursdays at lunch in E112 (Hasal).

    Volleyball Club on Mondays and Thursdays at lunch on blacktop in November.