ACS Clubs/Intramurals

  • NOTE: Starting soon, 2021 Clubs will be from 3:00 to 4:00 on site after online school.
    Sign-ups and permission slips are required (click on the links below).

    ACS clubs vary from school year to school year. If you have a great idea for a club, find a teacher to sponsor it and present the idea to the AP's Office. ACS clubs generally meet at lunchtime and sometimes after-school. If you are interested in participating in an ACS club, you should consult the schedule below. Before attending any club meeting in the E or F building, you must come to the AP office and pick up a pass that allows you in to the building during lunchtime.

    New clubs pop up throughout the year. Check back in a few weeks to see what new clubs have been added!

    *Intramural Sports occur at lunch throughout the year (*Not until we return completely from the pandemic.)

    Club name Monday Tuesday  Full Day Wednesday Thursday Friday TEACHER


    Permission required

          GYM    Espinoza 

    Walk and Talk School Tour 

    Permission required

           Campus   Kargari