ACS Clubs/Intramurals

  • NOTE: Clubs will resume when the pandemic is over.

    ACS clubs vary from school year to school year. If you have a great idea for a club, find a teacher to sponsor it and present the idea to the AP's Office. ACS clubs generally meet at lunchtime and sometimes after-school. If you are interested in participating in an ACS club, you should consult the schedule below. Before attending any club meeting in the E or F building, you must come to the AP office and pick up a pass that allows you in to the building during lunchtime.

    New clubs pop up throughout the year. Check back in a few weeks to see what new clubs have been added!

    Intramural Sports occur at lunch throughout the year

    During lunch: Monday Tuesday  Full Day Wednesday Thursday Friday TEACHER
    After school:             
    MATH TUTORING           Dept.