• What is the School Site Council?

    The purpose of the SPSA is to create a cycle of continuous improvement of student performance and to ensure that all students succeed in reaching state academic standards. More information can be found at the California Department of Education Website.

    Who are the current School Site Council Members?

    SSC members are elected to two year terms. Current members include:

    Stephanie Brazell, Principal

    Alison Brown, Parent (2019-2021)

    Michelle Costantino, 3rd Gr. Teacher (2020-2022)

    Jennifer Love, Parent (2019-2021)

    Amanda Madnick, Parent (2019-2021)

    Andrea Menschel, Staff (2019-2021)

    Leanne Smith, Parent (2020-2022)

    Donna Welti, Staff (2019-2021)

    Andrea Wilcox, 4th Gr. Teacher (2020-2022)


    When Does the SSC Meet?

    The SSC meets after school about four times during the school year.
    2020-2021.  The next SSC meeting is scheduled for May 26, 2021 @ 3:00 pm via zoom