• Bilingual Instructional Aides (BIAs) are available to assist students in the core content areas of math, science, social studies, and English language arts, using the student’s native language if necessary, to help facilitate access to the curriculum. English learners can request that a BIA attend core classes or attend support periods with them to assist in communication with teachers. 


    Furthermore, Bilingual Instructional Aides can help:

    • Obtain information about a student’s class performance
    • Translate during teacher conferences
    • Translate in meetings with counselors


    Bilingual Instructional Aides Information:


    Name                               Phone Number                   E-mail

    Orit Fromer – Hebrew         818-512-4167                      ofromer@lvusd.org

    Bela Pflaum –Spanish         818-216-5143                      bpflaum@lvusd.org

    Fariba Saifyan – Farsi         818-312-0154                      fsaifyan@lvusd.org