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    Student and staff safety remain our number one priority in Las Virgenes. To that end, we have worked closely with Dr. Ronald Stephens from the National School Safety Center in developing an action plan. Our overall approach is to continue improving our school culture so that students are nurtured, supported, connected with staff and have healthy relationships (Student 360), in addition to strengthening our facilities.  

    We are working hard to better manage access to our schools and we need your help. Changing culture is always a challenge, but together we can accomplish our goals.  

    • You must check in and out with the main office whenever you visit any of our schools - regardless of how short or long your visit will be.  
    • You must bring your drivers license any time you want to enter a school site. Your license will be scanned into our visitor/volunteer monitoring system. The system will print a temporary badge for you that you must wear while on campus.
    • All LVUSD campuses are closed campuses. You are not able to be on campus unless you have business to conduct. This includes waiting between kindergarten, primary and secondary bell dismissals. Campuses are closed until the final bell rings.
    • Please be vigilant. If you see or hear anything concerning, please notify administration immediately.  Students, parents, and community members can also anonymously report information that is concerning at WeTip.com.
    • Free crisis support is available 24/7 - anyone can use crisistextline.org or text HOME to 741741.

     Below is an overview of our action plan detailing items completed, in process, and/or planned:

    1. We continue to strengthen our relationship and training with members of the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station.
    2. We have ordered and will be training our staff on implementing a visitor/volunteer management system known as “Raptor” for all schools that will scan visitor/volunteer driver’s licenses, check identities against law enforcement databases, and print out a temporary badge for all visitors/volunteers.
    3. We have provided eight “Active Shooter” trainings for staff and will continue to offer additional trainings on an ongoing basis.
    4. We are augmenting the security camera system each school has by installing 120 additional cameras in public areas which will bring our total to 300 cameras. 
    5. We have installed live feed monitors connected to the cameras for our principals and main office staff.
    6. We are examining all gates and reviewing all entrance and exit points to our campuses to improve access management.   
    7. The consultant identified the need to improve the fencing at five of our school sites which will occur this summer.  
    8. We have instituted “closed campuses” and do not allow community use of the high school track and field during the school day.
    9. We will be upgrading the PA (public address) and phone systems at all school sites beginning this summer.  This will expand the coverage of the PA system in addition to providing access to the system from any school phone.  
    10. We have ordered and begun installing additional window and door window coverings.
    11. We will be working with our PFC and PFAs to move banners to locations that do not impact visual supervision.
    12. All district maintenance staff will have upgraded two way radios for improved communication and supervision.
    13. We have provided lockdown kits for every classroom.
    14. We have identified and are in the process of ordering improved signage to identify the location of the main office at all school sites.
    15. We are in the process of developing specialized emergency training for all substitute employees.
    16. Bushes, hedges, and trees will be trimmed to improve visibility and supervision.
    17. All LVUSD staff members will be easy to identify as they will be wearing an LVUSD ID badge.  Campus supervisors will also wear easily identifiable vests and technology staff and grounds/maintenance crews will wear easily identifiable shirts.

    Thank you for your support and diligence as we continue to improve student and staff safety.