Family Connection by NAVIANCE allows students and parents to investigate, research, track, and plan for the college admission process. 
    To begin using Lindero Canyon Middle  School's Family Connection, go to:
    Naviance LCMS Login and follow these steps: 

    Naviance has long been a college-career planning program in the LVUSD High Schools. We are extending access into Middle Schools to provide greater information and access to level-appropriate resources that can support middle school families.  This is a program that LVUSD utilizes to provide students and families with access to interest inventories, career exploration, organizational tips, and social-emotional supports

    1.)  On the home page, click on "I need to register" and enter your registration code emailed to you by Mr. Ryan Gleason and click "Register." Fill out the registration page including your e-mail address and a private password. At the bottom of the page, check the box that you agree to the terms of use and click "Complete Registration." 
    Note: When you log in to the web address in the future, your user name is your e-mail address and your password is the one you established when registering. If you change your e-mail address at any point, remember to update it in Family Connection.
    The welcome page will appear when your registration is accepted. Announcements and other important information will be posted on the Welcome Page. Check it often!