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Las Virgenes Unified School District

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Facilities Use/Rental Permits

LVUSD facilities are made available as a civic center to members of the community, charitable, non-profit organizations, youth organizations, religious organizations and government agencies without disruption to regular school activities.

Click here for the Fee Schedule for All Use Beginning 7/1/23

Facilities Use Request/Application:
To submit a Facilities Request, go to our website:  If you need assistance, please contact or  (800) 272-2962 x1.

Las Virgenes Unified School District General Conditions for Facility Use
By submitting this request, the legal agent of such organization/group hereby agrees to all of the facility
use conditions and regulations and any waivers contained therein.


1) No use of nicotine products and/or use of electronic vapor systems

2) No alcohol

3) No use of barbeques or open flame cooking

4) No use of candles or open flames

5) No use of any explosive devices, rockets or projectile items

6) No use of mechanical rides unless the proper certificates of insurance and paperwork are submitted to
the Facilities Office

7) No moon bounces or rebounding inflatables permitted

8) No drinks (soda, Gatorade, etc.) permitted in any room or gymnasium with the exception of bottled
water for team sports

9) No food or eating in any room unless prior authorization is given

10) No hard metal or sharp objects on wood floors, chairs or tables

11) No running, jumping or playing on bleachers or stages

12) Use of gym equipment is prohibited unless specific written authorization is given (i.e. ropes, pull-up
bars, nets, mats, moving bleachers, etc.)

13) Children must be supervised at all times

14) Facility use areas must be left in the same manner in which they were found.

15) Only District authorized personnel shall operate projectors, lighting panels, dimmers, tech booth
equipment and any other District equipment. Projector/audio visual use is not guaranteed with rental.
School site to determine if projector may be used.

16) No cars are permitted on grass fields, track or other areas of the site unless prior approval is

17) No stages over three (3) feet are permitted unless an approved Building & Safety Permit has been
submitted to the Facilities Office.

18) For all large outdoor events, a Los Angeles County Fire Public & Assemblages Event Declaration
form must be submitted to the Facilities Office with other required paperwork at least three weeks prior to
your event. Please contact the Facilities Office for further details.

19) Users must carry a copy of the approved permit at all times and comply with any district employee,
security personnel, or law enforcement individual that may request to view the user’s permit. If
requested, users must also show personal identification.

20) For use of the swimming pool, Facility User must provide a licensed lifeguard who will be required to
be on deck at all times while attendees are in the pool area.

21) There is no use of grass fields within 48 Hours after any rain. More non-use time may be needed if
field conditions remain excessively wet.

23) Soccer users are required to regularly rotate goal placements to prevent field damage from
excessive use. At the end of each use, all goals must be locked and secured.

24) No dogs or animals permitted on school grounds unless registered as a Service Dog and proper
paperwork is provided to the Facilities Office prior to your use/event.

25) All permit holders and attendees must comply with all traffic rules and regulations (i.e.. no parking in
any red zones, fire lanes, etc.)

26) No subletting an approved permit to another user.

27) Restrooms and custodial services are required for all permits. As of 8/21/19, non-school day use will
be charged custodial service equal to time District facilities are rented. School day use will be charged
one hour custodial. Larger events and events requiring additional custodial support will be charged an
additional fee.

28) Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to your scheduled event or facility fee and all other costs
(custodial, etc.) will be charged in full.

29) All permits must be submitted 14 days before the start of your first event date

30) Fifty Percent (50%) of your fees are due upon receipt of your invoice and the remaining balance is
due 14 days prior to your event.

31) Users are expected to comply with the District’s recycling program and dispose of all recyclable items
in the appropriate labeled containers. Trash must be placed in approved trash receptacles.

32) All flyers should be submitted to www.Peachjar.Com for approval. No paper flyers may be

33) All advertisements for outside renters must indicate "This event is not affiliated with Las Virgenes
Unified School District"

All vendor insurance, health permit(s), and signed Hold Harmless Agreement(s) must be
submitted 10 business days in advance of the first scheduled event on your permit.

The organization and/or person named on this application (herein collectively referred to as “facility user”)
hereby releases and discharges the Las Virgenes Unified School District, Governing Board, officers,
employees, agents, and volunteers (herein collectively referred to as “District”) from all liability arising out
of or in connection with the issuance of this permit. For the purposes of this agreement, liability means all
claims, demands, losses, causes of action, suits, or judgments of any and every kind that the facility
users, heirs, executors, administrators, assignees, or participants may have against the District, or that
any other person or entity may have against the district, or that any other person or entity may have
against the District because of any death, personal injury or illness, or because of any loss or damage to
property that occurs during activities associated with issuance of this permit. The facility user agrees to a
Waiver of Subrogation provided in favor of the following Additional Insured (Las Virgenes Unified School
District) with respects to Workers Compensation.

The facility user at his/her expense, cost, and risk, shall defend any and all actions, suits, or other
proceedings, that may be brought or instituted against the District, its Governing Board, officers, agents,
employees or volunteers,, on any such claim, demand, or liability. The facility user shall pay or satisfy
any judgments that may be rendered against the District, its Governing Board, officers, agents,
employees, or volunteers in any actions, suits or other proceedings as a result of activities covered by this

In order to ensure the safety of all who attend School District Facilities, we require that all tenants/vendors
provide a certificate of insurance (COI) and endorsement (two pages total) naming the District as
additional insured. The insured names should match the group/organization name on the permit or
vendor name and the District should be listed as the certificate holder & as the additional insured as

Las Virgenes Unified School District (LVUSD), the Board, Employees and Volunteers
4111 Las Virgenes Rd.
Calabasas, CA 91302

The organization requesting the permit/vendor shall procure and maintain Commercial General Liability
Insurance with a $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 Aggregate Limit of Liability per occurrence for
Bodily Injury, Personal and Advertising Injury and Property Damage. Sports Associations must show
evidence that their General Liability Policy contains Athletic Participant’s Medical (Student Accident)
coverage that will respond to injuries sustained by athletic participants. Organizations that provide
services for children shall provide proof of sexual molestation and abuse coverage with
a $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate limit of liability.

Facility User’s/vendor shall provide a waiver of subrogation for Workers Compensation insurance.
Facility User’s/vendor General Liability insurance shall be primary and noncontributory.
The following endorsements to the General Liability policy are required:
A 30-day notice of intent to cancel, non-renew, or make material change in coverage. The District is to be named as “Additional Insured” by separate endorsement

At the District’s sole discretion, limits of liability coverage may be increased and additional insurance may
be required depending upon use of property.