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School Health Requirements

School Health Requirements

The district verifies that each Kindergarten student has complied with the legal requirement for a California Child Health & Disability Prevention (CHDP) and Oral Health Assessment. For Buttercup students, the district verifies that each enrollee has complied with the legal requirement for a Child Pre-admission Health Evaluation.

CHDP:  California law (Health and Safety Code 124085) requires evidence of a comprehensive health screening completed on a form developed by the California Department of Health Services (DHS), 18 months prior to entry into first grade or within 90 days thereafter. For the CHDP form.  Please return the completed form to your child's school.

The law allows for the school district to exclude from school, for not more than five school days, any  first grade student who does not present prior proof of a health screening or a signed waiver (Health and Safety Code 124105).

This health exam may help detect or correct a health condition before it becomes a health problem, thus enhancing your child’s public school experience.

For information regarding FREE CHDP health exams and Ventura County CHDP Medical Providers and Clinics, visit the Los Angeles County Public Health Department CHDP

Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment:  California law (Education Code Section 49452.8) states your child must have a dental check-up by May 31 of his/her first year in public school.  A California licensed dental professional operating within their scope of practice must perform the check-up and fill out Section 2 of the form. If your child had a dental check-up in the 12 months before he/she starts school, ask your dentist to fill out Section 2.  If you are unable to get a dental check-up for your child, fill out Section 3.  This form is required to be filled out. Please make sure it is completed and returned to your child's school.  Dental Oral Health Assessment Form.  Please return the completed form to your child's school.

Dental decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, more common than both asthma and obesity, affecting nearly two-thirds of California’s children by the time they reach third grade. Dental decay is easily preventable. However, it is also a progressive infection that does not heal without treatment.   Remember, your child is not healthy and ready for school if he or she has poor dental health.

For information regarding Oral Health Family Resources, visit the Los Angeles County Public Health Department Oral Health Program.

For Buttercup Preschool ONLY- Child Pre-admission Health Evaluation Prior to, or within 30 calendar days following enrollment, a written report of the child’s physical exam, prepared by a licensed physician, must be provided. The preferred form is the Department of Social Services form LIC 701, “Physician’s Report”. TB tests are not required for children entering preschool unless certain risk factors are present. The LIC 701 has a checkbox at the bottom that indicates whether there is a need for TB screening. Any physician’s report provided by the parent must be less than one year old.


Health Care Programs for the Uninsured of Los Angeles County: Medi-Cal is a public health care program for those with limited income. This free or low-cost public health insurance program pays for medical services for eligible Los Angeles County residents.

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