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General Information 

California Education Code §48206.3 requires that Home/Hospital instruction be available to students with temporary‚Äč disabilities that make attendance in regular day classes or alternative education programs impossible or inadvisable. A temporary disability is defined as “a physical, mental, or emotional disability incurred while a student is enrolled in regular day classes or an alternative education program, after which the student can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes or an alternative education program without special intervention.” Home/Hospital students can normally be expected to return to their regular classes after their disability has been addressed through medical intervention. 

Home/Hospital instruction is typically not necessary for students who may be absent for less than two weeksInstruction for such students can usually be addressed at the school site level through either short-term independent study or regular classroom teacher support with assignments and flexible timelines. 

Home/Hospital Procedures 

In order for Home/Hospital instruction to be considered, the parent must submit the “Request for Home/Hospital Teacher” form (available in the school site office) signed by the student’s physician indicating the type and severity of the condition as well as the anticipated date that the student will be able to return to school. In addition, the physician must note whether the teacher would be exposed to any contagious diseases. A physician's release will be required if the student is going to return to school earlier than the anticipated date. In addition, an updated “Request for Home/Hospital Teacher” form must be completed and signed by the physician if the student is expected to return later than the originally anticipated date. A physician’s release is not required if the student will be returning on the anticipated date. The determination of whether a student requires Home/Hospital instruction will be made by the Pupil Services Department. 

Home/Hospital instruction is intended as a temporary placement and is not an alternative placement for students who are habitually absent or refuse to attend school. Per Education Code §48206.3, once a student is determined to be eligible for Home/Hospital instruction, he/she will receive one hour of individualized instruction for each day that instruction is offered by the district in the regular education program. The maximum number of hours that can be offered to a student in any one week is dependent upon the number of school days in that week. For example, a week where school is held for only four days will result in a maximum of four hours of Home/Hospital teaching. 

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