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Las Virgenes Unified School District

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Local Control Accountability Plan

Understanding California's New School Funding Formula: LCFF and LCAP

LCFF stands for Local Control Funding Formula. Under this formula, school districts have more decision-making power in determining how to use funds for their schools  and specific educational programs. Funds will be allocated by the State on a per student basis with supplemental funds  awarded for designated high needs students, which are identified as English Language Learners, low-income students and  foster youth.

LCAP, which supports the LCFF, stands for Local Control and Accountability Plan. This three-year plan must be developed, adopted and annually updated along with the LCFF in concert with a school district's parents, teachers, students, bargaining units and community members. While the LCFF affords greater latitude for districts in how they allocate funds for their schools and programs, the LCAP is a measure that ensures equity, accountability and transparency in that funding process. With LCAP, districts are required to reach out to their stakeholders for input on prioritization of educational programs that support positive student outcomes. The State has noted eight key priority areas that must be addressed in the Plan, and districts, partnering with their various stakeholders, will identify goals and actions associated with each of the eight priorities.


The Las Virgenes Unified School District convenes an LCAP Advisory Committee composed of representatives of our various stakeholders and student subgroups. This committee works closely with District administrators in analyzing, reviewing, revising and formalizing the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) for Las Virgenes. LVUSD also hosts Community Forums in May to which the community is invited to attend and provide input regarding the desired educational programs that support student achievement.

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