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Las Virgenes Unified School District

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Proper Logo and Use

Proper LVUSD Logo and Use

The official LVUSD Logo should be used on all stationery, badges, posters, flyers, marketing material and other materials developed on behalf of our District. The LVUSD logo celebrates our District’s mission to grow students from children into life-ready adults.

Official LVUSD logo with text:

Click here to download
Official LVUSD logo without text:

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The LVUSD logo should be utilized for authenticating official district documents, such as diplomas, transcripts, certification of board actions, trustee and superintendent publications, and other official correspondence, as well as promotional and marketing materials (such as web pages, brochures, posters & flyers). 

To ensure the integrity of the logo, here are some guidelines:
• Do not modify the logo's colors, content, or graphic elements.
• The approved logo can be downloaded from
• Maintain the logo's proportions. The scale/size of the logo may be adjusted to fit the needs of the layout; do not stretch or distort it.

Color Reproduction:
When reproduced in color the logo should appear in the LVUSD signature blue colors:
Light blue for letters, dark blue for figures

78, 132, 185

24, 47, 101

Dark gray and black are the only alternate colors that may be used when the blues cannot be used.
The logo can be reversed out (white letters with dark figures) when the background is deep blue, black or gray.