• A student violating the LVUSD illegal substance use policy may have the option of participating in the CHOICES Program. This program is designed to provide an alternative to expulsions. It is supportive and educational rather than punitive. Under the CHOICES Program guidelines, students who have violated LVUSD policy regarding the use/possession of alcohol or other drugs as a first offence will have the following consequences:

    1. A five day suspension from school.
    2. Participation for ten meetings in the school sponsored CHOICES education/counseling group that will include various assignments.
    3. Participation in a 12-step program concurrent with CHOICES.
    4. Random “on demand” drug screening for the remainder of school years.
    5. Suspension from any co-curricular activities until CHOICES is completed and requirements of the LVUSD Code of Conduct have been fulfilled.
    6. Parent(s) are required to attend five parent support meetings during their student’s enrollment in the CHOICES Program. Some of these meetings will include students.
    7. Seniors violating the LVUSD illegal substance use policy when there are less than ten remaining sessions in the CHOICES Program in the school year will be allowed to complete CHOICES by participating in an alternative program, approved by the principal, during the summer. Seniors will be barred from all end-of-the-year activities, including prom, senior week and the graduation ceremony.
    8. Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 who violate the LVUSD high school illegal substance use policy when there are less than ten remaining CHOICES Program sessions in the school year will complete the program in the following school year, with all restrictions remaining in place