If you haven't already begun to research colleges, start now. The NAVIANCE program can help. Also the free website of all California colleges is www.californiacolleges.edu. If you want to go to a college in another state, then you can use either NAVIANCE or echoices websites to search for colleges geographically.

    * If you are already considering applying to a California State University campus when you become a senior, you may begin filling out your application now! Go online to www.csumentor.edu and click on the "plan" tab. You can fill out the classes that you have already taken and the grades you have received in those classes. By the time you become a senior, that information will be transferred over to your application.

    * Begin to research activities and/or sports, volunteer opportunities to enhance what careers you are already interested in pursuing (for example, volunteer at a nursing home or adopt-a-pet shelter.)

    * In the fall, please stop by the College & Career Center to continue your research because you will find information on careers, colleges, scholarships, summer programs.

    * If you are considering a visit to a local college campus or two, there is information about how to go about this online atwww.eCampustours.com.

    * This fall, be sure to check out the list of admissions counselors who will be visiting Agoura from different colleges. That list is on Naviance, in PFC emails, announced during the daily bulletins and posted outside the College & Career Center. Generally these visits are scheduled during support and/or lunch. You are strongly encouraged to begin attending these meetings because these admissions counselors will be there to give you information about their respective colleges and that will help you begin researching for colleges that are of interest to you.

    Mr. Susana Baird (Assistant Principal)
    Mrs. Kristine Geiger (Secretary)
    Mrs. Judy Berke (Registrar)
    Mrs. Rochelle Gagliardi (Head Counselor)
    Dr.  Linda Ordin (Counselor)
    Mrs. Cathy Latty (Counselor)
    Ms. Judi Craven (Counselor)
    Mr.  Mike Lipka (Counselor)
    Mrs. Marianne Pall (Counselor)
    Mrs. Dana Wortham (Counseling Secretary)
    Mrs. Shelley Diament (ROP Secretary)
    Mrs. Marcy Heider (College & Career Center Advisor)