Whether you plan to continue your education, enter the military or the working world after high school graduation, this bulletin is designed to assist you. When specific questions arise, make an appointment with your counselor to discuss them. Keep this bulletin all year so you can refer to it often.

    DAILY BULLETINS/ VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENTS: It is extremely important to listen to these daily bulletins. We use these announcements to give important information to you regarding college representatives visiting Agoura, PSAT and AP registration/testing workshops, SAT and ACT deadlines. Remember to check Agoura's website (agoura.mamboschools.com).

    GRADUATION CEREMONIES: The Board of Education will enforce the policy regarding participation in graduation ceremonies. Students must pass all graduation requirements and pass the CAHSEE (CAlifornia High School Exit Exam) by the day of graduation of their senior year in order to take part in the ceremonies. If you have questions, see your counselor.

    SOCIAL SECURITY CARD: If you have not already done so, obtain a Social Security Card. Most colleges, scholarship programs, and employers require that you have one (usually to be used as your I.D. number). Applications are available at the local Social Security Office in Thousand Oaks. Bring your birth certificate and school I.D. card.

    E-MAIL: Most colleges nowadays communicate with prospective students by e-mail. Please get a professional e-mail address to keep for several years. Check it often!

    COLLEGE CATALOGS: College catalogs are available to check out in the College & Career Center. It is advisable to request your own college catalogs from each college's Office of Admissions in which you are interested. There may be a charge for your own copy. The addresses of all college/universities are available in the College & Career Center. You may also use the College & Career Center's computers to research valuable college/university online information, including online catalogs.

    PSAT/NMSQT: If you intend to go to a four-year college, you are strongly encouraged to sign up for the PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). It is excellent practice for the upcoming college entrance exams. Juniors' scores will automatically be placed in competition for various prestigious scholarships.

    The PSAT is administered only one time per year, in the month of October.  More information regarding signing up and the cost will be available closer to the test date.

    (Please note: Do not confuse the official PSAT with our PFC's fundraiser  "mock sat" that is offered through the Revolution Prep company. Information regarding PFC test prep fundraisers can be found on the AHS website under PFC.

    MILITARY SERVICE: If you are considering entering the military service after graduation, local recruiters' names and information are available in the College & Career Center. You may also spend a week at one of the military academies by contacting their local representatives. When males reach their 18th birthday, they must register with the Selective Service.online at www.sss.gov.

    If you would like to build entry level job skills or investigate new career options, consider taking an ROP class. These courses are offered after school, in the evening or on Saturdays. See Ms. Judy Aggarwal or Mrs. Shelley Diament in Room C-1.

    COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMS: Most colleges/universities require that you submit scores from either the SAT Reasoning Test or the American College Test (ACT). Some, such as the University of California, will also reccomend that you take SAT Subject Tests. It is your responsibility to check each college website to determine which test(s) the college or university requires. It is strongly recommended that you take either the "ACT Plus Writing" and/or the SAT Reasoning Test.

     For juniors preparing to take AP exams in May, it is suggested that you also take the SAT Subject test in May (if the colleges to which you're applying require SAT subject tests) then the SAT Reasoning Test and/or the ACT Plus Writing in June.

    However, if juniors are not taking AP tests in May, but the colleges in which you are interested still require subject tests, then it is suggested that you take your SAT Reasoning Test in May and your SAT Subject Tests and/or the ACT Plus Writing in June.

     You may repeat the SAT Subject, SAT Reasoning Tests and/or the ACT in September, October, November and/or December of your senior year. Most colleges will accept these fall test scores, but there are some exceptions. For example, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo prefers that the ACT be taken by October of your senior year. San Diego State, Sonoma State, Long Beach Sate require the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT to be completed by November of your senior year.

    Registration forms for these tests are available in the Counseling Office, the College & Career Center or online (SAT's websitewww.collegeboard.org and ACT's website www.actstudent.org). Colleges will see all SAT scores unless you have chosen Score Choice. You may choose which ACT test score to send with your college applications. Check the deadlines for registering for these tests. "Standby" registration is available, at an additional fee, for either the SATs or the ACTs. "Standbys" are accepted on a first come, first served basis, if extra test booklets are available. You are encouraged to register in advance online to take these tests in the spring of your junior year. Free SAT and ACT prep can be accessed online at www.uccp.org or pick up free full-length practice tests in the College & Career Center.

    Community colleges do not required entrance exams.

    NCAA APPLICATIONS: If you intend to compete in athletics at a Division I or II college, you must submit an application to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Clearinghouse to verify your academic eligibility by June. Applications are available online at www.ncaaeligibilitycenter.org.  You must also order your transcript from Mrs. Berke, Agoura High School's registrar, in the Counseling Office. 

    If you intend to work full-time after graduation, spend some time in the College & Career Center. Information is available about job qualifications, how to look for a job, how to prepare for the job interview, and how to write a resume. Vocation/trade school information is also on hand.
    Work permits are available in the Counseling office. See Mrs. Wortham.

    COMMENT: Make the most of this year. . . make use of resources available to you at Agoura (your teachers, counselors, the College & Career Center, tutoring resources). You can make an appointment to meet with your counselor or drop in during Support Period, Nutrition or Lunch. Rely on yourself to get all the information you might need. Always check with us about the accuracy of information obtained from friends and/or relatives. ~ We are here to help but it is up to you!!!

    Ms. Mary Hazlett (Assistant Principal)
    Mrs. Kristine Geiger  (Secretary)
    Mr. Michael Lipka (Head Counselor)
    Dr. Linda Ordin (Counselor)
    Mrs. Marianne Pall (Counselor)
    Mrs. Cathy Latty (Counselor)
    Mrs. Nicole Schackelman (Counselor)
    Ms. Judi Craven (Counselor)
    Mrs. Dana Wortham (Counseling Secretary)
    Mrs. Shelley Diament (IHHS,Service Learning & Career Ed.Secretary)
    Mrs. Marcy Heider (College and Career Center Advisor)