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    Whether you plan to further your education, or enter the military or the working world after high school graduation, this bulletin will assist you. When you have specific questions, make an appointment with your counselor. At the beginning of this year, you will sign up for your one-on-one personal conference with your counselor after the "Senior Workshop" . Keep this senior bulletin and your senior calendar all year and refer to it often.

    Miss the Senior Meeting? Below you can find two important documents that were shared during that meeting that Seniors will need for any/all senior events along with other important information. Please make note of all deadlines listed within the documents. There will be NO exceptions.

    DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS: It is extremely important to listen to the daily bulletin or watch the video announcements. We use those announcements to give important information to you regarding visits by college representatives and career speakers. Listen for information about college applications, scholarships, SAT and ACT deadlines.

    The Board of Education will enforce the policy regarding participation in the graduation ceremonies. Students must pass all graduation requirements and minimum proficiency tests by the day of graduation of their senior year in order to take part in the ceremonies. Go online to agourahighschool.net to read the Course Catalog and Educational Planning Guide for exceptions.

    SOCIAL SECURITY CARD: Go to the Social Security office in your area to apply for a Social Security Card if you do not have one. Bring your birth certificate, school I.D. or driver's license. Most colleges, scholarship programs and employers require a Social Security number.

    EMAIL: Most colleges communicate with you through email so be sure to check your email frequently because you may receive questions and/or updates regarding your college applications. Be sure your email address is professional-sounding, not "cutesie."

    TRANSCRIPTS: A transcript is a copy of your high school record (courses, semester grades, GPAs). Do not send transcripts to colleges unless requested. Each transcript costs $5 and takes up to 48 hours to process. Be sure to distinguish whether you want an official or unofficial transcript. You will be receiving an unofficial transcript for your own use during your senior year meeting with your counselor. Some colleges may require "mid-year" reports. See your counselor for more information about transcripts.  You will also need to know whether documents will be sent electronically or by regular mail.

    COLLEGE VISITS: Representatives from the UCs, Cal States and other colleges visit AHS in the fall and a limited number in the spring. It is very important to attend these meetings! Many of these admissions counselors will be the ones who actually read your college application! These college visits in the College & Career Center are generally scheduled during Support Period or Lunch. The calendar of visits is posted in the College & Career Center, online on Naviance and agourahighschool.net, in the PFC e-mail bulletin, and announced during the daily bulletins. Come to the College & Career Center for more information.

    COLLEGE CATALOGS:  All information is posted on the individual college's website. This is where you find the most up to date information. You may use the College & Career Center's computers to research college information online. A limited number of catalogs and  brochures for many of the colleges/universities are available in the College and Career Center.

    COLLEGE APPLICATIONS: In all cases, complete your applications online, however, be sure to print out a copy of each application for your own records even when you submit it online. If you do send information to a college by mail, buy a Certificate of Mailing from the post office. Many colleges will accept either the Common Application (www.commonapp.org) or Universal Application (www.universalcollegeapp.com). Check whether supplemental forms are required from each college to which you are planning to apply if you use these applications.

    We recommend that you submit your UC application online at www.universityofcalifornia.edu /apply as early as possible in November to avoid any possible technical problems at the end of the month. Print out a copy for your files. You may apply to all nine (9) UC campuses with one application. The basic fee entitles you to be considered for one campus. You pay an extra fee for each campus.

    You may go online now to www.csumentor.edu, click the plan tab and the high school planner to begin filling out the classes that you have already taken and the grades you received in those classes. That information will transfer to your application. We recommend that you submit your Cal State applications online at www.csumentor.edu as early as possible during the filing period to avoid any possible technical problems. Print out a copy for your files. You may apply online to as many campuses as you wish, but you must submit separate applications and fees to each campus. The basic fee entitles you to be considered for one campus. You pay an extra fee for each campus.

    PRIVATE CALIFORNIA AND OUT-OF-STATE COLLEGES/ UNIVERSITIES: It is your responsibility to obtain each college's application. Addresses, websites and phone numbers are available in the College & Career Center. Information about private California colleges can be found on www.californiacolleges.edu. Over 600 colleges will accept either the Common Application (www.commonapp.org) or Universal Application (www.universalcollegeapp.com). You must check whether supplemental forms are required from each college to which you are planning to apply if you use these applications. "Rolling admissions" means that your application will be considered shortly after it is submitted and you will be notified within 4-6 weeks. "Early Decision" is binding, meaning if you submit your application early to only one college and are admitted in December, then you must withdraw all other college applications. An "Early Single Action" and "Early Action" application means after submitting an application early in the fall, you will be notified sometime in December that you have been admitted, but these offers of admission are not binding. For more information about this, contact your counselor. In any case, however, be sure to meet deadlines!

    COMMUNITY COLLEGES: Community college applications are available online. Website information is available in the College & Career Center. If you apply to a community college, you may also have to take placement tests in math and English. Information about that is available in the College & Career Center or from each separate community college.

    TECHNICAL, TRADE AND BUSINESS SCHOOLS: Write or email the Office of Admissions for each school. You are responsible for following their deadline dates and for returning applications and financial aid requests.

    The state of California is promoting the CVC, the California Virtual Campus (online atwww.cvc.edu) where there is a catalog of online classes and programs offered by accredited public and private universities within California. The catalog can be used by Agoura students interested in taking a college level class prior to completing high school. If you find a class, please check with your counselor. Do your best in the class as it will start your college GPA!

    FINANCIAL AID: Financial aid refers to scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs. You must apply for financial aid at each separate college at the same time you apply for admission. Most colleges require that you and a family member submit a financial statement through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid at www.fafsa.ed.gov) Some private colleges also require that you and a family member fill out the CSS Profile for financial aid (online at www.collegeboard.com). There is usually a section in each college application to indicate whether you need financial aid. You will be sent the appropriate forms. If there is a problem, contact the financial aid office at each school to which you have applied. Be sure to meet the deadlines! Additional financial aid information is available in the College & Career Center and on Agoura's website at agourahighschool.net.

    COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMS: Most colleges and/or universities require that you submit scores from either the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT). It is your responsibility to check each college website to determine which test(s) the college or university requires. Register online at www.sat.collegeboard.org/register for the SATs or www.actstudent.org for the ACT. Applicants to the UCs or to the Cal State systems should take their entrance exams (SATs and/or ACT) no later than December of their Senior year. NOTE: Some Cal States require testing to be finished by October. College entrance exams are not required for admission to community colleges. Be sure that you have taken all the entrance exams that are required by the colleges to which you plan to apply. Some admissions decisions have been delayed because students forget they must order their scores to be sent to the colleges to which they apply. Contact www.collegeboard.org to order SAT scores and www.actstudent.org to order ACT scores to send each college needing to see those official scores.
    The UCs require either the ACT Plus Writing OR the SAT Reasoning Test AND recommend two SAT Subject Tests of your choice (the UCs will only accept the Math Level 2 subject test). The Cal States require either the ACT or the SAT Reasoning Test. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo "prefers" the ACT and it must be completed by October of your senior year. San Diego State, Sonoma State, Long Beach State require that the SAT Reasoning or ACT be completed by October.

    AP TESTING: Is in the month of May. The availability will be announced

    NCAA APPLICATIONS: If you intend to compete in athletics at a Division I or II college, you must submit an application online atwww.ncaaeligibilitycenter.org to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Clearinghouse to verify your academic eligibility as soon as possible! You also must order a transcript from Agoura's registrar, in the Counseling Office.

    REGIONAL OCCUPATIONAL PROGRAM (ROP): If you would like to build entry level job skills or investigate new career options, consider taking an ROP class.  For more information speak to your counselor.

    MILITARY SERVICE: If you are considering entering the military service after graduation, local recruiters' names and information are available in the College & Career Center. When males reach their 18th birthday they must register with the Selective Service. Forms are available online at www.sss.gov.

    FULL TIME JOBS: If you intend to work full-time after graduation, spend some time in the College & Career Center. Information is available about job qualifications, how to look for a job, how to prepare for the job interview, and how to write a resume. Vocation/trade school information is also on hand. Work permits are available in the Counseling office.

    COMMENT: Make the most of this year. . . make use of the resources available to you at Agoura (teachers, counselors, College & Career Center, tutoring resources). You can make an appointment to meet with your counselor or drop in any day during Support Period, Nutrition or Lunch. RELY ON YOURSELF to get all the information you might need. Be sure to check the accuracy of information obtained from friends, relatives, with your counselor or the college & career center! FOLLOW THROUGH on all of the things that need to be done in order to have your plans be successful after graduation. ~ We are here to help but it is up to you!
    Good luck!

    Mr. Susana Baird (Assistant Principal)
    Mrs. Kristine Geiger (Secretary)
    Mrs. Judy Berke (Registrar)
    Mrs. Rochelle Gagliardi (Head Counselor)
    Dr.  Linda Ordin (Counselor)
    Mrs. Cathy Latty (Counselor)
    Ms. Judi Craven (Counselor)
    Mr.  Mike Lipka (Counselor)
    Mrs. Marianne Pall (Counselor)
    Mrs. Dana Wortham (Counseling Secretary)
    Mrs. Shelley Diament (ROP Secretary)
    Mrs. Marcy Heider (College & Career Center Advisor)

    AHS School Code = 050003
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