• Each school year, students ask the policy regarding cell phones and pagers. It is important that you and your child review the following:

    Electronic Signaling Devices (Cell Phones/Pagers)

    In accordance with the Education Code 48901.5, the Board recognizes that parents/guardians may wish to be in close contact with their children during the school day, and therefore, students may be provided with an electronic signaling device such as a pager or cellular telephone. Through the use of pagers and cell phones families can communicate better and students and staff can feel a greater sense of security while at school.

    Thus, the following procedures were implemented for students and staff at all schools sites beginning with the 2004-2005 school year.

    1. Students shall be permitted to be in possession of electronic signaling devices while attending school and school sponsored activities.
    2. Students shall have electronic signaling devices (cell phones, pagers) turned off at all times during school hours, which includes Support, nutrition, and lunch. The only time that students may have the devices turned on or used is before school and after school. This policy also pertains to text-messaging.
    3. Should a student receive a phone call during school that disrupts the classroom instructional process or a school assembly, the device shall be confiscated by a certified or classified staff member and be given to an administrator. The student may pick up the device at the end of the day in the Attendance Office. A second infraction shall result in the signaling device being confiscated and the parent/g guardian will be required to meet with the principal or the principal's administrative designee in order to retrieve the device. A third infraction shall result in disciplinary action with the consent to possess all signaling devices being revoked until the end of the semester.

    If a student needs to use a telephone, he/she is advised to come to the Attendance Office and ask permission to use the office phone.