• Q: Will Aeries codes change for ALL students or just freshmen?

    A: Aeries log-in information remains the same for students coming from a LVUSD school. Students new to the District may contact the Registrar in the counseling office for details on logging in to Aeries.

    Q: Regarding the dress code: Can students wear hats to school? Does the dress code apply at school activities like football games?

    A: The dress code applies to outside activities like football games because they are school activities. Hats are allowed. Rules about slogans and images on shirts also apply to hats. Some teachers might ask their students to remove their hats while in their classroom.

    Q: When does the parking lot near the gym or behind the school open to parents for parking at sporting events/practices?

    A: After school (3:00). The Parking lot is for students/staff until 3:00.

    Q: What is the procedure for the Fall Fire Season if it gets close to Agoura. Or earthquake procedure?

    A: In the event that there is a disaster, students evacuate to the football stadium. If the decision is made to send students home, a person who is on the emergency card (parent or other adult) must come and sign the student out. We can only release a student to someone who is on the emergency card. If we need to evacuate the campus to another site, the same rules apply. We will bus students to a different location and use our all-call system and website to inform parents where we have relocated.