• Q: Can I see my student's completed tests?

    A: According to official District policy, "Teachers shall use a combination of Formative and Summative assessments and/or activities to assess student progress and achievement.

    Formative Assessment: Evaluation administered during a unit of instruction to comprehensively assess student learning and the effectiveness of an instructional method or program administered. For example; quizzes, assignments, and/or projects given during a unit of instruction in preparation for a summative assessment. (List is not inclusive)

    Formative Assessments shall be returned to the student prior to a summative assessment being given. Parents may request a copy of the student's completed formative assessment questions and student responses.

    Summative Assessment: Evaluation administered at the conclusion of a unit of instruction to comprehensively assess student learning and the effectiveness of an instructional method or program. For example; the unit test given at the end of the unit or a final exam. (List is not inclusive)

    Summative Assessments may be reviewed on campus by student and /or parent upon request."

    For full information see AR 5121.

    Q: Does IPS science count toward the "G" requirement for both UC and CSU universities?

    IPS is an approved college prep elective for the UC's and CSU's as it meets their "G" requirement. IPS does not meet the lab science requirement for the UC's. It does meet the lab science requirement for some of the CSU's and some other colleges. Please contact your high school counselor and/or a specific college for more information.

    Q: How do we get an advanced cadaver-based anatomy class for 11th/12th grade at AHS?

    A: There is a shortage of cadavers available for med schools and universities, putting high schools far down on the list, so we no longer can get them for our courses.

    Q: General Information on STAR testing:

    A: ­ STAR testing generally takes place in May for three to four days, for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. It measures mastery of the California Content Standards in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. The desired achievement level is proficient or advanced. Our API score is based on STAR test scores.

    Q: What is CAHSEE?

    A:­ CAHSEE stands for California High School Exit Exam. It is taken by all 10th grade students in February, which includes English and Math. Students have to pass both parts to receive a high school diploma. If failed, students have several opportunities to retake only the parts they fail.

    Q: If they take and pass the CAHSEE exam and pass in 10th grade, do they need to ever take it again in order to get their diploma?

    A: Once the CAHSEE is passed it is not taken again.