• Q: Who's who at Agoura High School?

    A: Stephanie McClay-Principal
    Susana Baird-Assistant Principal-Curriculum and Instruction, Discipline-Students from P-Z
    Garrett Lepisto-Dean of Athletics, Discipline-Students from GOO-O
    Mary Hazlett-Assistant Principal-Activities, Discipline-Students from A-GO

    Q: Where do I pick-up my child?

    A: For pre-scheduled appointments-Send student to the Attendance office with a note. Student should bring note to office before he/she needs to leave during support, nutrition or lunch. When returning go to Attendance Office to sign in and bring a note with doctor's stamp.

    Only parent or legal guardian may check a student out. Only people on the emergency card can take student in an emergency. Make sure it is up to date.

    Q: My child is late. What do I do?

    A: Student goes directly to the Attendance office to sign in. Send in a note with the reason or email the Attendance office and state the reason. After signing in at the Attendance Office, student goes to class...no re-admit slips are given.

    Q: What do I do if my student was absent?

    A: Absences need to be cleared within 72 hours.

    To clear an absence, email the Attendance hotline (no need to go to the attendance office) at agouraattendance@lvusd.org or bring a note to the attendance office.

    In email or note, please give: Student's first name, last name and grade and dates and reason for the absence. Reasons for excused absences: Illness, doctor/dentist appointment, death in the family, religious observances.

    Prior approval required for: Court and Trip"“without prior approval these absences will be unexcused.

    For excused absences: Students have the right to make up work missed; one day per day absent plus one day after returning; students must initiate make up work.

    For unexcused absences: Teachers do not have to allow make-up work.

    Q: Why is attendance so important?

    A: Classes: Block schedule-missing one day is equivalent to missing two class periods. Money: School gets approximately $40 per student per day.

    Q: Where do I go when I come on campus?

    A: Go directly to Attendance or Counseling offices. Anywhere else, please stop at the Main office and check in. Be sure to bring photo identification. For safety reasons, we need to know who is on campus.

    Q: Where do I drop something off for my child?

    A: We do not deliver items to students in class. If it is an emergency, go to the Main Office and leave it there. Mark the item with students name. Your student can then pick it up at nutrition, lunch or after school.

    Q: What is the policy on cell phones?

    A: ­ District Policy states no cell phone use during the school day (7:00 a.m. - 2:55 p.m.). First offense, the student is warned. Second offense, the phone is taken away. Student may pick up at end of day at the Attendance Office. Third offense, parent must come in a pick up the phone or four discipline hours will be assigned.

    Q: Is there a dress code in High School?

    A: ­ Yes, prohibited items include depictions of violence, drugs, alcohol or tobacco; offensive or vulgar words or sayings, including phrases of a sexual nature or that contain derogatory language; and unruly revealing or that detracts from the educational mission of the school.

    Q: Who is my child's counselor?

    A: Counselors are assigned according to last name:
    Aa-Chuam Mrs. Marianne Pall
    Chuan-Golds Dr. Linda Ordin
    Goldt-Kraty Ms. Judi Craven 
    Kratz-Nez Mr. Mike Lipka
    Ng-Sheb Mrs. Rochelle Gagliardi
    Shec-Z  Mrs. Cathy Latty

    Q: When can my child see his/her counselor?

    A: ­ Drop in at Support, Nutrition or Lunch. A student can also leave a note for the counselor to set up a meeting.

    Q: How do I contact my student's counselor?

    A: ­ You can call (818) 889-1262 x246 or e-mail (addresses are listed on the AHS website).

    Q: How can I help my student self-advocate?

    A: ­ Encourage them to establish a relationship with their counselor. Encourage your student to talk to you and then encourage your child to talk to his/her teachers, counselors and administrators.

    Q: What does my child do if he/she needs to change a class?

    A:­ Students have two weeks to request a program change and may see their Counselor during support, nutrition, and lunch. Students receive a program request change form that must be signed by a parent. Class level changes within a subject may be made up to the 10th week of school.

    Q: How can parents contact teachers?

    A:­ Check our website for: E-mail addresses and voicemail extensions. Call the Main office at 889-1262 and wait for the cue to hear alphabetical list of teachers to leave a message on teacher's voice mail. You can also bring a note to the Main Office to be placed in the teacher's box.

    Q: What can I do to help my student academically?

    A: 1. Review the syllabus and class guidelines with your student for his/her classes.
    2. Ask your student where he/she is writing down homework assignments and periodically check that assignments are completed.
    3. Check Aeries for student attendance and class grades. Check teacher website for homework and assignments.
    4. Look closely at the 5 week progress report, and contact teachers if you
    6. Have your child attend Student Support Period.
    7. Math Tutors are available during Student Support, Lunch, and Period 6 in M-7.
    8. The Tutoring Center is Tuesday from 3 - 4:30 p.m. in the Library. All subjects tutored by student tutors (free of charge)

    Q: How can my student stay responsible and organized?

    A:­ Students are responsible for writing down and completing all homework assigned during class.
    Students can keep track of homework assigned during class.
    Students can keep track of homework with an agenda/calendar/organizer (available for sale at the main office during the first few weeks of school).
    Students can also keep organized by checking teacher web pages.
    All teachers at Agoura High School are available to assist students during Support Period. Support Period occurs every day between 7:50 a.m. and 8:40 a.m.in the teacher's classroom, except on Late Start Days.

    Q: How can parents get involved?

    A: You can join clubs such as Parent Faculty Club (PFC)-general school booster; the Charger Club-sports booster; Music Boosters, Theater Arts Booster (TAB) and School Site Council.

    Where do I go for information?
    Booster Club Meetings
    School directory
    Automated phone calls from school administrators
    Join the AHS PFC yahoo e-mail group