Most of the Lindero Canyon Middle School teachers post class homework and other class materials on their websites.  This information may be accessed on the teachers' websites under the DEPARTMENTS tab.  Click on DEPARTMENTS and then TEACHER DIRECTORY AND WEBSITES, selecting the appropriate teacher and their class link.

    For absences of two days or less, student's should contact classmates for missed assignments. Students may also access assignments on individual teachers' websites. On the third consecutive day of absence students may request make-up work from the Counseling Secretary at 818-889-2134 ext. 232. Homework requests must be received by 8 A.M. in order to forward the request to the teachers before the start of school.  Homework should be picked up in the Attendance Office after school.  Students have the right to make-up work missed due to an excused absence. The make up period shall be no less than the length of the absence plus one day.

    Teachers have NO OBLIGATION to allow make-up work for unexcused or truant absences and days missed due to suspensions.


    If a non-school related trip during school session is absolutely unavoidable, the parent/legal guardian should inform the Attendance Office at 818-889-2134 ext. 32229.  the student should inform their teachers with a note from their parent/legal guardian, and discuss the work that wil be missed during their ansence.  

    It should be noted: A trip is NOT an excused absence.  it is up to the teacher to decide if he/she will provide or accept make up work.  If the trip is 5 days or longer, please see the Independent Study information below.


    Students who will be absent for an extended period of time (5 or more school days) may participate in the  short term independent study program. The district can/will receive state funds for those days provided the student complies with the agreement. The student will be allowed to make up any missed quizzes or tests. The parent/legal guardian must write a letter to the attendance office, at least 2 weeks prior, requesting the Short Term Independent Study Agreement. The letter must include: dates, location, and that you are requesting to participate in Short Term Independent Study for your child while away.  The Short Term Independent Study Agreement is sent home to be signed by the parent/legal guardian and student, and needs to be returned to the attendance office the next school day. In addition, the student will sign a teacher contract in all academic classes. The contract will inform the student what work needs to be submitted.

    Please Note: It is the student's responsibility to pick-up work from each of the teachers the day before the absence.