• Homework is an important extension of schoolwork and will be assigned based on the subject taught and individual needs. The purpose of homework is:
    • To help students establish desirable study habits, and responsibility basic to effective study.
    • To provide greater opportunities for personalized and creative approaches to projects.
    • To extend learning that has already begun in a school setting.
    • To consider various learning styles by offering a variety of assignments throughout the year
    • To utilize out-of-school learning resources
    • To acquaint parents with the curriculum and at times, provide quality time with their child through a common home project.
    Specific minimum or maximums are difficult to establish since the amount of relevant homework may vary form week to week. Likewise, the time required to do the homework may vary due to the ability of the individual and his study habits. The following are considered to be reasonable expectations for the average student. Your child's teacher will discuss homework at Back to School Night.
    During the year you will also be apprised of homework assignments.

    It is a good idea to establish a definite spot to place materials for the return to school the next day. This way homework and other items will readily be accessible and remembered.