• Many parents and educators feel that the type of clothing worn to school by the child has a definite bearing on the child's attitude toward school and the purpose of being there. The district expects students to wear clothing, which is neat and clean and appropriate to the activities being conducted in school and to prevailing weather conditions. We follow the District dress code and rely on the good judgment of parents and students to dress in a fashion that would be appropriate and not detrimental to the learning process for themselves or others. The following are deemed inappropriate for Willow students based on district policy.
    1. Back-less, open-toed, or plastic shoes.
    2. Baggy oversized clothing; clothing which reveals underwear or where pants when worn without a belt would fall down.
    3. Clothing which depicts alcohol, illegal drugs/paraphernalia, and or illicit or illegal behavior.
    4. Jewelry, earrings or necklaces, which may interfere with usual activities at recess or PE.
    5. No spaghetti strap tops, no halter-tops, no tops that expose midriff area. No short shorts.

    In addition, the Willow staff believes:

    • Wearing of makeup and/or colored dyes or paints in the hair is inappropriate for elementary school students.
    • Hats are to be removed during the flag salute and may not be worn in class or during assemblies.
    • Shoes appropriate for physical education activities should be worn.
    In all matters not specifically covered by language in the dress code, the principal will make the final decision regarding the appropriateness of the situation. If a student does not conform to the above policy, they will be asked to make the necessary changes.