Early dismissals called "Minimum Days" are scheduled ahead of the actual day and have been noted in the School Calendar. These half days are used for parent/teacher conferences, and teacher in-services. Occasionally, emergencies arise which necessitate early dismissal from regular class time. Whenever possible, parents will be notified at least a day ahead of the early dismissal. Stay informed by checking your child's backpack daily for notices.


    All children are required to leave the school grounds at the time of dismissal. After-school, arrangements should be made with your child prior to the start of the second day, unless students are enrolled in our 31 Minute Club. The 31 Minute Club provides supervision for children in first, second and third grades between 2:17 and 2:48 p.m. The service is provided for an annual fee.

    Parents who plan to pick up children before the end of the school day, should send a note with the departure information to the child's teacher. The teacher may excuse the child to meet parents in the office at the proper time. Students need to be signed out at the office. If the student is returning to school on the same day, please sign him/her back in at the office. A "late note" is required if part of the school day has been missed.


    We have added instructional minutes to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday so that Wednesday can be a shortened day. On Wednesdays, teachers meet in grade level teams to plan curriculum and special activities and projects. Teachers are also given the opportunity to plan for the implementation of new strategies and techniques in various curricular areas.

    Each Wednesday, students will be dismissed at 12:37 or at 1 :10 if staying for lunch. The YMCA will be providing a special playground supervision program from 1:10 p.m. - 2:48 p.m. Additionally, school enrichment classes are offered for a fee. Brochures are available in the school office. Interested parents can contact the YMCA or check the enrichment brochure.