Science Textbooks Used

  • The textbooks used in our classes are listed by grade level below:


    Grade Textbook and ISBN number Publisher

    6th Grade

    Bring Science Alive
    Weather and Climate ISBN: 1-58371-076-0
    Planet Earth ISBN: 1-58371-070-1
    Space ISBN: 1-58371-073-6 

    Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI)

    7th Grade

    Bring Science Alive
    Ecosystems ISBN: 1-58371-067-1 
    Adaptations ISBN: 1-58371-061-2
    Cells and Genetics ISBN: 1-58371-064-7

    Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI)

    8th Grade

    Bring Science Alive
    Matter ISBN: 1-58371-082-5
    Waves ISBN: 1-58371-085-X 
    Forces and Energy ISBN: 1-58371-079-5 

    Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI)

    Additional resources are used in the classroom. These books do not leave the classroom.