PE Curriculum

  • Curriculum

    Dates 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
    August to early September MVPA Pre- Fitness Testing

    Soccer/ Invasion Game Strategies

    Mid to late September Pre-Fitness Testing/Beach Dribble/Volley/Throw

    5 Components of Fitness

    Early October Warm-Up and Cool-Down Cardiovascular Fitness

    Volleyball/ Net Game Strategies

    Late October Intro to Health Related Fitness Multicultural Dance

    Basic Weight Training

    November Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Body Composition

    Cricket/ Striking Game Strategies

    Early December F.I.T.T. Principle Rockwall

    Fitness Assessment

    Mid December Post- Fitness Testing Muscle Fitness


    Early January Personal Fitness Final Punt & Kick

    Principles of Exercise

    Late January to early February Gymnastics Flexibility

    Square Dance

    Mid to late February Line/Folk Dance Tennis

    Sports Specific Conditioning

    Early March Badminton Post-Fitness Testing


    Mid to late March Volleyball Track & Field

    Plan & Implement Fitness Plan

    April Grid Games Lifetime Fitness


    Early May Cooperatives Rollerblade

    Football & Fitness Assessment

    Late May to end of school Traditional Mod. Games Create-A-Game

    Football & Fitness Assessment