LVUSD Mathematics Courses

  • Mathematics Course Options for A. C. Stelle and Las Virgenes High Schools

    Grade Honors Accelerated High College Prep
    6th   6th Accelerated   Course 1 
    7th   7th Accelerated Course 2-H Course 2
    8th Algebra Honors Algebra   Course 3

    Math Courses

    Accelerated Course Expectations

    Accelerated Courses are intended for the student who is fluent in arithmetic/mathematics (makes few errors), can work quickly, and can handle the rigor of the upper level mathematics courses. Additionally, these courses do not offer make-up or extra credit to enhance a grade.

    Prerequisite to placement in accelerated Mathematics:
    6th: Prerequisites: High achievement on the Las Virgenes 5th grade placement test, an Excellent Grade in 5th grade math both semesters, and teacher recommendation.

    7th: Prerequisites: An A in 6th accelerated math both semesters and/or teacher recommendation.

    Algebra Honors: Prerequisites: An A in 7th accelerated math both semesters and/or teacher recommendation. Please note that an honors course in middle school or high school is not necessary to achieve advanced placement courses (AP) in high school.