Health Services, First Aid

  • In the situation of a student accident, the school is responsible for first aid only. If any injury is of a serious nature, the parents will be notified immediately. In the event of a very serious emergency, paramedics will be called. The parents will be billed by the local ambulance company. Family emergency cards must be kept up-to-date to enable the school to contact you promptly. A health clerk is at school each day during school hours. She is trained in first aid, maintains the required health records, and monitors the self-administration of student medications. The school cannot provide medication of any kind, including aspirin, to students. If your child must take medication, you must bring the medication in the original package, to the health office and complete the appropriate forms. Procedure in this case will permit your child to come to the Health Office as necessary. One child's medication may be harmful to another and for this reason state law requires that anything of this nature may not be kept in desks or carried about on the school campus.