Emergency Procedures

  • Emergency situations are discussed in each classroom. Fire, earthquake and disaster drills are held regularly. It is important that your child’s emergency and disaster cards be kept up to date in case of an emergency.

    If a disaster is declared, the following procedure will be followed. Please check to see if an "all call" phone message has been left for you by the school as to where we have been relocated. Students will be with their homeroom teacher. If you are checking out another child, your name must be on that student's emergency card. Be prepared to show proper identification.

    For more explicit information, please refer to the Emergency Evacuation Procedures below.

    Emergency Procedures

    Please abide by the following steps during a declared emergency which necessitates evacuation:

    1. Please know that the school is the safest place for your child in an emergency situation. Our local fire department will make the call if we need to send students home or if we need to evacuate to another site. As soon as we know this information, a call will be made to your home phone to let you know when and where you need to pick up your child. Determination of site for pick-up will be based on the emergency. For this reason, we ask that you call your home phone to listen to the message. This could save you from coming to school when we might have moved to another location.

    2. If we do move into the evacuation stage, your child will be in homeroom groups at the pick-up location. When you arrive at the pick-up location you will report immediately to your child's homeroom teacher's class group. It is important that you know who the homeroom teacher is ahead of time. After arriving at the homeroom teacher's group, you will show your identification and sign your child out with that teacher. You may have to wait in line and you will need to be patient with the teacher as he or she checks your child out.

    3. As soon as you have completed the check-out process, you will need to leave the campus immediately. The fewer students we have on campus and the more parking spots available will speed up the process for everyone. If you arrive and do not know your child's homeroom teacher, you will have to stand in line at the established schedule line to get this information. This could cause a delay so learn your child's homeroom teacher's name. If you are checking out another child, your license will be checked to see if your name is on the Emergency Contact printout. If your name is not on the list, you will not be allowed to take the child. (This is why it is important to list as many names as possible in your contacts list on Aeries.) Please note that this procedure will only be used if we are notified that we must evacuate. If we have not declared a disaster but you still wish to check your child out, the process of going to the Attendance Office will be used. Students will only be in homeroom groups if we declare an evacuation. Thank you in advance for making our check-out system work by being prepared with procedures ahead of time. We hope we never have to use these procedures, but need to be prepared in case we do.