Special Education

  • Special Ed. Dept.

    The Special Education Department services students who have an active Indiviualized Education Program (IEP) in a variety of settings. We have several programs available including: Functional, Academic, Social Skills (FASS); Resource Specialist Program (RSP); Special Day Class (SDC); Social Skills/Communications Program; Fast Track Reading Intervention Program. All academic IEP goals are aligned with the state standards.

    Pals Lunch Club

    This club is offered every Friday for all students on our campus that might be considered at-risk. Additionally, any student who simply needs a fun and relaxing place to spend their lunch is welcome. Activities include computers, music, videos, and informal social skills lessons.

    Homework Program

    This program offers any at-risk student on campus the ability to attend one to four days weekly from 2:35pm to 4:00pm. Approval must be given through counseling and from Mr. Birnbaum who administers the program. Students are provided with a quiet venue to complete assignments, receive one-to-one assistance, and to better develop study and organizational skills.