• Spanish 1 is a highly academic course taught at the high school level which is offered to motivated A. C. Stelle students. Seventh grade students take Spanish 1A and eighth grade students take Spanish 1B. Students need to maintain a B- or better in order to stay enrolled in the class. There are no extra credit assignments offered as your grade must reflect your academic ability necessary for high school level achievement.

    Students will participate in activities that encourage them to develop and use their new Spanish language skills in class and at home. Students will develop skills of understanding and speaking Spanish, which will be further strengthened by reading and writing Spanish. By the end of the courses, the goal is that students will be able to understand and produce simple questions, answers, descriptions, and statements on topics such as family and friends, school, and daily activities. The students' language will include the use of basic grammar forms and vocabulary appropriate to the course level and topics studied.

    Additionally, students are introduced to the customs, values and cultures of the people in the Spanish-speaking world. Students will learn about the daily traditions and special holidays in countries where Spanish is spoken. Students will watch videos, make crafts and sample foods from these regions around the world.


    The Spanish Curriculum is based on the Standards for World Language Learning:

    Standard 1 Communication

    Communicate in
    languages other
    than English

    Standard 2 Cultures

    Gain knowledge
    and understanding
    of other cultures

    Standard 3 Connections

    Connect with other
    disciplines and acquire

    Standard 4 Comparisons

    Develop insight into
    the nature of language
    and culture

    Standard 5 Communities

    Participate in multilingual
    communities at home and
    around the world.

    Grading policies
    Learning to communicate in Spanish requires a lot of practice, including regular homework assignments. Daily attendance and attentive participation in class are essential. Achievement marks will be based on daily assignments, homework, worksheets, quizzes, tests, projects, and classroom participation.

    Grades are not given to students, they are earned. Work that is complete and on time will earn full credit. Daily assignments that are late will not earn credit, however students are expected to complete them. Students have one day for every day of absence to complete make-up assignments.

    The grading scale is:

    99-100% = A+ 88-89% = B+ 78-79% = C+ 68-69% = D+
    92-98% = A 82-87% = B 72-77% = C 62-67% = D
    90-91% = A- 80-81% = B- 70-71% = C- 60=61% = D-

    When homework is assigned, it is announced in class, written on the white board, and posted on the homework chart. Assignments my also be found online at

    Spanish in the seventh and eighth grades prepares students for Spanish 2 at the high school. Students must be proficient in order to succeed at the high school level.

    Students who are struggling in Spanish need to consider their grades in other academic classes. Spanish requires more class work and homework than other electives, and adds to the time needed for the core academic classes.

    The University of California and other universities require that you report your foreign language coursework from middle school on your college applications.

    Course materials

    The textbook used is:
    ¡Que Chevere! Level 1,
    EMC Publishing
    ISBN: 978-0-8219-6922-9

    Seventh grade students will be issued a workbook which will be used through eighth grade.

    Students need to bring the correct supplies to class each day. These supplies include:

    • Sharpened pencils with erasers
    • Blue or black ink pens and a red pen for correcting
    • 8 1/2 x 11 inch white wide-lined looseleaf notebook paper (No spiral notebook paper!)
    • Notebook with dividers or folders for Spanish
    • Grade sheet if issued by teacher

    Links for more information
    California Standards for World Language Learning