• Science Team

    Welcome to the Science Department, where students learn about their world through exploration and critical thinking!

    In science, students study three primary fields based upon their grade level. In 6th grade the focus is on earth science. In 7th grade the focus is upon life science. In 8th grade the focus is on physical science. Regardless of the field or year, students will engage in exciting projects, labs, and activities that help make the process of learning science an enjoyable one.

    Grading Policy

    Grades in the Science Department are based on a compilation of classwork, homework, projects, labs quizzes, and tests. While each teacher has his or her own individual method of totaling the points, expect quiz and test scores to comprise the majority of the grade.

    The letter grade break down is as follows.
    100%-90% = A range
    89%-80% = B range
    79%-70% = C range
    69%-60% = D range
    Below 60% = F range

    Students are expected to come to class with basic school supplies of paper, pencils, pens, and erasers. Please see individual teacher web pages for more specific supply lists.