Enrollment Documents


    TO ENROLL, please bring the completed ENROLLMENT PACKET and all of the FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS:

    1. Proof of Birth: Birth certificate or passport

    2. Proof of Residency: You must provide the following: (If you do not reside in the LVUSD district, skip to #3.)

    • Property Tax Statement, Mortgage Statement, or signed Lease Agreement
    • Two utility bills: Water, gas, or electric bills (phone bills will not be accepted) in the parent's name at the address of residence.
    • Residency Verification Form (provided at school site) Please Note: P.O. Box addresses are NOT accepted.
    • If you are a renter and do not pay utilities because it is included in the rent, we will need to see three pieces of business mail in lieu of the utility bills.
    • If you are currently in escrow at the time of enrollment, you must provide escrow papers and then follow up with a mortgage or property tax statement and 2 utility bills within 30 days.
    • In the case of purchasing a home under construction, A New Communities K-12 Enrollment Address Verification form may be obtained at the sales office and will be accepted as temporary residency verification. 
    • NOTE: In the event a utility service connection letter is used as proof of residency, then a utility bill (both top and bottom, in English) must be provided within 30 days to assure continued enrollment. It is the parent(s)/guardian(s) responsibility to provide this data before the 30 days has elapsed. 

    3. Interdistrict Permit or School of Choice Permit: If your permit application has been approved to attend AE Wright, please provide approval documents from both districts. 

    4. Immunization Record: HEALTH RECORDS ARE REQUIRED BY LAW AT THE TIME OF ENROLLMENT. Please bring a copy of your child's most current immunization record or to save time during enrollment, please email it ahead of time to kpovah@lvusd.org. We will not be able to enroll your student without current immunization records. Students entering 7th grade must have updated or completed Hepatitis B shots, the 2nd MMR shot, and the Tdap shot. For more information about immunizations, click here

    5. School records: Please bring a copy of last year's final report card, a current report card, and standardized test scores. If your child is in any special program such as Section 504, GATE, or Special Education, please bring a copy of supporting documentation, such as the current IEP, 504 plan, or GATE qualification to assist with placement in appropriate classes. We will request official records from the previous school.

    If you have any questions concerning enrollment, please call (818) 880-4614 x 31289 between 8:30 A.M. and 4:00 P.M