• LVUSD facilities are made available as a civic center to members of the community, charitable, non-profit organizations, youth organizations, religious organizations and government agencies without disruption to regular school activities.

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    Facilities Use Request/Application:
    To submit a Facilities Request, go to our website: http://www.lvusd.districtcalendar.org. Once on the website, please register as a new user by clicking on "Need User Account". Then, click on the "Usage" tab at the top of the website page and select "New Request" to proceed.

    Facilities Use Rules and Regulations:

    1. No use of tobacco products and/or use of electronic vapor systems.
    2. No alcohol.
    3. No use of bbq’s or open flame cooking.
    4. No moon bounces or other inflatables permitted.
    5. No drinks (soda, gatorade, etc.) permitted in any room or gymnasium with the exception of bottled water for team sports.
    6. No food or eating in any room unless prior authorization is given.
    7. No hard metal or sharp objects on wood floors, chairs or tables.
    8. No running, jumping or playing on bleachers.
    9. Use of gym equipment is prohibited unless specific written authorization is given (i.e. Ropes, pull up bars, nets, mats, etc.)
    10. Children must be supervised at all times.
    11. Trash must be placed in approved trash receptacles.
    12. Users are expected to comply with the district’s recycling program and dispose of all recyclable items in the appropriate labeled containers.
    13. Facility use areas must be left in the same manner in which was found.
    14. Only district authorized personnel shall operate projectors, lighting panels, dimmers, tech booth equipment & any other district equipment.
    15. No cars permitted on grass fields, track or other areas of the site unless prior approval is received.
    16. No stages over three (3) feet are permitted unless a building & safety permit has been submitted & proof of approval submitted to the facilities office.
    17. For all large outdoor events, a los angeles county fire public & assemblages event declaration form must be submitted to the facilities office for approval.
    18. Users must carry a copy of the approved permit at all times and comply with any district employee, security personnel, or law enforcement individual that may request to view the user’s permit. If requested, user’s must also show personal identification.
    19. There is no use of grass fields within 24 hours after any rain. More non-use time may be needed if field conditions remain excessively wet.
    20. Soccer users are required to regularly rotate goal placements to prevent field damage from excessive use. At the end of each use, all goals must be locked & secured.
    21. No dogs or animals permitted on school grounds.
    22. All permit holders & attendees must comply with all traffic rules & regulations (i.e. No parking in any red zones, fire lanes, etc.)
    23. No subletting an approved permit to another user.
    24. Restrooms are not provided unless requested & approved on the permit.

    *** Violation of these rules may result in revocation of permit ***