• Dear Parents:

    This is an important letter regarding your child’s attendance.  In the Las Virgenes Unified School District, we realize that there is a direct correlation between high levels of attendance and high levels of academic achievement.  Research shows that students with high attendance earn higher grades, have fewer discipline problems, and are better prepared for the future.

    For each day a student misses school, they fall more than two days behind their peers.  This is because they must make up missed learning and catch up with new learning at the same time.  Each day a student is in school, they improve their skills. Each day a student goes to school, they learn a little more about responsibility.

    Schools do not receive funding for any absence - excused or unexcused.  They only receive funding for students who are actually in class. For each student who misses school, even for an excused absence, the school loses approximately $47 per day.

    The top three most common reasons for absence are illness, a medical appointment, and family vacations.  We would like to work to minimize the days a student is absent. Illness should be taken seriously and students should stay home when they have a fever or are contagious.  Please try to schedule appointments of any kind before or after school, if possible. Students who miss school for an excused absence (i.e., illness) are entitled to make up schoolwork. Students who miss school for an unexcused absence (i.e., family vacation) are not entitled to make up schoolwork.

    School districts rely on revenue generated by actual attendance to fund programs.  Last year, our district lost nearly $335,000 in revenue due to students who were absent for reasons other than illness.  If your student must be absent for a reason other than illness, please consider making a donation of $47 per day. These funds can be donated to the Las Virgenes Unified School District and will go a long way in helping alleviate the loss of state funds due to student absences.

    Thank you for your cooperation,

    Dan Stepenosky, Ed.D.

    2018/19 School Year