• Garden

    Welcome to our School Garden!

    In addition to being a place of beauty and inspiration, our school garden and orchard is an outdoor classroom and living laboratory.  It is a place for teaching and a place for learning. Our students not only learn about agriculture, botany and worm composting, they also learn the importance of stewardship and the connection to mother earth and to our food. 

    The Mariposa garden is such an integral part of our school. It is a community garden and it not only belongs to our children but also to the parents. Our garden is a collective effort between our school garden specialist, parent volunteers, teachers and children.


    Our kindergartners have their very own magical garden where fairies play and gnomes hide. Our kinders venture into the garden and sow seeds, plant vegetables, water the garden and observe the butterflies flutter between the flowers in our pollinator paradise.

    First graders learn the understanding of connections and cycles by way of sowing seeds, making seed balls, watching the seeds transform into plants and finally saving the seeds. Scattering seeds of kindness is at the core of our school's philosophy and in the garden, the students will gleefully scatter the seeds with kindness and joy!

    The third grade curriculum is deeply rooted in the garden. This is the year in Waldorf education where students learn about farming, grains and fibers. Students first start learning about living soil and vermicomposting. They also collaborate in groups and start their own "farm" where they grow their own vegetables which they then sell at our Mariposa Farm Stand. Students not only grow and harvest their own food, but they also learn how to create healthy meals.

    Botany is one of the main lesson blocks in fifth grade and students will spend time in the garden studying and getting to know the diverse plant life. Students learn about the symbiotic relationships between plants and animals. They also learn about the importance of planting food forests in the orchard. The principles of Permaculture are introduced in fifth grade.

    Our vibrant garden is part of the Mariposa identity and engages our students and we are so lucky to have it part of our community.

    “If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow. Childhood is the time to prepare the soil and once the emotions have been aroused—a sense of the beautiful,the excitement of the new and the unknown, a feeling of sympathy, admiration and love—then we wish for knowledge about the object of our emotional response.” —Rachel Carson, “The Sense of Wonder”