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    AC Stelle General PFC Meeting - Library Media Center

    August 22nd 8:30am 

    Call to Order, 8:30am Stephanie Cohen

    II. President’s Welcome and Report Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour

    Principal Baird and AP Smith could not attend today’s PFC meeting due to meetings today with all science classes to go over appropriate behavior and school rules with the students.


    Thanks to Deb Shapiro and Edita Leifer for a great job with registration, which was a very smooth process involving a lot of work and behind-the-scenes coordination. One issue to be addressed for next year is the new online credit card processing system which was set up by the district a few days before registration, and resulted in some confusion and the need to run credit cards, which was difficult with the equipment available the day of registration. A second issue raised by a parent at the meeting was that the school ran out of PE clothes during registration; we would recommend a larger order for next year’s registration. An idea raised by a parent to address this shortfall would be a recycling program for PE clothes from students leaving Stelle.

    Donor Drive

    Thanks to Dana Bergman for her commitment and the huge amount of work required to run the Donor Drive, which is the most critical fundraiser for Stelle for the entire year. Funding of the PFC is critical to many important school programs, services, and staff, including the media center, free math tutoring, campus supervisors, etc.; we are hoping to increase the portion of families contributing to the Donor Drive this year. Additional donations can be made online, or given to Dana Bregman or Jason Weilert. Additionally, the PFC accepts company matches. Anyone who donates also receives a free cell phone money case.


    Thanks to Marla Litner for reaching out to many different companies and spending so much time trying to attract partners/advertisers. This area includes both sponsorships and advertising. If anyone knows of any potential advertisers or sponsors, please email marlalitner@gmail.com. The deadline for advertising in the physical printed directory is September 6. The deadline for the digital directory will be later. We also have a weekly eblast and monthly newsletter where a business logo can be featured, and for the color run we will have opportunities for banners on campus. Other ways to help raise money for the school: 1) When ordering on Amazon, if you go through Amazon Smiles, the school will get a donation for all purchases. 2) If you bring in the pizza boxes for Ameci, it benefits the school as well. 3) All purchases at Ralphs benefit the school if you register for the program.

    6th Grade Welcome Event

    This event took place the day after registration for all incoming sixth graders. They were able to meet other students, play games, have popsicles, and meet many of the sixth grade teachers. Thanks to all of the parents who helped and who donated popsicles. There were about 180 kids there.

    Staff Welcome Breakfast

    This event occurred the Monday before school started, with 55-65 staff-members. Thanks to all the parents who brought bagels, fruit, baked goods, etc. to help ease the teachers/staff back to school.

    Additional Topics:

    The year’s PFC meeting dates are all on the website. There will be an evening meeting to be scheduled for parents who can’t attend daytime meetings. If attendance is high, we can hold more evening meetings. The 9/12 PFC may be rescheduled due to a conflict with district training. A parent also raised the issue that there may be conflicts with CHS PFC meeting dates.

    Community Partnerships is a new program with AP Smith to reward students for both academic and behavioral excellence.

    III. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert

    Invoices, 2018-2019 final numbers

    At PFC meetings, Jason will usually update the group on the current budget and invoices paid, but the year has just started so instead he distributed the budget spent last year for our reference. He answered questions on specific line items. At future meetings, the focus will be on the 2019-2020 budget. Jason discussed the increased complexity of using online credit card processing services due to many new regulations. He expects this will become more complicated and potentially expensive in the future. At the current point in time, we adopted a small processing fee for online payments; payment by check does not incur any fees.

    IV. Committee Reports

    Donor Drive Dana Bergman/Neda Cohan

    Sponsorships Marla Litner

    C. Registration Deb Shapiro/Edita Leifer

    V. New Business/Items not on the Agenda

    + Evening PFC Meeting – Set-up speakers with J Team – March timeframe

    + 9/12 General PFC Meeting needs to be rescheduled; conflicts with District meeting. 1st or 3rd Thu of Sep?


    Upcoming Events:


    8/22 Rules Assembly Grades 6-8

    8/28 Short Wednesday

    8/29 Back-to-School Night 630pm MPR

    8/30 Honor’s Society Applications Due

    8/30 New Student Lunch

    9/2 No School Labor Day

    9/3 Picture Day Makeup

    9/3 Instrument Rental Information Night

    9/5 Yosemite Student Meeting at Lunch in MPR

    9/11 Short Wednesday. Staff Collaboration Day

    9/11 Yosemite Parent Meeting 7pm MPR

    9/12 Catalina Student Meeting at lunch MPR


    All of these events are on the school website too. When we have more details about back-to-school night on 8/29 we will send that information to Stelle parents/families. A parent raised the issue that Round Meadow’s back-to-school night is the same date as Stelle’s. We will inform the AP.