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    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom
    Meeting Minutes

    I. Call to Order - Elaine Waziri called the meeting to order at 8:52am

    II. President’s Welcome Natalie Klein
    • Excited to start school year. Introduction of Board Members Julie Tesser – Executive Vice President, Jason Weilert – Treasure, Tamara Oleesky – Assistant Treasurer, Katie Richley- Volunteer Coordinator, Alex Rosas – Communication Coordinator, Elaine Waziri- Secretary, Rebekah Belzer –Sponsorship Chair.

    III. Principal Baird & VP Smith Welcome Baird & Smith
    • Baird gives thank you to everyone for joining today and for being a part of our PFC.

    IV. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert
    • Last year was strong from our fundraising standpoint. The shutdown in March changed some of our commitments. We will be running a deficit this year, a drop in Donor Drive and events such as Color Run may not take place along with Step it up which will not take place. Budget will be revised. Jason is always available if you have any questions.

    V. Committee Reports
    Donor Drive Neda and Vanessa
    Now underway and is our main fundraiser.
    Volunteers Katie Richley
    Please email if interested in any opportunities for volunteering.
    Sponsorships Rebekah Belzer
    Welcome! Lauched Sponsorship Campaign. Some of the banners are already up at school. If you know anyone that may be interested, please ask if they would like to sponsor. Will forward sponsorship package or email it. Fundraising between now and the end of the semester. Local businesses are a great opportunity. If anyone is in need of tutors we have Synergy Academy. Looking for easy and creative ways to raise funds. If you have a Ralphs card you can easily link AC Stelle and we get a donation. Membership Toolkit has a tab under Fundraising that walks you through the process, one time only and free to the school. Please look at that. It’s a tough year and every little bit helps.
    Communications Alex Rosas
    Newsletter going out next week on August 30th. Great way to see what every department is doing every month. Donor drive has been working very hard, we are half way to our goal financially. Most fundraising is through Donor Drive. We are looking for support and create opportunity. Baking Class, Holiday Boutique and so on. On National Walk to School Day we may have a fitness day. Possibly a reading or exercise pledge.

    VI. President’s Update Natalie Klein
    • PFC had a grab and go breakfast for the staff. They were very appreciative.
    • District Meeting was on 8/7 with all the local school presidents.
    • Virtual events - Baking class, art classes? Looking for a chair.
    • Create a AC Stelle FB Group - Do we have someone who will help monitor?
    • Next PFC Meeting, Thu, 9/10 at 8:45 am on Zoom.

    VII. Question and Answer Principal Baird and AP Smith
    • Rolling blackouts are in some areas. Everyone is aware of them and do not panic with your students. Unfortunately school campus cannot be open to students during blackouts.
    • Many communications taking place, make sure everyone gets the emails. Please review them as schedules will be switching as this semester has 4 Mondays off. Calendar is coming. Music and Jazz has moved to 7th period. Wednesdays is early out. Communication is going out through Blackboard and by next week will be through Parent Square. If receiving email, please continue to share communication with parents that didn’t get it and continue to check. Back to school night is next Thursday August 27th. This will be virtual at 5:30pm. It will include welcome speech and parents will be able to follow child’s schedule like on campus with 10min opportunities and time to go to the next class room. Schedule and Zoom codes will go out. Please note Back to School Night is not one on one, just an introduction to teachers, guidelines, policies, and homework.
    • More accountability with attendance this year. Please email any absences to acsmsattendance@lvusd.org. Kids are accountable for showing up and teachers responsible for sending in attendance. Please make sure to do it on any given day. Thank you. PFC is very appreciated by the department and the teachers. PFC is supporting programs for students and webinars for staff. Tutoring and Music coaches are continuing. Actual section for yearbook this year and Ms. Case said she would continue to do it. Please link your Ralphs card. Amazon Smile is another great way to get donations. If anyone needs help and wants connections for their kids, email Natalie and she will get you in touch with kids in the same grade level. Thank you.

    Meeting concluded at 9:43am.

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates:
    8/25 Honor Society / CJSF applications live ( https://sites.google.com/lvusd.org/acscjsf/home)
    8/ 27 Back-to-School Night - details pending
    8/28 Honor Society / CJSF applications due 8/28 by 4pm
    9/1 Picture make-ups postponed indefinitely
    9/7 NO SCHOOL
    9/18 NO SCHOOL
    9/28 NO SCHOOL