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    AGENDA – 6/10/20 at 8:15am
    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom Meeting

    I. Call to Order Kara Bilkiss
    Bilkiss moves to approve last meeting’s minutes. Nedick seconds.

    II. President’s Welcome Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour

    A. Introduction to Next Year’s PFC President Natalie Klein
    Klein: Looking forward to working with all of you.

    III. Principal Baird & AP Smith Welcome Principal Baird/AP Smith
    A. Fall semester & distance learning status
    Baird: I will update you throughout the summer as things are updated and changed.
    Credit/No credit: Discuss with your students and decide whether you would like to elect the Credit/No Credit option for any of their classes. Until the deadline, you can play with the option on the website; it recalculates GPA. GPA doesn’t include Credit/No Credit classes. If the student received As and Bs, and even Cs, I would recommend considering keeping the grades. It is intended more for Ds and Fs.
    Distance learning: You should have received an email from Dr. Stepenosky about the virtual learning academy. You should check out the website and apply if you are interested. There isn’t a rush, but at the same time if you are sure that’s what you want to do please do it sooner rather than later so they can start to figure out a master schedule, etc. The district will host virtual information sessions and Q&A’s throughout the summer. Email support@lvusd.org if you are not receiving LVUSD update emails each Sunday. The details are still being worked out – it is likely to be a separate school on its own probably
    done by the central office of the school district. It will be similar to what we have now, but with more accountability, structure, and stability.
    On campus learning: As of now, we are thinking we will be 100% on campus, rather than part time. The California Department of Education and the CDC have issued reports and guidelines. We are looking at the guidelines to see what accommodations we need to make. A lot depends on any new
    recommendations and what happens with the virus in the next couple of weeks. School could possibly be part time. It is also a possibility that if the situation changes, like a student tests positive at one particular school, etc. there could be a decision to close short term on a case by case basis. We are not planning to close on concerns for a second virus wave. We are hoping for the best.
    Registration: Smith: We are trying to be flexible and are considering three primary options: 1) a drive-through like what we did in June, 2) fully online, or 3) in-person with social distancing and guidelines. The PFC should be thinking of ways to do the donor drive given the three different scenarios. We will
    set up a meeting with Natalie to discuss.

    IV. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert
    A. 2019-2020 ACS PFC Meeting Financials
    Weilert: Overall, fundraising this year was very successful. We weren’t able to execute on all expenses due to the pandemic, but next year we are forecasting a very difficult year for fundraising with a substantial expected budget shortfall. We are hoping our financial wellness this year will help cushion us for next year.
    Bilkiss: The costs to the district stay the same whether your child does online or on-campus education.
    Baird: People have been asked to write to the state to push back for funding. The state senate rejected the governor’s budget which had lots of cuts to LVUSD. We are hoping the next budget proposed is more favorable. We have issued quite a few pink slips for our classified staff. We hope they do come
    back. If schools open, we hope most are asked back – there may be some trimming and combining, which we don’t know until that time comes. There’s still a risk of having to pink slip some teachers; it depends on what happens with the state budget and how well the overall economy comes back. We hope to at least be able to push pink skips for teachers until the spring, when the economy may look better.
    Bilkiss: Thanks to everyone who has helped in any way this year – board members, volunteers, everyone behind the scenes.

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates:
    6/10: Last Day of School – Have a wonderful summer break! Stay safe and healthy.

    AGENDA – 5/21/20 at 8:30am

    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom Meeting PART B (Part A was 5/14/20)

    I. Call to Order Kara Bilkiss Bilkiss called the meeting to order.
    Agenda Items II-IV were covered on 5/14 at Part A of the meeting.

    II. President’s Welcome Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour

    III. Principal Baird & AP Smith Welcome Baird & Smith

    IV. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert

    V. PFC Board 2020-2021 Carrie Waxberg
    A. Vote on 2020-2021 PFC Board
    Waxberg read the proposed PFC 2020-2021 Board:
    President – Natalie Klein, Executive Vice President – Julie Tesser, Treasurer – Jason Weilert,
    Assistant Treasurer – Tamara Oleesky, Volunteer Coordinator – Katie Richley, Communication –
    Alex Rosas, Secretary – Elaine Waziri.
    Waxberg moved to vote in the board. Cohen seconded the motion. Everyone voted by chat. All voted yes. All members of the 2020-2021 PFC Board members were sworn in by Ms. Baird. Bilkiss thanked the new board members in advance.

    VI. President’s Update
    A. June PFC Meeting of the year, Thu, 6/4 at 830am via Zoom Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour
    Questions were asked of Baird/Smith. Update from Ms. Baird – There will be no in-person summer school for any populations this summer.

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates:
    5/25: Memorial Day, Non-Instructional Day
    5/27: Staff Collaboration Day, Minimum Schedule Day
    6/4: June PFC Meeting at 830am via Zoom

    AGENDA – 5/14 at 8:30am
    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom Meeting

    I. Call to Order Kara Bilkiss
    Bilkiss called the meeting to order.

    II. President’s Welcome Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour

    III. Principal Baird & AP Smith Welcome Baird & Smith
    Welcome to everyone. We miss seeing all the kids and activity on campus. Hopefully you are seeing some successes with distance learning. We know it’s not perfect; it can’t replace personal interaction between students and teachers.

    A. Updates for Fall Learning: Open Campus or Distance Learning?
    We are likely to face grim times ahead due to California’s shortfall of more than $50BB. Three key types of taxes support the state (sales tax, property tax, and personal income tax), all of which have been severely impacted by the pandemic. We are not yet sure how much federal funding will come in to help next year, but public education makes up roughly 40% of state government expenses, so there will be some cutbacks for sure. The PFC’s role is increasingly crucial to the school in these times.

    We have been hearing there will be some type of stay at home order potentially through August. There are lots of unknowns – this can change in June, July, or August. It is also possible that we can open schools on schedule in August, and then need to close our school, the whole district, or the whole state again if case trends increase enough. At this time, we are planning for three potential scenarios for the fall. We really need parents to be patient, understanding, and flexible as we work through many complicated issues with each scenario.
    1) Start school onsite in August but also provide alternative distance learning for children, families, or teachers with medical issues that make it dangerous to attend school onsite
    2) Start school onsite in August but only at partial capacity, like 50% of kids on campus at a time. This would involve a mix of onsite and distance learning for each student. We are trying to plan for how we would go about that (with consideration of creating cohorts, changing staffing, changing the master schedule, etc.) We would also need to address the issue of day care on the days children don’t go to school for families who need it.
    3) Start in the fall with virtual learning only.
    There may be limited in person programs during the summer for special needs or special education children; these ideas are being discussed now.

    Overall, we are planning and hoping to come back. We will prepare our campus, so that if they tell us we can go back, it can happen quickly. We probably won’t know anything definitive until August.

    B. Updates for End-Of-Year Activities
    Culmination video – This video will recognize 8th grade students, hand out awards that are typically given every year, feature different speakers, and present the class for graduation. The video will come out the day of culmination (June 10) at around 6/630pm. More information will be provided. Students and families can plan to watch together when it is released at the scheduled time.
    Returning supplies and picking up PE clothes – On June 3, 4, and 5, there will be an organized event by year and name where people will drive through the school in the flow pattern used for pick up. Eighth graders will drop off their acers, books, and instruments through a few different stations, and will be able to pick up their PE clothes, projects, etc. Sixth and seventh graders will do the same, but they will not be turning in their acers, since they will continue to use them next year. More specific information will come when it gets closer to these dates.
    5th grade video – Work has started on this already. This video will help fifth graders ease the transition to middle school by answering all the questions they typically ask when they have come in for orientations in prior years.

    C. 8th Grade Lawn Sign Distribution
    Information will be sent out on Friday with information on how to collect a lawn sign for your eighth grader. Pick up will be next Friday, May 22, from 10-11am. The email will contain all the needed information. Eighth graders will be excused from class during that time to drive in to the parking lot, put their student ID on their dashboard, and get the lawn sign put in their trunk. It will be a fun event, as many teachers will be there as well.

    There will be no graduation gowns offered this year, because they have not been ordered, as culmination donations were returned in the past few weeks.

    D. Updates on Availability of Yearbooks
    We were open for preordering yearbooks during this whole year. After preorders, there are approximately 125 left. This coming Friday’s email will explain how to get a yearbook if you haven’t ordered one already. There will be a date and time where people can fill out a google form to order a yearbook – it will be first come first served, and will be paid for through the webstore.

    E. Updates for 2020-2021 ACS Registration
    Registration in August depends on the scenario as far as whether we are allowed to meet in person. Assuming that we are coming back to school with limits on the number of people who can be in one place, we would probably have to extend registration for more than one day to accommodate everyone. We will let you know as soon as we know – we will be planning for different scenarios.

    IV. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert
    A. Presentation of 2020-2021 ACS Budget
    Weilert gave an update on where we stand with the budget for next year. Thanks for all of the donations people made to the PFC throughout the year. We are still finalizing remaining expenses for this year. We will likely will have an overage this year. We have worked with PFC leadership and the school on this draft budget. There is a lot of uncertainty about next year and what it will look like.
    Income - We are assuming the Donor Drive may be down next year because of economic hardships. The Color Run will hopefully happen in the fall. Those who made donations this year will be counted toward whenever we have it. We are trying to have third fundraiser next year but we are not yet sure what the event will be. It is likely to be later in the school year when we have more of an idea what things look like. Total forecasted income for next year is significantly lower than it was for this year.
    Expenses – We needed to ask Ms. Baird and Ms. Smith to cut some from the budget next year because of lower expected income.
    Net Shortfall – We are anticipating a shortfall of over $40K between income and expenses for the 2020-2021 school year. We will use the overage this year to hopefully survive the expected shortfall next year. The budget will need to be flexible next year as we have more insight into the situation.

    Bilkiss moved to vote on the 2020-2021 PFC budget. Weilert seconded the motion. All attendees (21 people) voted yes to approve the budget.

    V. PFC Board 2020-2021 Carrie Waxberg
    A. Vote on 2020-2021 PFC Board
    Waxberg moved to vote on the 2020-2021 PFC Board next week at a continuation of today’s PFC Board meeting since we ran out of time. Bilkiss seconded. Everyone approved the motion. The date/time for that Zoom meeting will be communicated by end of day tomorrow.

    The meeting was adjourned, to be continued at a time next week to be determined. Please forward any concerns by email or text to the PFC Presidents (Bilkiss and Tzour).

    VI. President’s Update
    A. June PFC Meeting of the year, Thu, 6/4 at 830am via Zoom Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates:
    1. 5/25: Memorial Day, Non-Instructional Day
    2. 5/27: Staff Collaboration Day, Minimum Schedule Day
    3. 6/4: June PFC Meeting at 830am via Zoom


    AGENDA – 4/9 at 8:30am

    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom Meeting


    I. Call to Order Kara Bilkiss Waxberg moves to approve last month’s minutes. Rosas moves to second.

    II. President’s Welcome Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour Bilkiss: Thanks to everyone for participating.

    III. Principal Baird & AP Smith Welcome Baird & Smith

    Baird: The school campus is closed indefinitely. If anything changes, we will let you know. We are waiting to see to what extent campuses have to stay closed. All campuses have been cleaned with a complete Clorox process. The less movement indoors the better so the area does not get contaminated by an influx of people.
    Teachers: There is a wide variety of support/educational styles being offered by teachers. It is very difficult for some of the teachers to transition to distance learning/teaching. Please be patient, and please also provide positive feedback if something they are doing is working well. Online schooling is difficult for kids and teachers, who miss the human interaction.
    Grades/Deadlines: At first we were supposed to be very flexible with deadlines, but now that we will have online schooling for the rest of the school year we are supposed to make it more normal. We are trying to keep students to timelines so we can continue to move onto new topics in each class. Grading options are being debated, but for now we are sticking to letter grades. We are trying to maintain consistency across all grades in the district. Please don’t worry as grades are less of an issue for middle schoolers than for high school students, who will need to have transcripts sent to colleges, etc.
    Attendance: Please have your student email if he/she is sick and can’t attend online school, just like you usually would. Also, we are trying to gauge and manage the level of student participation. Our attendance improved when online school was extended for the year – up from 80% when we first went online up to 92% when we announced school would be online for the rest of the year. We are trying to reach out to students who are not participating at all in online school, and there is a system in place to address it. At the same time, it is difficult to keep track of students’ social-emotional well-being, so please contact us if you know of students with these issues – there are resources in place to help them.
    Budget: We will likely see some cuts in the future by the district, since the district is still paying for many things they need to pay, providing meals to students who need them each day, and losing rental income for its properties.
    COVID-19: – We have been told there are 18 cases in Agoura, 20 in Calabasas, and 0 in Westlake and Hidden Hills. The peak has been pushed to April 19, which is very good news.
    Measure V: The measure lost by 101 votes, so we are asking for a recount at this time.
    Culmination: Restrictions may be loosened by June, but we don’t know that yet. We are not giving up hope that some things can happen but chances are not great. We are happy to accept ideas people have.
    Additional Items Being Worked Out:

    PE lockers – returning contents
    Preordering of materials like planners, PE clothes, etc.
    Yearbook distribution
    Library / text book return
    8th graders: laptop/case return, end-of-the-year party, diploma distribution, return of
    payment for end-of-the-year activities
    Pictures by Lifetouch
    Music instrument return
    Registration day – Hopefully we will be back on track in August but we don’t know yet.

    Ideas/Suggestions/Concerns: Please feel free to email Ms. Baird.
    I want to give a huge thank you to the PFC board and all of the parent volunteers for all their help and support and patience, which is critical to the school.
    Counselors: Selection of electives for next year closes today. Hopefully everyone submitted the Google forms through email before this. We will check the rosters and reach out to families who did not complete a schedule request. This will be the same for incoming fifth graders.

    IV. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert 
    Weilert: The PFC is still cutting checks and paying for things, but there is some unknown as far as end-of-the-year expenses. There will be a meeting in a couple of weeks to set the budget for next year. Let Jason know of any questions or concerns you may have for next year’s budget. 

    V. PFC Board 2020-2021 Carrie Waxberg
    Waxberg: The slate for the PFC Board for 2020-2021 is as follows: President - Natalie Klein, Executive Vice President - Julie Tesser, Treasurer - Jason Weilert, Assistant Treasurer - Tamara Oleesky, Volunteer Coordinator - Katie Richley, Communication - Alex Rosas, and Secretary - Elaine Waziri. The slate is now closed, but if someone still wants to run for a position, they can be a write-in candidate. Elections will be at the next PFC meeting, on May 14. There are also a couple of chair positions open, including Sponsorships and Executive Director. There are many other ways to get involved as well, such as helping plan activities. If you are interested, please contact Julie Tesser or Carrie Waxberg.

    VI. Committee Reports

    Color Run Scheduling Update Carrie Waxberg
    Waxberg: The Color Run has been moved to the fall.

    VII. President’s Update

    Next PFC Meeting, Thu, 5/14 at 830am via Zoom Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour
    Bilkiss: Spring Break starts tomorrow and contains six non-instructional days. Memorial Day will also be a non-instructional day.

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates:
    4/10 – 4/17: Spring Break, Non-Instructional Days
    5/25: Memorial Day, Non-Instructional Day

    AGENDA – 3/12 at 8:30am

    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Meeting – Faculty Lounge

    I. Call to Order Kara Bilkiss
    Bilkiss called the meeting to order. Oleesky moved to accept last month’s meeting minutes and Waxberg seconded the motion.

    II. President’s Welcome Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour

    III. Principal Baird & AP Smith Welcome Baird & Smith
    Baird: There is some new guidance coming out, such as not having meetings with more than 250 people, so some planned events will be canceled/ postponed/ changed. The school and district will communicate any changes as soon as they know. The fifth grade parent meeting may be canceled – there will be guidance about that soon. The district is looking at two weeks at a time and continuously re-evaluating. Although many private schools have closed, public schools have to adhere to different authorities. The district is trying to balance being careful and overdoing it. It’s a tough balance in today’s times. Teachers are being trained to run their classes virtually; they are learning the systems. If schools close, classes may be run online at typical class times with students logging in for class to learn. It’s being worked out right now how different classes could be handled. The school is asking teachers and parents to be flexible and understanding during this unprecedented time. Parents would need to help reinforce that kids need to take online classes seriously. There would be a helpline to call for technology questions.

    IV. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert
    Weilert: Nothing too surprising to report with the financials. Color Run collection is smooth so far.

    V. Committee Reports
    A. Color Run Carrie Waxberg
    is Scheduled for Wed, 3/25
    Waxberg: There has been one check-in for Color Run so far. We will send out a reminder email before the last collection.
    Galassi: The Foundation is bridging the gap for state funding that we don’t receive any more. The district needs hundreds of thousands of dollars for science, the arts, health, technology, etc. We want to involve the whole community. The March 21 poker night is still a go as of now. The Event is trying to better include people across the whole district – more casual, lower price point, live auction. They are expecting 500-600 people for The Event on May 30.

    VI. Volunteer Opportunities 2020-2021 Carrie Waxberg, Julie Tesser
    Tesser: We are still looking for people to fill some of the positions, such as sponsorships. If anyone is interested in any of the positions please let Julie Tesser or Carrie Waxberg know.

    VII. President’s Update
    Next PFC Meeting, Thu, 4/9 at 830am in the Faculty Lounge

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates:
    3/11 - 3/13 - Astro Camp
    3/12 - Color Run Turn in Day #2
    3/13 - SCBOA Music Festival (all Day)
    3/16 - 5th Grade Visitation
    3/16 - 5th Grade Parent Night at 6pm in MPR
    3/17 - Homeroom Contest, Wear Green
    3/17 - CHS Counselors to ACS
    3/18 - Full Day
    3/19 - Color Run Turn in Day #3
    3/20 - Staff Development Day - No School
    3/24 - ECA 7 & 8 classes to Moorpark College (all day)
    3/25 - Staff Development Day - 12:30pm dismissal
    3/25 - Color Run
    3/27 – 6 th and 7 th Grade Spring Photos, and 8 th Grade Graduation Photos
    3/27 – End of 3 rd Quarter


    AGENDA – 2/13 at 8:30am
    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Meeting – Faculty Lounge

    I. Call to Order Kara Bilkiss
    Stephanie Cohen called the meeting to order. Julie Tesser moved to second. Julie Tesser moved to approve last meeting’s minutes. Hannah Kukurudz seconded.

    II. President’s Welcome Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour
    A. Measure V Voter Outreach s Scheduled for Mon, 2/24 5-8 pm. Please come to volunteer if you can. It’s at the Keller Williams office in the Courtyard by the Commons. You can make phone calls, or do other types of outreach if you are not interested in making phone calls. We need 15-20 volunteers.

    III. Principal Baird & AP Smith Welcome Baird & Smith
    Ms. Baird opened the floor to questions and then introduced the high school counselors.

    IV. Calabasas High School Counselors Emily Ritchey / Bahar Shakiba
    Ms. Ritchey is the lead counselor at CHS.

    Process for Course Selection: The process for 8th graders selecting their classes is as follows:
    1) The CHS counselors will visit 8th grade social studies classes at AC Stelle on February 25. They will show students a video about course selection, which is also on their website, to provide an overview of the process and choices. The students will bring home a light green course registration form. Parents will also get an email from their AC Stelle counselor with the information as well.
    2) On March 5, AC Stelle parents can “drop in” to the CHS media center between 4 and 6pm to meet with your CHS counselor one-on-one.
    3) The light green course selection form needs to be turned in to the AC Stelle counseling office by March 13.
    4) On March 17, the CHS counselors will visit 8th graders again during their science classes for brief one-on-one meetings with the students to double check and verify their class choices and alternates.
    5) CHS holds its registration (called RACI) the week before school starts. At registration, new 9th graders will get their locker and their schedule, have their photo taken, get their student ID card, and order class apparel (if they are interested). They can also get some of their textbooks.

    Ninth Grade Course Schedule: The ninth grade schedule consists of Language Arts, Math, Freshman Seminar, and a sport, PE, or marching band. Your student’s 8th grade teachers will make a recommendation for college prep or honors level for Language Arts and for Math. Usually freshmen take a science – this year they can choose between biology or physics, regular or honors. If your student loved 7th grade science, they may prefer biology. If your student loves 8th grade science, they may prefer physics. This choice is new – it used to be that all freshmen who took science took biology. There are not a lot of AP options for ninth grade, only AP Human Geography, which is the history of how human movement developed across the world. But keep in mind that it is a college level course and college level textbook, requiring a high level of reading comprehension, and a lot of writing and homework. Sophomore year there are more AP options. The College Board AP website has a lot of information on each AP class in terms of requirements and sample projects. You can also look at the course catalog on the CHS website to see what courses are available and what they cover.

    Sports/PE/Marching Band: Ninth graders are ultimately enrolled in PE, marching band, or a sport. To get more information on any particular team, try the CHS athletics website or call the athletics office (athletics secretary or John Palarz, the athletics director). Coaches can’t communicate with 8th graders yet because that may be considered “recruiting” -- they may not return calls/emails yet. Tryouts are often posted on the athletics website. Fall sports may have tryouts in June or August. Winter sports tryouts are often in August or September. You can reach out to coaches over the summer. On the form due in March, each student signs up for PE or marching band, and then lists what sport they are interested in. Once tryouts happen, and coaches send their roster to the counselors, the student is put onto a team. If the coach doesn’t send in rosters before registration (RACI in August), the student will be listed as being in PE. The counselors can update the student’s schedule as soon as they are put on a team, whether it’s before or after RACI. Many sports do clinics over the summer. Keep in mind you need a physical to officially play on a team. It can be your private doctor, or LVUSD provides low cost physicals which are announced closer to the school year.

    Zero Period: There are six periods in the regular CHS schedule – 1-6. Some students take a “0” period class, but that’s relatively rare for ninth graders. Usually for ninth graders, it is only a music class like band or wind ensemble. Zero period is at 7am five days a week.

    Counseling Advice: The CHS counseling website has lots of resources, and should go live sometime next week. It’s very important to reassure your 8th graders and tell them that everything will be OK. This type of transition can cause stress and anxiety. Please talk to your kids about balance and making choices. Talk to them about what they are interested in – often getting involved in something can help the transition (sports, performing arts, marching band, clubs, etc.)

    On the AC Stelle website, anything important from the CHS counselors will be posted either on the front page or on the counseling page under “transitions”. If in doubt send an email to your AC Stelle counselor. The CHS counselors do not have the capacity yet to field direct contact with all the incoming parents, so please address questions to the AC Stelle counselors.

    Community Service Requirement: The CHS counselors noted that it can be helpful to get a start on the 15 hours of community service that will be required each year of high school due at the end of each school year. Once an 8th grader graduates, any service they do or classes they take may apply to their freshman year. For information on community service on the CHS website, go to Students and Parents, and then click on Service Learning. There are many pre-approved organizations. Approval is not needed for a legitimate non-profit. If it is not a nonprofit, there is a form to submit to be pre-approved for service there. Keep track of dates and hours of service, and turn it in at the end of the ninth grade school year in May.

    Courses Outside of LVUSD: Also, there is the potential to get approval from CHS upfront for courses taken outside of LVUSD – if they are approved they can be added to the CHS transcript.

    Freshman Orientation: The first day of school is also freshman orientation, where the freshman start the day early with orientation activities and classes don’t begin until around 10am.

    Summer School: Summer school is Monday through Thursday from 8am to noon for six weeks starting on Monday, June 15. It will cost around $80 for a shuttle from AC Stelle or AE Wright to Agoura High School, which will include the beach bus, but it is first-come first-served.

    V. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert

    VI. Committee Reports
    A. Color Run Carrie Waxberg
    i. Scheduled for Wed, 3/25

    VII. Volunteer Opportunities 2020-2021 Carrie Waxberg
    Julie Tesser
    Please let Julie Tesser or Carrie Waxberg know if you want to be on the PFC board next year.

    VIII. President’s Update
    a. Next PFC Meeting, Thu, 3/12 at 830am in the Faculty Lounge

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates:
    2/10-2/14 - Valentine Day Spirit Week
    2/17 - No School - Presidents' Day
    2/19 - Basketball vs. LCMS at ACS; Girls - 3pm, Boys - 4pm
    2/19 - Astrocamp parent meeting at 7pm in ACS MPR
    2/20 - Astrocamp students meeting during lunch in MPR
    2/21 - Class Spirit Wear and Color Day
    2/24 - Measure V Voter Outreach at Keller Willams (23975 Park Sorrrento #110) 5 – 8pm
    2/25 - Astrocamp student meeting during lunch in MPR
    2/26 - Staff Collaboration (Early release for students)
    2/28 - Leap Year Games at lunch
    3/11 - Staff Collaboration (Early release for students)
    3/11-3/13 - Astrocamp Honors Society Trip
    3/12 - PFC Meeting 8:30am in the Faculty Lounge

    AGENDA – 1/16 8:30am
    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Meeting – Faculty Lounge

    I. Call to Order Kara Bilkiss
    Bilkiss called meeting to order. Tesser moved to approve last meeting’s minutes. Waxberg seconded.

    II. President’s Welcome Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour

    III. Principal Baird & VP Smith Welcome Baird & Smith
    Summer School -- The online deadline to register for LVUSD summer school is February 7. The courses are limited; they include Freshman Seminar and Moorpark College courses. Freshman seminar is required for ninth graders, but the district prefers to have kids take the course during the school year. They will only approve kids for summer Freshman Seminar who have a scheduling conflict, and there may still be a lottery to get in. Moorpark College elective courses are offered but not encouraged for eighth graders.
    Eighth Grader Course Selection for CHS -- Counselors from CHS will come and visit social studies classes on February 25 and go over course options and hand out forms for course selection. The forms are not due until March 13. On March 5 at CHS, parents can drop in to talk to counselors about classes for incoming ninth graders. Then the CHS counsellors will be back on March 17 to meet with students one on one through their science classes and go over final selections. On April 9 the eighth graders will go on a field trip to CHS for a pep rally, tours, etc.
    Smith: Finals are coming up next week.
    Baird: The city of Calabasas will provide a bus for summer school from AC Stelle and AE Wright to Agoura High School for summer school at 7am. It will cost approximately $80 and include the beach bus. For Measure V, we are looking for at least 15 volunteers (parents and staff) on February 24 to do phone banking – bring your cell phone. Measure V will include funding to address security issues for the campuses as well as many other issues. Starting Friday, 2/28, for four days there will be voting at Stelle in the MPR. The bond measure will be on the ballot them, along with the presidential primary, and some other bond measures.

    IV. Measure V Jill Gaines – District Guest
    An assessment was done on our school properties, which are aging, to determine what improvements the schools need. They identified $600MM of need and narrowed it down to a more critical list of $198MM to include in Measure V. It includes things like upgrading labs, school safety, disaster preparedness and response, roofing, A/C, plumbing, solar, technology and communications equipment, outdoor learning spaces, hydration stations, etc.) It will be assessed at $20 per $100,000 of the assessed value for homeowners. The bond can only be used for capital improvements, not salaries. Additionally, it used to be that every school district in California received the same money from the state per student; now we actually get less per student than other areas. LVUSD is in the bottom 15% in terms of funds given per student by the state. You can get a lawn sign for your property for Measure V. On February 24th from 5-8pm at the Keller/Williams office, volunteers will be calling, texting, and writing postcards to get people to vote for Measure V; you can stay for all or just part of it. At least 15 volunteers are needed. Measure V needs 55% of votes for approval. If it is approved, all of the money stays in LVUSD – Sacramento can’t take it back. 

    V. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert
    Weilert: We are doing well on income and expenses so far. Please direct any questions to Jason Weilert.

    VI. Committee Reports
    A. Color Run (Scheduled for Wed 3/25) Carrie Waxberg

    VII. Board Commitments for 2020-2021 Carrie Waxberg
    Julie Tesser
    Waxberg – We are reaching out to current board members whose children will be at Stelle next year to see about interest in being on next year’s board so that we are aware of needs for next year.
    Tesser – There are several open positions for the board and for planning different events. Please reach out and see if anyone knows of any people who may be interested in these positions for next year.

    VIII. President’s Update
    + Next PFC Meeting, Thu, 2/13 at 830am in the Faculty Lounge
    Galassi: The School Area Traffic and Safety Meeting (SATS) is where the schools and the city get together on traffic issues. There is a little cut-off where buses go in by Stelle; they will start ticketing if someone double parks there. If you see someone pass by a school bus with its flashing stop lights on, you can report the license plate at the STTOP.net website and the sheriff will address it. There’s a Connect with Calabasas app where you can report any issues with anything in Calabasas (light out, etc.).

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates:
    1/17 Class Spirit Wear and Color Day
    1/20 No School; MLK Day
    1/22 Finals; Language Arts and PE
    1/23 Finals; Science and Electives
    1/24 Finals; Math and Social Studies
    1/27 No School; Staff Development Day
    1/29 Staff Collaboration Day; 12:30pm Dismissal
    2/6 Astro Camp and Honors Society Application Due by 4pm

    AGENDA – 11/21 8:30am
    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Meeting – Faculty Lounge

    I. Call to Order Kara Bilkiss
    Katie moved to approve the minutes from last month’s PFC meeting. Alex seconded the motion.

    II. President’s Welcome Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour

    III. Principal Baird & VP Smith Welcome Baird & Smith
    + Recent campus updates
    Counselors: We are planning in January to visit all of the eighth grade Language Arts classes to review the SAT results. Students will get a print-out of their scores, and they will be told how to access the scores electronically. The students can approach counselors afterwards to ask follow-up questions.
    Baird: On Tuesday, a few students reported to the Principal/AP that there was a posting on social media involving a weapon. Ms. Baird said they quickly determined there was no immediate threat based on what they were shown, but they called the sheriff and our LVUSD Dean of Student Safety and Wellness, both of whom went to Stelle right away. The students in question were approached and questioned to assess the situation. As a result of information coming out of the discussion, one student was expelled. There was a communication sent to the parents immediately regarding the situation. It’s important to understand that the administration takes the safety of students extremely seriously, and they have to always balance the need for the community to have information with the privacy and other rights of anyone involved, particularly minors. They are still doing everything they can to continue to educate the students on appropriate behavior (starting with an assembly the first week of school) and to keep students safe. They want to note that it takes a community, and we all need to play a strong role in knowing what our children are up to and helping to identify potential threats. Anyone with additional questions should direct them to school administration.

    IV. City of Calabasas Guests Mayor David Shapiro, Mayor pro Tem Alicia Weintraub
    Weintraub: There is a lot of work being done by Calabasas in terms of planning and recovery after lessons from the Woolsey fire. The city is improving ways to communicate with residents – hopefully everyone has signed up for communications from the city, and is getting texts/voicemails/emails when issues arise like two small fires a couple of weeks ago. The city is really committed to gun violence prevention. We are one of the only cities to have a gun-safe storage requirement – if you own a gun in Calabasas you are required to keep it locked. We also have a PSA on the city website to get a conversation going to understand where your child may go where there may be guns (other people’s homes, etc.). In other news, the city had to hire a private security firm to help monitor the area behind the Commons and City Hall because it’s gotten out of control, due to children both within and outside of the city. Teens are being dropped off unsupervised and sometimes after curfew, and there have been instances of people setting fires and damaging/defacing property. This new private patrol has helped a lot. We are also looking into what authority we have as a city to restrict vaping sales in Calabasas. Also, homelessness is a growing issue -- if you see someone who needs resources, please fill out a form on the city website. Homelessness is not a crime but they need access to resources to help them. Finally, we were able to provide a sizable grant to Stelle this year.
    Shapiro: We will have a grant presentation early next year. There was a big veterans’ event for the first time in the city and now there’s a Veterans’ Garden behind City Hall. The first meeting of the Mayor’s Youth Council was this week, and we have over 44 members already. It’s for any student who lives in Calabasas and is aged 14-21. Future events:
    12/4 EV charging station ribbon cutting in De Anza Park
    12/7 Wellness and Preparedness Expo at Civic Center 10-3
    12/11 Change in leadership when Alicia Weintraub becomes the official mayor

    V. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert
    Weilert: Big thanks to the city for the grant money being awarded to AC Stelle.

    VI. Committee Reports
    A. Step It Up Carrie Waxberg
    Bilkiss: Step It Up was successful but we missed our target fundraising number, so we need to continue to fundraise. It’s never too late to donate to the Donor Drive. We also need more volunteers for the Day of Awesomeness on Friday, 11/22.

    B. Color Run Kara Bilkiss
    a. Chairs: Krissy Freeman, Tricia DeTuno
    b. Scheduled date: 3/25
    Freeman: We will meet with the team from last year to learn dos and don’ts. Bilkiss: Thanks so much for organizing this event this year.

    VII. President’s Update
    + Board commitments for 2020-2021
    + Next PFC Meeting, Thu, 1/9 at 830am in the Faculty Lounge
    Parent: 1/9 AC Stelle PFC meeting coincides with CHS meeting
    Bilkiss: We will need to start thinking soon about filling board positions for next year; we need to start planning in January.

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates:
    11/22 Step it Up Day of Awesomeness
    11/25-11/29 Thanksgiving Holiday Recess
    12/6 6th Grade Party in MPR
    12/11 Staff PFC Holiday Luncheon
    12/11 Staff Collaboration Day, 12:30 Dismissal
    12/23-1/3 Winter Recess
    1/6 School Resumes
    1/9 PFC Meeting in the Faculty Lounge, 8:30am

    AGENDA – 10/22/19 7:00pm
    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Meeting – Library Media Center

    I. Call to Order Stephanie Cohen
    Meeting called to order. Julie Tesser moved to accept last meeting’s minutes. Carrie Waxberg seconded the motion.

    II. President’s Welcome Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour
    Bilkiss: Welcomed everyone to first evening PFC meeting.

    III. Principal Baird & VP Smith Welcome Baird & Smith
    Baird & Smith: They introduced all Stelle staff members in attendance. Thanks to the parents for donations and volunteers. Everyone is excited for the sixth grade party next week. The eighth grade Yosemite trip was very successful. The seventh grade Catalina parent meeting is 10/23 and the student meeting is 10/24. Red Ribbon Week is coming up next week. Make sure to check with your student to see what the dress-up days are. Students are encouraged to wear a costume to school on Halloween; rules will be distributed in this Friday’s email in terms of allowable costumes. PSAT information was given to eighth graders about which rooms to go to on 10/30. They will get more information next week to be sure they know where to go and what to do. Please double check with your student to be sure they know which room to go to for their PSAT. We will hand out pencils, tests, calculators, and everything the students need. Parents, please ensure your student gets a good night sleep, and please don’t stress about the test. They will also take a PSAT in tenth grade free of charge, and then eleventh grade is the real PSAT. Studies show that practice helps performance for standardized testing.

    IV. Ryan Correia, Dean of Safety and Wellness Ryan Correia
    + Presenting the Realities of Vaping
    Correia: He is one of three deans of safety and wellness for our district. We are one of five California districts to get this funding. The goal is to raise awareness of the vaping epidemic and tobacco usage among our youth, and also to educate students, parents, and staff. His primary role is education to make people aware of what’s going on, as well as enforcement with the sheriff’s department through sting operations. Of the 50 sting operations they have done, seven businesses have sold vaping products to underage decoys – due to working with the sheriff’s department, the hope is to issue arrests/citations, and turn the information over to the city to hopefully impact business licenses. He showed a video called “The Realities of Vaping”. There is a documentary called “Vaporized” by CNBC that is worth watching for more in-depth information. There is more and more publicity and media attention on health complications and even deaths due to vaping. Flavored products are particularly attractive to youth. These devices are designed to deliver nicotine or THC and are built like tech products, meant to attract people to use them. He presented several different vaping products and their costs, showing how affordable and harmless looking they are. These products are highly accessible at some convenience stores, gas stations, Amazon, Ebay, vaping bars, and even social media platforms like Snapchat. Online sales are highly unregulated and children are able to find workarounds to purchase vaping products and accessories. The Calabasas Commons is a major meeting place for people to transact for vaping products. A lot of the information has come from students and gets circulated to the sheriff’s J-Team and the police department. He showed a video illustrating the impact of nicotine on children and potentially how to identify warning signs in children we interact with (anxiety, mood swings, learning problems, etc.). “See Something Say Something” – we have an anonymous tip-line and all tips are investigated. The more we can learn, the more we can educate everyone. There is a different approach to discipline for first-time offenders more focused on restorative practices like counseling rather than immediate suspension (does not apply to children selling these products).

    There are other upcoming events from the district:
    1) A “reality party” in February that simulates in different rooms what life is like for teens in high school.
    2) A series of eight speakers in a couple of weeks.
    3) A podcast on various related topics that will be rolled out.

    V. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert
    + 2019-2020
    Weilert: He distributed the monthly financial report for everyone to review. We are still early in the year, primarily in fundraising mode. Marla has done a great job with sponsorships, and Dana with Donor Drive. Right now company matches are what is mostly coming in. We haven’t paid for much yet because it’s only October. Please let him know if you have any questions.

    VI. Committee Reports
    A. Step It Up Carrie Waxberg
    Waxberg: Step It Up has been going well. People can still make donations until the event.
    Bilkiss: Thanks to the team for an amazing job keeping up excitement and motivating everyone.

    B. Donor Drive Dana Bergman
    Bilkiss: Dana can’t be here today, but the team has done an incredible job. There is no end date for the Donor Drive; donations can be made at any time throughout the year.

    C. Sponsorships Marla Litner
    Litner: The big event for Step It Up is November 22; sign-ups for volunteers will be coming out soon. In terms of sponsorships, we are always looking for sponsors. Please reach out to businesses that may be interested. We have cool new banners that we will roll out this year.

    VII. President’s Update
    + District Meeting Fri, 10/4 – Update
    - Prop 56/Bond LVUSD Facilities Management
    Bilkiss: Prop 56/Bond will be asking to target facilities improvements across LVUSD. The first step was going to the schools to understand what needs to be improved, which is primarily completed. Now they are trying to understand voter interest if it were to be put on the ballot in March. If anyone is interested in participating in the campaign, please see the email from the team asking soon for their assistance.
    + Next PFC Meeting, Thu, 11/14 at 830am in the Faculty Lounge
    We are open to doing evening meetings if there is interest. At this meeting, people were primarily those who attend in the morning.

    Julie Tesser moved to end meeting. Marla Litner seconded the motion.

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates:
    10/23 Catalina Parent Meeting @ 7pm in the MPR
    10/24 Catalina Student Meeting @ lunch in the MPR
    10/25 6th Grade Party 2:35-4pm in the MPR
    10/28 – 11/1 Red Ribbon Week
    10/30 Staff Collaboration Day
    PSAT for 8th Graders
    10/31 Halloween Homeroom Contest
    11/4 – 11/6 Catalina Honor’s Society Trip
    11/5 Election Day
    11/6 Staff Collaboration Day – Early Out
    11/11 Veteran’s Day – No School
    11/14 PFC Meeting @ 8:30am in the Faculty Lounge

    ACS PFC Minutes
    AC Stelle General PFC Meeting – Faculty Lounge
    September 19th 8:30am

    I. Call to Order, 8:30am Stephanie Cohen
    Approval of August’s meeting minutes: Dana Bergman moved to approve. Tamara Oleesky seconded the motion.

    II. President’s Welcome and Report Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour

    III. Principal Baird & VP Smith Welcome
    Baird: Thanks to PFC for the funds and volunteers to support the school. The Something Yellow campaign was very successful, so a huge thank you to Marla Litner.
    It was a crazy start to the school year because attendance came in much stronger than predictions this year, so the school was granted some extra class sections. Stelle currently has approximately 860 students. Due to limits in staffing, some classes and schedules needed to be reworked. This process is now complete.
    Smith: 10/2 is Walk to School Day. Please encourage students to walk if you live close enough. The PSAT for 8th graders is 10/30, and many more details for the PSAT will be included in emails to come. Exposing students to these types of tests helps the district to gain indicators of what we need to work on. Please make sure to tell your children NOT to study for it.
    Baird: Introduced Stelle counselors to attendees. Please encourage your children to seek their help if they are having a problem. We have hired an additional counselor (50% of her time), starting on 9/25, as an intervention counselor, to help students who are struggling a little more. If a student needs to speak with a counselor, they can fill out the form in the counseling office requesting help before or after school or during lunch, or the parent can email the counselor. Counselors call for the children during the school day, typically during PE or the elective class if possible.

    IV. Ryan Correia, Dean of Safety and Wellness Ryan Correia
    + Presenting the Realities of Vaping
    Correia: There are three deans of safety and wellness in our district, provided through a 3-year grant to help with anti-tobacco and anti-vape measures. Correia focuses on education and enforcement. He showed attendees a video to help identify signs of tobacco usage/addiction in teens. He then reviewed the different devices utilized for vaping and e-cigarette usage, and told us of some of the health consequences of using these devices. He reviewed how the children are able to acquire these devices and what is currently being done by our school, the district, and law enforcement to reduce the usage of these devices by children in the district. A key goal of the program is education – getting into every classroom at every grade level. Last year the focus was what vaping is; this year it is expanding into what it can do to your body. They want to work with parents, teachers, and administrators to help them identify usage situations at school, and to facilitate conversations with students. The district also has many resources to help students struggling with addiction. In fact, on a first time offense, the parents and student are offered “restorative” practices, including components such as group and individual counseling, online education, random drug testing, etc. The alternative is suspension. He would like people to contact him to invite him to speak to different groups within the community. His email is rcorreia@lvusd.org. Also, he recommends the CNBC documentary “Vaporized”. He is working with the middle school principals to put together a parent education night. The more we can approach this as a community, the better we can stop it as a community.

    V. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert
    Weilert: Handed out budget for current school year – income and expenses. Please contact him with questions.

    VI. Committee Reports
    A. Donor Drive Dana Bergman
    Bergman – The school needs supplementation over federal, state, and district money to support many important programs. Only 40% of the Stelle parent population has donated to the PFC fund. The Donor Drive is the most critical fundraising event at our school. School directories will be printed next week; people need to check their family’s information ASAP.

    B. Sponsorships & Something Yellow Update Marla Litner
    Pushed to the next meeting due to time constraints. Every key volunteer spot has been filled except for 8th grade dance coordinator – Stephanie Cohen volunteered at the meeting.

    C. Traffic & Safety – Walk to School Thu, 10/10 Tom Galassi
    Galassi -- 10/2 is Walk to School Day. Instead of giving prizes (mechanical pencils) that day, our volunteers will hand out raffle tickets to the students, who will then go to a table at Stelle to pick up their prize. We need 10-12 adult volunteers.

    D. Monthly Newsletter Alex Rosas
    Pushed to the next meeting due to time constraints.

    VI. President’s Update Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour
    + District Meeting Fri, 9/6 – Update
    o Prop 56 LVUD Facilities Management
    o Ryan Coreeia – Dean of Safety & Wellness
    + Next PFC Meeting, Thu, 10/10 at 830am in the MPR

    Upcoming Events:
    9/17-10/8 6th Grade Beach Safety Program (Schedule dependent upon PE teacher)
    9/20 Something Yellow Homeroom Contest
    9/25 Staff Collaboration Day --- Early Out
    9/25 8th Grade Anti-Bullying Presentation
    9/30 Fall Recess – No School
    10/2 Walk to School Day
    10/2 Step It Up Kick-Off Assembly
    10/3 Yosemite Student Meeting at Lunch in the MPR – 8th Grade
    10/7 Picture Retakes at Lunch in the MPR
    10/9 Fall Recess – No School


     ACS PFC Minutes
    AC Stelle General PFC Meeting - Library Media Center
    August 22nd 8:30am 

    Call to Order, 8:30am Stephanie Cohen

    II. President’s Welcome and Report Kara Bilkiss/Leah Tzour

    Principal Baird and AP Smith could not attend today’s PFC meeting due to meetings today with all science classes to go over appropriate behavior and school rules with the students.


    Thanks to Deb Shapiro and Edita Leifer for a great job with registration, which was a very smooth process involving a lot of work and behind-the-scenes coordination. One issue to be addressed for next year is the new online credit card processing system which was set up by the district a few days before registration, and resulted in some confusion and the need to run credit cards, which was difficult with the equipment available the day of registration. A second issue raised by a parent at the meeting was that the school ran out of PE clothes during registration; we would recommend a larger order for next year’s registration. An idea raised by a parent to address this shortfall would be a recycling program for PE clothes from students leaving Stelle.

    Donor Drive

    Thanks to Dana Bergman for her commitment and the huge amount of work required to run the Donor Drive, which is the most critical fundraiser for Stelle for the entire year. Funding of the PFC is critical to many important school programs, services, and staff, including the media center, free math tutoring, campus supervisors, etc.; we are hoping to increase the portion of families contributing to the Donor Drive this year. Additional donations can be made online, or given to Dana Bregman or Jason Weilert. Additionally, the PFC accepts company matches. Anyone who donates also receives a free cell phone money case.


    Thanks to Marla Litner for reaching out to many different companies and spending so much time trying to attract partners/advertisers. This area includes both sponsorships and advertising. If anyone knows of any potential advertisers or sponsors, please email marlalitner@gmail.com. The deadline for advertising in the physical printed directory is September 6. The deadline for the digital directory will be later. We also have a weekly eblast and monthly newsletter where a business logo can be featured, and for the color run we will have opportunities for banners on campus. Other ways to help raise money for the school: 1) When ordering on Amazon, if you go through Amazon Smiles, the school will get a donation for all purchases. 2) If you bring in the pizza boxes for Ameci, it benefits the school as well. 3) All purchases at Ralphs benefit the school if you register for the program.

    6th Grade Welcome Event

    This event took place the day after registration for all incoming sixth graders. They were able to meet other students, play games, have popsicles, and meet many of the sixth grade teachers. Thanks to all of the parents who helped and who donated popsicles. There were about 180 kids there.

    Staff Welcome Breakfast

    This event occurred the Monday before school started, with 55-65 staff-members. Thanks to all the parents who brought bagels, fruit, baked goods, etc. to help ease the teachers/staff back to school.

    Additional Topics:

    The year’s PFC meeting dates are all on the website. There will be an evening meeting to be scheduled for parents who can’t attend daytime meetings. If attendance is high, we can hold more evening meetings. The 9/12 PFC may be rescheduled due to a conflict with district training. A parent also raised the issue that there may be conflicts with CHS PFC meeting dates.

    Community Partnerships is a new program with AP Smith to reward students for both academic and behavioral excellence.

    III. Treasurer’s Report Jason Weilert

    Invoices, 2018-2019 final numbers

    At PFC meetings, Jason will usually update the group on the current budget and invoices paid, but the year has just started so instead he distributed the budget spent last year for our reference. He answered questions on specific line items. At future meetings, the focus will be on the 2019-2020 budget. Jason discussed the increased complexity of using online credit card processing services due to many new regulations. He expects this will become more complicated and potentially expensive in the future. At the current point in time, we adopted a small processing fee for online payments; payment by check does not incur any fees.

    IV. Committee Reports

    Donor Drive Dana Bergman/Neda Cohan

    Sponsorships Marla Litner

    C. Registration Deb Shapiro/Edita Leifer

    V. New Business/Items not on the Agenda

    + Evening PFC Meeting – Set-up speakers with J Team – March timeframe

    + 9/12 General PFC Meeting needs to be rescheduled; conflicts with District meeting. 1st or 3rd Thu of Sep?

    Upcoming Events:

    8/22 Rules Assembly Grades 6-8
    8/28 Short Wednesday
    8/29 Back-to-School Night 630pm MPR
    8/30 Honor’s Society Applications Due
    8/30 New Student Lunch
    9/2 No School Labor Day
    9/3 Picture Day Makeup
    9/3 Instrument Rental Information Night
    9/5 Yosemite Student Meeting at Lunch in MPR
    9/11 Short Wednesday. Staff Collaboration Day
    9/11 Yosemite Parent Meeting 7pm MPR
    9/12 Catalina Student Meeting at lunch MPR

    All of these events are on the school website too. When we have more details about back-to-school night on 8/29 we will send that information to Stelle parents/families. A parent raised the issue that Round Meadow’s back-to-school night is the same date as Stelle’s. We will inform the AP.