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    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom

    Meeting Minutes
    March 17, 2022

    I. Call to Order - Orit Mizrahie-Geoola called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.
       A. Minutes approved electronically.
       B. Board Members Present: Natalie Klein; Katie Richley; Julia Stander; Tamara Oleesky; Elaine Waziri; Dana Drake-Sieden; Angela Glucksman; Vanessa Shellow; Orit Mizrahie-Geoola

    II. Principal Baird
       A. Transition to mask optional went well. Students are happy. Teachers are happy to see students’ faces. Emphasis that everyone’s preference is honored. Some students and staff are still wearing masks.
       B. 8th grade: 200 students haven’t turned in permission slip to attend visit to CHS.
       C. 7th grade: Coachella party on 4/29 after school. Tickets are $20. Please dress appropriately.
       D. Current 6th and 7th graders: Honors ELA deadline to apply is Saturday 3/19. 7th graders that are in honors now do not need to apply.
       E. Color Run is coming up and is a good fundraiser for our school.
       F. Starting Monday, service dog will be on campus, a first for the school. Parents, please discuss with students that this is not just a pet. Communication will be sent out to the entire school, and additional info sent to families in those classes to inquire about allergies.
      G. Math Presentation/Math Madness:
          1. Math is important and is everywhere.
          2. Important for parents to have a positive discussion about math.
          3. Incoming 6th graders are placed based on assessment test and 5th grade teacher recommendation. In 6th grade, the two levels are Math 6 and Math 6 Accelerated. Mid-year changes are made if too much or if a boost up is necessary.
          4. In 7th grade the levels are: Math 7, Math 7 High and Math 7 Accelerated.
          5. Math 7 is for students that need more time and practice.
          6. Math 7 High is for students that can more faster and are better equipped for Math 7.
          7. Math 7 Accelerated is for students that move at a fast pace and can be challenged.
          8. In 8th grade, the levels are Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Algebra Honors.
          9. Teacher recommendation plays a role in 7th and 8th grade placement. Normally, an A or a B keeps students on track.
          10. 8th to 9th :
             a. CHS wants teacher recommendations early. Proper placement is important.Changes can be made after teacher recommendations are submitted. Counselors update the high school if there is a change in the recommendation.
             b. Every student takes a placement test.
             c. High School Math Requirements for Graduation
             d. LVUSD requires 3 years of math to get HS diploma.
             e. UC schools like to see 4 years.
             f. Many Math courses are offered. Some at CHS and not at Agora and vice versa.
             g. Different ways of starting high school and getting to higher classes is summer school.
             h. Pushing to be in Geometry in 9th can lead to issues in Algebra 2. Algebra foundation is important. Geometry is different from Algebra.
             i. Be enthusiastic about math so kids can be enthusiastic.
             j. Parent questions about students being able to review tests: Kids cannot take tests home, but can make an appointment with teacher. Review for test/Practice test mirrors the test. Teachers cannot send the test home because they re-use the test.
             k. GPA in Middle School doesn’t matter

    III. Assistant Principal Smith
       A. Bus forms for CHS tour need to be turned in.
       B. Volleyball is up and running. Will be added to Stelle sports. Game schedule will be announced. Thank you, PFC for sponsoring.
       C. CAASP season is approaching. If student does not have a school Acer, it is very important to get one. Acers can be checked out at the Media Center. Software for test is already set up on district Acers.

    IV. Counselors’ Update
       A. Elective forms will re-open for incoming 6th graders. Stelle counselors will visit elementary schools this week and next.
       B. Counselors from CHS met with 8th graders this week.
       C. 8th grade parents will get notifications from Parent Square for Honors/AP classes. Parents need to fill out forms for summer school courses taken outside of LVUSD. Make sure the classes are accredited.
       D. If 8th graders are interested in athletic programs at CHS, fill out an interest form so they don’t miss out.

    V. Treasurer’s Report
       A. Donor drive is doing very well.
       B. $4,500 pledged but not received. Will come in by May.
       C. Color Run was not on projected budget.
       D. Sponsorship and community partnership doing well.
       E. Expenses: clubs, tutoring, salary supplements.

    VI. President’s Update
       A. Donations are beginning to come in for Color Run. Volunteers needed for the event.
       B. All students will participate, no donation required.
       C. Re-using shirts from 2020 that were not used. Xing out the 2020 and giving sponsors of 2020 recognition.
       D. Thank you to Cheryl and Brandi who are chairing the event.
       E. Students will be grouped by grade.
       F. 2022-23 slate for PFC board filling up. More chairs are needed, as well as co-treasurer who will sign checks and take to the bank. Important role but easy.
       G. Volunteer requests will be sent out for registration day, teacher lunches, AFD, etc.
       H. 8th grade culmination is coming along. Culmination will be a traditional ceremony. Seats may be reserved. Party is being put together by a team. Info will go out in April.
       I. Parents, please dress 7th graders appropriately for the Coachella party on 4/29 immediately after school. This limits issues of kids arriving with dates, in limos, etc.
       J. Next PFC executive board meeting scheduled for 4/14 to go over budget.
       K. Astro Camp is happening now.
       L. Yosemite trip is coming up.
       M. End of Year field trip is open for everyone.
          1. 6th : Golf n’ Stuff
          2. 7th : Dave n’ Busters
          3. 8th : Universal
       N. Special Guests:
       O. Tom and Nicola Galassi from the Foundation. “Rock the District,” previously called “The Event” is on 6/4 at Sage Brush. Tickets will be cheaper this year, silent auction, live band. Catered food and tax deductible event!

    VII. Upcoming Events/Important Dates
    4/13 Color Run
    4/14 Executive Board Meeting to present budget for 2022/2023 9:00 am via Zoom
    4/15-4/22 Spring Break
    4/28 Next PFC Meeting at 9 am

    Motion to adjourn at 10:05 am, Tamara second.

    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom

    Meeting Minutes
    February 17, 2022

    I. Call to Order - Orit Mizrahie-Geoola called the meeting to order at 9:02 am. 
       A. Minutes approved electronically. Board Members Present: Natalie Klein – President; Katie Richley- Vice President; Julia Stander-Treasurer; Tamara Oleesky- Co-Treasurer; Elaine Waziri- Secretary; Orit Mizrahie-Geoola- Co-Secretary; Dana Drake-Seiden – Communications Coordinator; Angela Glucksman – Volunteer Coordinator; Vanessa Shellow – Executive Director

    II. President’s Welcome – Natalie Klein
       A. Thanks everyone for coming

    III. Principal Baird and VP Smith
       A. Excited for upcoming school trips. Please be sure students are following directions, recent issue with cell phones brought.
       B. For 8th graders who qualify for Honor Society, applications are still available in the Counseling Office. The Google form needs to be completed online and submitted electronically. Deadline is Tuesday at 4pm to submit both items for Yosemite. Payment window has opened, check website regarding payment for trips.
       C. Honors History and Social Science are available next year for those who qualify and are not in it this year. If already taking these classes, there is no need to sign up again.
       D. Basketball is in season, played against AE Wright last week. Next Tuesday 2/22 after school will be the boys and girls game at AC Stelle. Looking to add volleyball.
       E. Open House – Save the date for Thursday April 28, 2022 5:45-7:15. Informal classroom visitation. 1hr 15min to walk around campus. Choir and jazz band will be playing, can go and visit classrooms.
       F. Transition themes - 8th graders need to look at packet for upcoming grade events. Includes getting gowns, visit to CHS, and culmination. Students need to provide gown size form to PE teacher.
       G. CAASP testing will be at end of May. If students don’t have an Acer, please have them check one out. Everything is downloaded and easy to use for test taking. They may return the Acer if they do not wish to keep it.
       H. Reminder to please be careful. The shuttle stop areas are not for parking, only for drop off and pick up. If law enforcement is there, they will ticket those waiting in cars in the shuttle area.
       I. Lunch drop off is okay and may be placed on the cart where students may come pick up. Can’t have delivery services as we can’t have everyone on campus.

    IV. Counselor Updates – Ms.Shakiba and Ms. Freedman
       A. Transitions for 5th grade - Visits coming up to the elementary schools to get kids excited for middle school to discuss electives.
       B. On 2/24/22, there will be visits 6th and 7th grade PE classes to talk about electives for next year.
       C. Applications for Eagle service and leadership will be up 2/25/22. Need to provide 2nd and 3rd choices. Google form for selections will be going out.
       D. High School information is just starting.
       E. 8th grade course selection have been discussed. Ms. Shakiba and Ms. Freedman are available to meet. Sign up info will be up and posted. Want to make sure you can sign up for questions and answers. Choices for 2 nd and 3 rd will help determine which electives should be offered when planning for next year. If not enough demand, may not offer the class the same way. High School Counselors – Ms. Ritchey and Mr. Rivas
       F. Students will be coming home with a folder that will have resources, including link to a video that they will be watching. Will kick off next week. Two Zoom drop-ins for parents will be in the beginning in March. After spring break, counselors will be building schedules for next year that will work for your student.
       G. Freshman seminar will be offered virtually in summer. Offering some Pierce college options as well. Process to pre-approve courses for summer will be passed along to middle school counselors.
       H. Athletics and PE - 9 th graders are required to be in of those. Students will be able to try out for sports, much of which happens in the summer. Practices may also be in summer. Coaches contact info and season is available on the CHS athletic website. Waivers and more information will be available after spring break. Forms will be available at AC Stelle if they miss anything. Math recommendations are honored from teachers.
       I. August has a challenge exam available if students want to level up in math. Happens in August around registration.
       J. Next year, schools cannot start before 8:30am, we do not know if zero period will be available.
       K. Honors (not all weighted) and AP classes (all weighted) follow CSU and UC system. Students will get information next week regarding their options. Course catalog also has the information included.
       L. Reach out to coaches for specific sports information. Cheerleading and band are included as a competitive sport. Dance team or cheer team is available in lieu of PE.
       M. ECA will be available. This is taking college level classes while in high school and are considered electives. The ECA website will soon be updated with Fall offerings. Options will be in the elective choices.
       N. Freshman seminar takes care of social studies. Great course for freshman. Replaces traditional history. Courses catalog shows the perquisites, although shows some courses that are no longer followed. They should follow the courses that are on their form and note that not everything is offered.
       O. ECA for 7th graders will be provided next week. Marching band is considered a PE class and for college is considered as an audio/visual requirement. Courses listed on lvusd.org
       P. Many resources available to help you and your student. Students can only take 10 credits per term outside of school and need to be pre-approved. If you want summer school outside of school, make sure to request the pre-approval. Excited to meet students next week.

    V. Treasurer’s Report - Julia Stander
       A. Donor drive going well. Employer donations and sponsorship reviewed. Continue to fund positions for campus aid, library, after school library, counselor’s secretary, and after school programs.
       B. Please reach out for any questions.

    VI. President’s Update - Natalie Klein
       A. Save the date for 10 th of March for the incoming parent coffee. 8th grade culmination party information will be out soon, as well as volunteer sign up.
       B. Color Run -Packets coming our next week, fun prizes. Color Run and Donor Drive are our two major fundraisers.
       C. 2022 Board - Looking for chairs for committees next year. If you are interested, please reach out. Excited to get back and be where we were prior.

    Upcoming Events/Important Dates
    2/21/22 No School President’s Day Weekend
    2/22/22 CHS Counselors will meet with 8th graders to go over the high school course selections
    3/10/22 Incoming Freshman Parent Coffee at CHS
    3/17/22 General PFC 9:00 am Zoom

    Meeting adjourned at 9:50am, Orit Mizrahie-Geoola made the motion and Dana Drake-Seiden second
    the motion.

    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom

    Meeting Minutes
    January 20, 2022

    I. Call to Order - Orit Mizrahie-Geoola called the meeting to order at 5:32 pm.
       A. Minutes approved electronically.
       B. Board Members Present: Natalie Klein – President; Katie Richley- Vice President; Julia Stander-Treasurer; Tamara Oleesky- Co-Treasurer; Elaine Waziri- Secretary; Orit Mizrahie-Geoola- Co-Secretary.
    II. Principal Baird
       A. School trips, info still forthcoming:
          1. Catalina trip scheduled for 2/14-16 is still a go. AE Wright goes before Stelle.
          2. Astro Camp for 6th graders scheduled for 3/16/18 for CJSF qualifiers.
          3. Yosemite scheduled for 4/3-8.
       B. COVID Updates:
       C. Thank you to the volunteers for passing out over 500 testing kits. School still has some tests left to pass out.
       D. USPS mailing 4 tests per household.
       E. COVID numbers: 241 students quarantined across all district schools.
       F. Some of the absences are due to nervous parents and due to misinformation regarding exposure/quarantine requirements.
       G. Decline in student absences. Maximum number of absences this year was 177. Past two days, absences are at 50. Normal range is 35-55.
       H. Overall district teacher quarantine at 31, only 1 teacher at Stelle in quarantine.
       I. District Vaccine Clinic: First, second and booster COVID vaccine as well as flu shot will be available. More information will be sent out. Please fill out waiver. Clinic will be in the MPR.
       J. Semester ends tomorrow. No day off on Monday because 3 staff development days were removed from the calendar.
       K. Students who tested positive for COVID do not have to test for 90 days.
       L. Window in AERIES to input grades is extended.
       M. Many clubs are happening: dance and ping pong. Ping pong games will take place at the MPR. Students to listen to announcements on how to participate.
       N. Possibility of new electives such as drama and coding. Also, reading comprehension may be integrated into Rotation.
       O. Parents, please encourage children to read. Read together; read aloud; ask students about the books they are reading. Plant the seed for the love of reading, for comprehension and not just for reading. Students who read tend to do better at school. Math has word problems also. Reading is related to vocabulary and better SAT scores. There is a deficit in reading more recently. Audio books are helpful.
       P. If your student is struggling, have them speak with the counselors. Middle school is a complicated time with concerns for looks, new friendships, group chats.
       Q. If issue is intense, counseling center is also available.

    III. Counselor Updates,
       A. Ms. Freedman
          1. Everyone starts fresh on Monday. New semester.
          2. Students will be reached to for help and support.
          3. Bullying presentation will take place in PE classes.
          4. Complete in Ms. Mettler’s class.
          5. Mr. Espinoza and Mr. Mena’s classes are next.
          6. If parents have questions regarding grades, please reach out to the teachers.
          7. Parents should check AERIES a few times a week.
       B. Ms. Shakiba
          1. Eight grade parents have attended CHS showcase.
          2. This is a transition time. Outgoing 8th graders and incoming 6th graders.
          3. Outgoing 8th graders:
             a. On 2/22 CHS counselors will visit 8th grade science classes at Stelle to discuss course selection. After this visit, CHS counselors will host a parent info night. Parents will then have a few days to submit course selection.
             b. Next, CHS counselors will have individual student meetings to review classes and discuss which classes their Stelle teachers recommended themfor.
          4. Incoming 6th graders (presently in 5th grade):
             a. Stelle counselors working on dates to present to the 3 incoming schools.
             b. Tips, tricks, electives, answer questions.
             c. 5th graders to visit campus, date TBD.
             d. Counselors will host parent info nights.
          5. Counselors will also meet in a few months with incoming 7th and 8th graders to discuss course selection.

    IV. Assistant Principal Smith
       A. Spring semester is the busiest with many transitions.
       B. Permission slips and communication will be sent out for all 8th grade trips.
       C. 8th grade boys' basketball team is in the works and will play against 3 different schools.
       D. Try-outs for girls' basketball team. 7th graders may try out. 6th graders may not try out.
       E. Limited number of people that can attend games. Four tickets per player, and after that, first come first serve basis until capacity is reached. Dates and times to be announced.
       F. Parents, please allow time for responses to attendance emails.
       G. Additional 6th grade trips:
       H. At the end of the year, the entire grade will go to Golf n’ Stuff.
       I. CJSF applications aren’t due yet for Astro Camp. Requirements:
          1. 8 points are necessary for Honor Society.
          2. 3 for an A
          3. 1 for a B
          4. Citizenship: No Ns or Us

    V. Treasurer’s Report/Julia Stander
       A. Donor’s drive- a few thousand dollars away from goal.
       B. Color run- hoping it brings in funding.
       C. Sponsorship- doing well.
       D. Projected overage for next year is small and right where it should be.

    VI. President’s Update
    /Natalie Klein
       A. Thank you for attending meeting.
       B. Thank you volunteers who helped distribute rapid tests and thank you Principal Baird for allowing a four hour window for distribution.
       C. Thank you to the parents who wanted to do something nice for the teachers. Shout out to Bonnie Muler who helped put a breakfast together for the teachers and staff. They were all so grateful.
       C. Sponsorship doing great.
       D. Color run will launch in a couple of months.

    VII. Important Events/Important Dates:
    2/17/22 next PFC meeting, 8:45 am on Zoom. Calabasas High School Counselors will be joining us for 8th grade parents to ask questions.
    2/21/22 No school President’s Day Weekend.
    2/22/22 CHS Counselors will meet with 8th graders to go over the high school course selections.

    Orit Mizrahie-Geoola made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:12 pm. Tamara Oleesky seconded the motion.


    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom

    Meeting Minutes
    December 16, 2021

    I. Call to Order - Elaine Waziri called the meeting to order at 9:02am.
       A. Board Members Present: Natalie Klein – President; Katie Richley- Vice President; Julia Stander- Treasurer; Tamara Oleesky- Co-Treasurer; Elaine Waziri- Secretary; Orit Mizrahie-Geoola- Co-Secretary; Dana Drake-Seiden -Communication Coordinator Vanessa Shellow -Executive Director

    II. President’s Welcome - Natalie Klein

    III. Principal Baird
       A. Welcomes everyone
       B. Many fun things happening at lunch, trying to get everyone in spirit.
       C. Winter break coming up. Make sure everyone is getting ready.
       D. Attendance – Some letters to go out, we have to be strict. Only certain things are allowed to be excused, need to follow guidelines. Parents need to clear absences within 72hrs.
       E. Thank you to parents who are helping traffic by not stopping in the shuttle stop. This had created congestion for students.
       F. Covid update. Every time someone is positive, a notification is once again being sent out to everyone, including close contacts. If a child is in the contact tracing process, there will a notification from school. Following guidelines. To date, no one in school contact has been positive. Noted to be happening from outside of school from activities. The whole AC Stelle community needs to know when someone tests positive.
       G. Please note that flu season is also here.
       H. Overnight honors society trip for February approved. Future overnight trips will also be sent for approval. Students will need to turn in CJSF/honors packets by the deadline to see who qualifies. Based on point system granted from grades. Yosemite would require vaccinations and process for exemptions. School requires for everyone to test before a trip. Kids will cohort and wear masks during trip (no masks while sleeping). Parents do have to arrange to pick up student if child tests positive. Tests and temperature tests on
       I. Girls’ bathrooms are open. Boys’ bathroom had a maintenance and vandalism issue. Limited bathroom availability due to ability to monitor.
       J. Disneyland is a program for students in 7th and 8th grade leadership.
       K. Washington DC trip is not a school sponsored trip, will be around spring break. It is an 8th grade trip that students go on through an outside agency. It is not a district trip.
       L. Wishing everyone a nice holiday break. Lots of happiness, healthy and hugs to every family at AC Stelle.

    V. Counselor Updates Ms. Shakiba and Ms. Freedman
       A. Hope everyone has down time over break. Kids will have about 3 weeks after break before finals.
       B. January 5, 12, and February 2, 2022 are the first in a series of presentations in PE classes. The counselors will be presenting to every PE class about the importance of being kind, practicing tolerance, bullying and steps to prevent it in each grade level. Going over lessons that have been already provided regarding citizenship. Making sure everyone treats each other with respect.

    VI. Treasurer’s Report/Julia Stander
    A. Shared budget report. Very close to donor drive, thank you to everyone who donated. Sponsorships keep coming. We anticipate some extra income from Sees candy sales. New science equipment, music, and more provided from last year’s surplus. Ms. Baird and Ms. Smith are asked if there is anything they need.

    VII. Committee Reports/Natalie Klein Rebekah Belzer
    No new updates

    VIII. President’s Update/Natalie Klein
       A. School trip that is not a district trip cannot have information shared.
       B. Surplus allowed to upgrade yearbook many computers from Word PCs to Mac. Many strings and supplies provided for the Music department. Science department received ice machines. Printers and equipment throughout school was purchased as requested. More items on the list and waiting to be approved.
       C. Donor drive doing well and last-minute tax donations are also welcomed.
       D. Color run planned for Wednesday before spring break.
       E. Pajama sales, still some left. Thank you to Julia and Tamara for their help with the fundraiser.
       F. Teachers and staff had a Holiday lunch. They received water bottles and were very happy. End of year teacher appreciation lunch also planned for next year.
       G. Working on 7th grade party which is being planned for Spring.
       H. 8th grade culmination is planned for now. Still waiting for additional communication from the district.

    Important Events/Dates:
    1/17/22 No School, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    1/20/22 PFC Zoom Meeting at 5:30pm.

    Elaine Waziri adjourned the meeting at 9:47am.

    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom

    Meeting Minutes
    November 18, 2021

    I. Call to Order- Orit Mizrahie-Geoola called the meeting to order at 9:02 am

    II. President’s Welcome- Natalie Klein

    III. Principal Baird
       A. Welcomes everyone.
       B. Rather serious incident on campus. A lot more behind the scenes before, during and after than meets the eye. Social media is not the truth. Confidentiality must be maintained; situation cannot be discussed. School has protocol to follow and many factors must be taken into consideration. Keeping everyone safe is a priority.
       C. Student behavior is improving and are starting to catch up on maturity level. Process has been slow due to pandemic as students have not been at school for 1.5 years.
       D. Bathroom vandalism issues have subsided. Problems now are more common bathroom problems. Middle school is an experimental time with students testing limits and wanting freedom.
       E. Parents need to not reach out to students during school hours. Students are not permitted to utilize phones during school hours. Parents may drop off items for children in the office but the office cannot call classrooms.
       F. Trash on campus is more spread out because kids are more spread out while eating due to pandemic. Parents should remind students to pick up their trash.
       G. Overnight trips may happen, but a few things must take place prior to confirming these trips. Board of Education must approve and a few other items need to be hashed out. Spots will be more limited than in the past due to COVID restrictions and date limitations since AC Stelle is a newer school.
          1. Yosemite 8 th grade trip scheduled for April 3-8.
          2. Catalina 7 th grade trip potentially scheduled for February 14-16.
          3. Astro Camp 6 th grade trip scheduled for 3/16-18.
       H. Crossing guard issues, kids do not listen and crossing where they are not supposed to. Cars are blocking crosswalk.
       I. Question re vaccine mandates: As of now, only mandates are for the staff and not for students.

    IV. Counselor Update- Ms. Freedman
       A. Applications for honors society will go out at the end of the first semester.
       B. Student behavior is improving, as well as student’s ability to sit in classroom without disruption.
       C. Counselors will begin classroom visits in January to discuss bullying and kindness. Visits will take place in PE classes.

    V. Council Members
       A. Welcome- Natalie Klein
       B. Gratitude for the city provided grants this past year. The science and music departments were upgraded with items such as laser 3D printers, ice machines, new equipment and new strings.
       C. David Shapiro
          1. Inviting public to contract the city via text, email, calls to share concerns or share positive remarks.
          2. City provides funds to LVUSD, roughly one million dollars each year, to fund before and after school programs, art and music programs, crossing guards and number of other things.
       D. Alicia Weintraub
          1. City has a very high vaccination rate and has been on aggressive on the COVID front. City is beginning to hold hybrid and outdoor meetings.
          2. City is continuing to work with the sheriff to ensure safety. Upcoming meeting in December to discuss traffic around Mulholland
          3. City is not immune to the homeless population issue. An ordinance has been adopted to prohibit homeless camps near schools. City website has a form to fill out if someone is seen that needs help.
          4. Parent concern about kids hanging unsupervised and misbehaving in public areas such as The Commons, Tennis and Swim Center and parks. There is aggressive security and sheriff gets involved when necessary. Per Ms. Weintraub, the J team should be invited to the next meeting to discuss.
          5. Parent concern about “nothing to do” in the area. Per Ms. Weintraub and Mr. Shapiro, city has attempted pre-pandemic to put together events but participation was low. City of Westlake has a skate park that is problematic. City hopes to bring events back and re-attempt teen events, but generally speaking there is no interest. Another option is to participate in the Mayor Youth Council and the basketball courts in Grape Arbor Park and De Anza. Public help and support is always welcomed. City has a new Community Service Director who will come up with new ideas.

    VI. Treasurer’s Report- Julia Stander
       A. As of 10/31, net income is $164,845.29. Slowly getting closer to goal. Got a couple of new sponsors. Color run may take place in the spring, and will help increase income. May have a small budget surplus for next year, in which case we will ask Principal Baird and Vice Principal Smith if they need anything.

    VII. President’s Update- Natalie Klein
       A. Color run may happen in April and we will need help. AE Wright had their color run in the fall.
       B. Rebecca is doing a great job with sponsorship.
       C. See’s Candy and PJ bottom sales are happening now. Kids are allowed to wear PJ Bottoms to school. This will help with donor drive.
       D. Holiday/gratitude luncheon for teachers and staff is coming up the second week of December. Atmosphere Events will cater.

    VIII. Important Dates
       A. Next Executive Board Meeting: 12/2; Next PFC Meeting: 12/16

    Meeting adjourned by Orit Mizrahie-Geoola at 9:59, second by Katie Richley, third by Dana

    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom

    Meeting Minutes
    October 21, 2021

    I. Call to Order - Elaine Waziri called the meeting to order at 5:32pm

    II. President’s Welcome
       A. Board Members Present: Natalie Klein – President; Katie Richley- Vice President; Julia Stander- Treasurer; Tamara Oleesky- Co-Treasurer; Elaine Waziri- Secretary; Orit Mizrahie-Geoola- Co-Secretary

    III. Principal Baird
       A. Welcomes everyone. Great shake out drill done as preparation for emergency.
       B. Seeing some students needing more support. Working towards preparing students for high school and having them figure things out on their own. Remind students to read directions. Discussion for handling situations and providing support.

    IV. Vice Principal Smith

    Grade specific activities coming up. Ask students to listen to announcements, including information on various clubs/activities such as robotics and cooking.

    V. Counselor Updates Ms. Shakiba and Ms. Freedman
       A. Encourage students to reach out to teachers and email them to take on initiative. Finding students more sensitive than have been in the past. Noted students have been removed for so long.
       B. Reinforce and ask students to do one act of kindness, such as give one kid a compliment. Help create a warm environment to let students know that they are cared for.
       C. Have students look at grades. Counselors check in with students that have Ds and Fs. Continue to work with them to help improve grades and see how to make up assignments, communicate with teachers. Want students to be healthy and happy.
       D. Zoom parent/principal discussions for food that kids may not want, may be possible to donate. Situation in boys’ bathroom is improved and staff continuing to assess situation. Please see emails and newsletters.

    VI. Treasurer’s Report/Julia Stander
       A.Donor drive continuing to come in, still short of goal. Community sponsorships doing well.

    VII. Committee Reports/Natalie Klein Rebekah Belzer
       A. Sponsorship
          1. Additional banners around school, as of today 12 confirmed sponsors. If you know of any business that wants to sponsor, let us know. Many different packages available. Last night was the Rosti fundraiser. Previous one was at The Stand.
    Planning one for December.
          2. Ramping up for the holiday fundraiser. This year will be in person with forms and sign-up sheets for See’s. Kicking off next couple weeks. Please share with everyone.
          3. Possibly also holiday gift shopping locally with discounts to families.

    VIII. President’s Update/Natalie Klein
       A. Thank you to everyone for join this evening and who have donated to Donor Drive.
       B. December 8th will be the teacher holiday luncheon.
       C. Looking for two people who are interested in school Site Council. The Site Council meets in the mornings, before school, approximately three to four times during the schoolyear. Currently, the meetings will be on Zoom and Principal Baird will email a Zoom link.
       D. Culmination for 8th grade this year. Will have to see what the format will be within guidelines.
       E. Washington DC trip in on, however please note it is not a school supported event or district trip
       F. Honors Society trip, at this time trying to figure out if it will be possible. Once official information goes out, it will be announced, most likely after the new year.
       G. For the 7th grade party, looking at a spring event.
       H. This weekend is the Foundation Carnival that supports the school district. 6th grade party is next Friday.
       I. Next PFC Meeting, Council Members Davis Shapiro and Alicia Weintraub will be joining.

    Important Events/Dates:
    11/12/21 No School
    11/18/21 General PFC Meeting 9:30am Zoom
    11/22/21 to 11/26/21 Thanksgiving Break

    Elaine Waziri made motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:06pm, Julia Stander second it.

    Alice C. Stelle Middle School PFC Zoom
    Meeting Minutes
    September 23, 2021

    I. Call to Order - Elaine Waziri called the meeting to order at 0850 am

    II. President’s Welcome
       A.Board Members Present: Natalie Klein – President; Katie Richley- Vice President; Julia Stander- Treasurer; Tamara Oleesky- Co-Treasurer; Elaine Waziri- Secretary; Orit Mizrahie-Geoola- Co-Secretary.

    III. Principal Baird
       A. Welcomes everyone.
       B. Issues with school’s phone lines. Change from utilizing landlines to internet programs is interfering with service.
       C. Five-week grades will be completed this week. Teachers must report Ds and Fs.
       D. Vandalism in bathroom.
          1. Tik Tok challenge that called for destruction, thefts from classroom. Announcements over PA system did not work, leading to shutting down all bathrooms on campus but one. Bathrooms will re-open in a staggered manner if/when issue resolved.
       E. Principal Baird to visit all 5th grade periods and discuss:
          1. Bathroom destruction issues.
          2. Utilizing social media and cell phones in a positive manner.
          3. Bullying and sexual harassment.
          4. Dress code.
       F. Great start to the school year. Kids coping with separation anxiety have resources available.
       G. Inquiries re honors trips: It is also impossible to postpone trips as they are all booked in advance and dates are hard to find. Astro Camp is a possibility for 6th graders in March.
       H. Changes in quarantine provided by LA County Department of Public Health
       I. Unvaccinated students will be able to be on campus if exposed provided they will test twice during “modified quarantine” period. District provides free testing twice weekly, with a third day being added soon.

    IV. Vice Principal Smith
       A. Students need to be reminded that social media follows them for the rest of their life. Parents should follow children on social media, as well as check their phone as some students have two accounts unbeknownst to parents.
       B. Some kids struggle with larger backpacks not fitting in locker. Make sure to removed items students have not used and remind students to lock their lockers when going to PE.
       C. Make up picture day went well.
       D. Teachers are starting different clubs such as dance, sports, and robotics.

    V. Counselor Updates
       A. Ms. Freedman
          1. Five-week grades will be finalized by Friday 9/24. Students with Ds and Fs will be called in to discuss and strategize. Many students have come into chat.
       B. Ms. Shakiba
          1. If students are struggling in a certain subject, they are encouraged to reach out to teachers and self-advocate. Process of adjustment from relying on parents to being independent.
          2. If students would like to see a counselor, they may submit a slip at the office or send an email.
          3. After school tutoring is offered and there is no need to sign up.
          4. Encourage students to sign up or start a club to meet friends with similar interests.

    VI. Treasurer’s Report/Julia Stander
       A. Total income for Donor Drive is $147,363.28. Goal is $175,000.
       B. Sponsorship income doing well.
       C. While the district relieved us of certain staff we pay for, we were asked to help supplement pay for library aide, counseling secretary, and ASB secretary, Tutoring and other areas we are still funding. We had a surplus from the last two years due to covid which allowed us to pay for items requested by teachers and admin.

    VII. Committee Reports/Natalie Klein (for Rebekah Belzer)
       A. Sponsorship
          1. Restaurant nights are planned on ½ day Wednesdays.
          2. Last Stand fundraiser raised $252.
          3. See’s Candy coming back.

    VIII. President’s Update/Natalie Klein
       A. AFD at 48% participation. Hoping to meet goal by end of October.
       B. Thank you, Deb Shapiro, and her team of volunteers, with back-to-school registration.
          1. One or two back to school registration coordinators are needed for next year.
          2. Library volunteers needed during lunch Tuesday-Friday. Requirements are proof of vaccine and TB test. Sign up genius to be emailed within a week.
       C. National Walk to School Day cancelled, potentially rescheduled to 2022.
       D. Thank you to Tom Galassi. Safety Coordinator. 1-2 safety coordinators will be needed next year.
       E. 6th graders will likely have a dance, tents provided by the district.
       F. A Social event will be considered, for 7th graders who missed out in 6th. 8th graders will have their 8th grade culmination party.
       G. Follow up on parent inquiry as to where to find the lunch menu offering/how students can purchase water bottles.
       H. Should PFC meetings move to in person, a Zoom link will be provided for those who cannot attend in person.
       I. Bottled waters can be purchased when the cafeteria is open, the school is trying to get the company to bring drinks back to vending machines.

    Important Events/Dates:
    Next PFC meeting scheduled for 10/7 at 5:30 PM on Zoom to include those who are unavailable in the am.
    See’s holiday candy sale TBD
    10/20 restaurant night TBD

    Elaine Waziri made motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:39am, Tamara Oleesky second it.