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    ACS General PFC Meeting, October 10, 2018--8:30 a.m.
    Staff Lounge

    I. Call to Order, 8:32AM Approval of General September Minutes Hannah Turner
    Karen Clifton motioned, Julie Shpall approved the minutes

    II. Principal’s Welcome and Report Principal Baird
    + Walk To School big success!
    +Student 360 is useful information for parents. Link to Student 360 page: https://www.lvusd.org/Page/1967
    + Bullying- Counselors visited all 8th grade PE classes to discuss bullying and they will be visiting 6th & 7th grade too.
    + Staff Development Day update 10/8, teachers and admin attended panels and workshops, hear the voices of the students
    + PSAT 8 will be given on 10/10. Parent score back evening will be scheduled to review results.
    + Red Ribbon and Yosemite updates
    + Safety Update-LVSUSD received a safety grant from DOJ. LVUSD created two new Dean of Safety positions and our own Mrs. White will be one of them. Congratulations Mrs. White! We’ll miss you! Lauren and Bahar will be our two counselors available at ACS.
    + Band room will be locked after school so please pick up your belongings before the end of school.
    +CHOICES is a LVUSD intervention program for secondary students who have violated disciplinary guidelines regarding the use/possession of alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia. This program is designed to provide an alternative to lengthy suspensions and expulsions for a first offense.
    +Attendance office won’t be accepting phone calls after December. Please email: acsmsattendance@lvusd.org
    + Arbor Day celebration will be held at ACS on March 16, 2019 from 10-12PM. We will be planting trees at ACS and we need volunteers. HS students can get service learning hours.
    +Red Ribbon week will begin Oct. 22 and it’s run by the ASB.

    III. President’s Welcome and Quick Report Julee Gould
    + Thank you (Donor Drive, StepItUp Volunteers, 6th Grade Party Volunteers)
    + Changes/Suggestions
    +More community ( Movie premier -HELP)looking for a possible guest speaker, connections and some swag.
    + Next Evening meeting – November 14th with the J Team in the MPR
    (Change on the calendar will update Becky Anderson and Judy Burris)
    + would like to schedule a Parent coffee get together. Will look into possible dates for Novemeber
    + Nov. 6 elections LVUSD School Board candidate Panel will meet on Oct. 30, 7:00PM at Agoura HS PAEC. Please attend and vote

    V. Treasurer’s Report Karen Clifton
    + Budget Report – Budget is going well and we will see how much StepItUP brings in
    + Current invoices-ACS PFC funded the new shade structure in the quad and provided funding for the New STEAM room for our kids, and supplies for Science and office staff.
    + Audit was Tuesday 10/16. Invoices were reviewed and approved. Julie Shpall, Tara Bowers and Dima Jabal were present

    VI. Committee Reports
    A. Donor Drive Dana/Tami
    +Thank you for all your hard work. We had budgeted $130 and we surpassed our goal. To date we are at $150,000
    +Letters will be sent via email by November with Tax ID#

    B. Directory Jayne Polan
    +Directory Cover Contest has been extended one more week
    + Instructions for On-Line Directory were posted

    C. Sixth Grade Party -10/27
    + sign ups for volunteers and supplies has gone out via email. Contact Neda Cohan if you have questions

    D. StepItUp Vilma Yacoob
    +Kick off 10/1 –Volunteers Needed for various events (turn in day for 8th graders), doing great and we’ve already earned over $62K or our $100K goal! Step it Up funds many services at ACS including the library, Intermural sports, computers, science needs and so much more

    E. Newsletter Jason Sperling/Leah Tzour
    + Update- Ilona is working on the ACS newsletter

    F. Advertising Lisa Oplion
    + We are down for our advertising goal by $3,000

    G. Volunteers- Stacey Kolinsky/Julie Tesser
    Thank you volunteers for Step-it-UP!
    Staff Appreciation lunch is Dec. 12 and we’d love some volunteers
    ACS is accepting Box Tops. There are collections boxes set up in the front office and in the attendance Office. We can accept Box Tops from Ameci Pizza boxes too.

    H. Community Partnerships Lisa Steinmetz
    + The Stand – Wednesday 10/17

    VII. New Business/Items not on the Agenda

    Upcoming Events:
    10/14-10/19 8th Grade Yosemite Honors Trip
    10/17 Staff Collaboration Minimum Day/The Stand
    10/26 6th Grade Party 2:30-4pm
    11/14 General PFC Meeting 7:00 – Staff lounge with The J Team


    A.C. Stelle PFC Meeting
    September 12, 2018

    6:30pm Library/Media Center

    I. Call to Order 6:35PM Julee Gould
    Approval of June Minutes- Julie Shpall motioned, Julie Tesser 2nd

    II. Principal’s Welcome and Report Baird/Smith

    Excited for the school year and feels like Stelle is off to a great start, approximately 830 students and about 23% permits,
    AC Stelle updates: Cordasco Foundation-Something Yellow, The Stand, Lunch time routine
    Upcoming events (Beach Day for 6 th , Sports night, PSAT Oct. 10 will be given to all 8 th graders, and Walk To School is Oct. 10, Math tutoring Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, All subject tutoring Mondays, Tuesdays, regular schedule Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Room E120. Intermural club week coming up.

    III. President’s Welcome and Quick Report Julee Gould
    Introductions, thanks for being here, suggestions and opportunity drawing!
    First DO meeting (SDCC) 9/7- Safety was discussed, our phone lines are on a backup battery in case of an emergency ACS phones should work. Lupin Hill Elementary School remodel funded through Measure G.

    IV. Treasurer’s Report Karen Clifton

    Update on Budget, PFC helped purchase a canopy in the quad to cover the stage. PFC helps fund department needs such as Language Arts and Science. ACS Administration decides how our funds can be allocated. New STEAM classes can be offered in Discovery with PFC funds. Need Volunteers for an audit in October

    V. Committee Reports
    A. Donor Drive Dana Bergman/Tami Hathaway
    Doing well! Raised approx. $152K with our goal at $300K for the school year.
    B. Step It Up Update- Vilma Yacoob
    Fun fundraiser with activities, duck Lanyards, Pig races (not real pigs!) and prizes!
    C. Directory Jayne Polan
    Please register on MySchoolAnywhere.com to be listed in the 2018-2019 school directory.
    D. Newsletter/FACEBOOK Ilona Barsoomian/Jason Sperling
    9/2 1 st Newsletter went out and it looked awesome!
    If you did not receive one please contact acstellepfc@gmail.com
    E. Advertising Lisa Oplion
    Deadlines, Your business can be featured in our online newsletter and in our school directory.
    F. Community Partnerships Lisa Stienmetz
    The Stand will give 20% back to ACS on the 2 nd Wednesday of the month during the school year.
    G. Volunteers Coordinators Stacey Kolinsky/Marla Litner
    Thanks for an awesome registration, Make Up pictures and Something Yellow thank you to all of the parents that volunteered and helped count pennies!
    Many opportunities to participate in events. Thank you Krissy Freeman for assisting with the emergency backpacks!
    H. Walk to School Day Oct. 10 Kim Edgerton

    VI. New Business/Items not on the Agenda
    A. Kiyomi Kowalski – Candidate for LVUSD School Board
    Meeting adjourned 7:05PM
    Julee Gould motioned, Tami Hathaway 2 nd .

    Upcoming Events:
    9/12 General PFC Meeting 7pm Staff Lounge/Staff Collaboration Minimum Day
    9/14 6 th Grade Beach Day Field Trip
    9/15 6 th Grade Beach Day Field Trip
    9/18 6 th Grade Beach Day Field Trip
    9/19 Fall Recess - No School
    9/26 Staff Collaboration Minimum Day

    10/1 Kick off for STEP IT UP
    10/2,10/3, 10/5,10/10, 10/12 STEP IT UP Turn in Days
    10/8 – Staff Development Day/No School
    10/10 General PFC Meeting 8:30 a.m./Teachers Lounge and Walk To School Day


    A.C. Stelle PFC Executive Meeting

    8/20/18—9:00 a.m.

    I. Call to Order, Approval of June Minutes Hannah Kukurudz
    +Approval of Minutes for the end of the school year (Hold for September)

    II. President Welcome and Report Julee Gould
    + Welcome new and returning members to the Board
    - Birthdays, Board contact info, calendar
    - Board participated in a team building activity
    + Welcome to our new Principal and VP
    + ACS updates
    + Discussed goals for the year and PFC Updates
    - Working on having Sail shade installed by the first day of school
    - Ideas to have more parents participate in general meetings
    - Discussion for a new event to be researched for Jan. (possible movie event) Julie Shpall made a motion and Julie Tesser second. Board voted and approved

    IV. Treasurer’s Report Karen Clifton
    +Update (Invoices that have been signed)
    Waiting to close the books from last year because invoices from the DO have still not been received

    V. Committee Reports
    A. Donor Drive Dana Bergman/Tami Hathaway
    +Update (25% of donated through MSA)
    + Announcement will be made again Wednesday 8/22 and email will be sent over the weekend

    B. Step It Up/Magazine Drive Vilma Yacoob
    +Kick-off 10/1
    + Insurance update – all insurance needed for the event is almost in. Review of flyers should be happening next week

    C. Directory Jayne Polan
    +Register on MySchoolAnywhere (77% have registered)

    D. Newsletter/FACEBOOK/Update Jason Sperling
    - Email sent to Department chairs for articles which are due 8/28 for first newsletter to be sent 9/2

    E. Advertising /Update Lisa Opolion
    - Lisa is still working on getting advertisers

    F. Volunteers Stacey Kolinsky/Marla Leitner
    - Sign ups are going great!

    G. Registration/Welcome 6th Grader Picnic
    - Thank you to our chairs. Registration was the best one yet!!!
    - 6th Grade picnic was attended by 150 students and was a huge success!

    VI. New Business/Items Not on the Agenda

    Meeting was adjourned at 9:30am