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    Las Virgenes Unified School District is proud to have launched Student 360, a framework for social-emotional (SEL) learning, for students at every grade level. This program aims to help students develop qualities that help them become college, career, and life-ready young adults. Educators at are being trained to lead exercises and incorporate methods that will reinforce the six main values essential to this kind of growth:

    • Positive Mindset
    • Persistence and Grit
    • Empathy and Understanding
    • Autonomy and Independence
    • Collaborative Communities
    • Mindfulness and Thoughtfulness

    “The primary goals of Student 360 are to make students feels connected both to each other and to the adults in the community, to cultivate relational and emotional intelligence, and to develop career and life-readiness dispositions,” says Ryan Gleason, Director of Education and Leadership, who spearheads a series of events both live and streamed online to educate the community about how our District is supporting students with the program.

    The core practices of Student 360 align with LVUSD's mission to enable each student to realize maximum potential as a responsible citizen who will enhance the community and society.

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    In 2018, a Community 360 Collaborative was formed between LVUSD, Lost Hills Sheriff Station, and an assortment of mental health and wellness providers. The Collaborative came together to create a one-stop place in the Ventura and North Los Angeles Area to provide resources, tools, and events to support social emotional wellness for all.

    Community 360
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