• Course Selection

    Greetings Charger Students and Parents!

    It’s time to choose your classes for next year!  Our Course Selection process is crucial at this time of year because it allows us to build the Master Schedule to ensure we have an adequate number of sections to meet student requests.  Therefore, we need you to find out as much as you can about your course choices now, discuss your options and plan as a family, and commit to your course selection.  The Course Selection timeline is Feb. 8 - April 1 and detailed below. 

    Interest Meetings are well underway to allow students to learn more about some of our course options in order to help them make informed decisions.  Students who are considering an Honors, AP, IB, or any other course that offers an information session must attend these interest meetings.  They will learn more about what is expected of them in the class, expected workload, recommended prerequisites and have the opportunity to ask questions.  If students are unable to attend the interest meeting, students should reach out to the teacher via email before course selection ends on February 15th

    This week your 3rd-period teachers will share a video with you which teaches you how to complete your course registration which is a little different this year.  You will complete a Google Form instead of writing your choices on paper.  Then you will input your choices into Aeries as you have in the past with one alternate step. 

    Counselors will host a parent drop-in event on Thursday, February 11th from 3:00-6:00 pm via Zoom where parents will be able to ask any additional questions about the courses their child plans to choose for next year.

    Here are the important dates to remember for Course Selection:

    Jan-Feb:  Interest Meetings.  Review Course Catalog

    Feb. 8-9: Informational Video shown in 3rd period

    Feb. 8-15: Google form and Aeries open to request courses for 9th-11th grade students. All students are required to input their courses into Google and Aeries. They will be able to do so from Feb.8 until Feb.15, at which time Course Selection will close.  After the Aeries Course Selection window closes, only your counselor can make changes to your requests.  Students MUST use their school email to register. Please note that courses are not selected on a first-come, first-served basis - whether you enter classes tomorrow or next Monday will not dictate your chances of getting into a class.

    Feb. 11: 9-11th grade Parent Drop-In from 3-6 pm via Zoom. Parents/students can visit our virtual drop-in and discuss course selection with the counseling team. 

    Feb. 16-19: 11th grade English classes will meet with their counselors to review selections.

    Feb. 23-26: 10th grade English classes will meet with their counselors to review selections.

    March 1-5: 9th grade English classes will meet with their counselors to review selections.

    April 1: ***Final day to change any course selections with counselors.

    All students are welcome to email their counselor or visit them during their virtual office hours if they have any questions. Meeting information is available on the Counseling page of the school website here

    8th-grade students will receive their own information and timeline from us in a few weeks.

    Looking forward to planning next year with you!


    The AHS Counseling Team

    GOOGLE FORMS (These forms are grade-specific):
    FUTURE 10th Grade Registration Form (this form is for CURRENT 9th graders):
    FUTURE 11th Grade Registration Form (this form is for CURRENT 10th graders):
    FUTURE 12th Grade Registration Form (this form is for CURRENT 11th graders):