• Course Selection
    2020 - 2021

    Hello AHS families,

    We hope you are all staying safe and healthy through this very unique time.  We have compiled a few key items that we feel are important to communicate out to you at this time.  Keep in mind that as things evolve, and questions continue to come in, things may change, and we will continue to communicate with you.  

    Virtual Meeting Request

    If you would like a virtual meeting with your counselor, please email your counselor with a few options of your availability (ex: I’m available Wednesday between 1:00-3:00pm, and Thursday between 8:00-10:30am), and we will send you a link for the meeting with a time that works for both parties.

    Course Requests for Next Year

    Your AHS counselors met with most 9-11th grade students over the last month.  If you were not met with for any reason, please reach out to your counselor (via email) to confirm the courses you wish to take.  If you would like to make a change to your original request, email your counselor your desired changes.  

    Summer School

    For students to advance or recover credits with outside summer school, you need to find a program that is WASC approved, UC a-g approved, and if your student is an athlete, it needs to be NCAA approved as well. In the past, we have approved the following summer programs (most are online): Opportunities For Learning (OFL), Vista Real, Mission Academy, The Method Summer School

    Please check that the school you choose is still accredited in the ways stated above. Once you've made your choice, please fill out their referral form (available on their website), fill out our concurrent enrollment form (attached or link here), and email it to your counselor.  Your counselor will review your request with the administrator and approve/deny the course(s). Once those forms are signed by us, we will email you about the decision. Please allow at least 72 hours for the approval process. Normally we would have you come pick up the signed forms and deliver them to your summer school institution.  During this time, we’ll email you an approval. A maximum of 10 units is allowed for summer school. 

    Seniors Requesting Mid-Year Transcripts

    If you need your mid-year transcript (and supporting mid-year documents) to be sent to your college, please email your counselor to let them know.  We will be working remotely and can send documents electronically through Naviance.  

    LVUSD Counseling 360 Resources

    The Community 360 Counseling Center will be offering 20 minute virtual appointments to staff, students, and parents who might need someone to talk to as we enter the coming weeks. If you'd like to book an appointment, go to Community360.me and click "Book an Appointment". This will set up a calendar time for a virtual check-in via Zoom. 

    Counselor Emails:

    A-C:  Mrs. Gagliardi   rgagliardi@lvusd.org

    D-Hol:  Dr. Ordin  lordin@lvusd.org

    Hom-Mc:  Ms. Craven  craven@lvusd.org

    Me-Sa:  Mr. Lipka  mlipka@lvusd.org

    Sc-Z:  Mrs. Latty  clatty@lvusd.org

    Tech Support:

    Charter/Spectrum is supporting LVUSD during this transition to online learning. Any family that does not already have internet at home will get free internet for 3 months with no startup costs. All you have to do is call Spectrum directly at 844-488-8395 and let the rep know that the school district sent them. 

    LVUSD Tech Support can be reached here:

    Email: support@lvusd.org

    Student/Parent: 818-538-6433

    Email is preferred, as phone lines can get busy. Phone support for parents and students will be available from 8:30a to 3p Monday through Friday.

    Thank you for your Patience 

    If there are further topics you feel we should share out to all AHS students/families, please CLICK HERE to make a suggestion.  As we gather your responses, we will meet as a team to determine the best way to communicate with you.  We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we navigate this uncharted territory.  

    Take care,

    Your AHS Counseling Team

    Summer School 2020 Concurrent Enrollment Form.pdf
    Instructions on selecting courses through Aeries can be found here