• When contacting parents, students, and the community on behalf of LVUSD, all staff must adhere to design and practice standards established for district and school communication tools in order to maintain a consistent identity, professional appearance, and ease of use. These include:

    District and school websites
    Program websites
    Classroom websites
    E-mail and print newsletters, announcements, surveys, etc.
    Posters, postcards, and flyers
    Social media updates, graphics, and photo sharing
    Media relations

    LVUSD is committed to disseminating communications materials that support the mission of our district, are in good taste and of superior quality, and compliment the strengths of our community. 

    Publishing, posting, and mailing privileges are maintained at the discretion of LVUSD. Creators of communication material need to familiarize themselves with and adhere to the following standards. Failure to follow these standards may result in the loss of authoring privileges:

    Content guidelines


    Media Relations

    Las Virgenes Unified School District shall strive to keep the public aware of the goals, programs, achievements and needs of our schools. In accordance with Board Policy 1112, all media inquiries shall be routed to the district office. All news stories related to district programs and needs, student awards, school accomplishments, and events of special interest shall be reviewed and sent from the district office. The Communications department maintains proactive communications with the media.