• College Bound Seniors -  College Application Process

    Step-by-Step Student Guide


    Login to your Naviance account from the agourahighschool.net website or by entering http://connection.naviance.com/agouraThe Naviance link on the AHS website is on the right under Students & Parents.


    • Go to the COLLEGES tab at the top of the page
    • Click on Colleges I’m Applying To
    • Click +add to this list
    • Click Lookup
    • Find your college and click.  This will add the college to your list
    • Choose the Type of application -(regular decision, early decision etc.)
    • Click Add Colleges at the bottom of the page
    • Look at your college list and make sure to answer How are you applying?



    University of California – go to http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/how-to-apply/index.html  You will need to submit your application between November 1 and November 30.

    California State University https://www2.calstate.edu/attend/admissions/Pages/apply-to-the-csu.aspx   You must apply by the November 30 deadline.

    Other –Private, Out of State, Community College - use the college website or the Common Application


    If you are applying to a Common Application School. Go to www.commonapp.org

    1. Create a Student Account -  Be sure to write down your username and password  Begin by answering all the questions under the Common App tab.
    2. Add your colleges under the College Search tab – Once you add colleges you will see them on your Dashboard. You will now sign the FERPA Waiver and add outside recommenders (you will add your teacher recommenders on Naviance.

    How to complete the FERPA Waiver on the common app.

    1. Click the first college listed on your Dashboard.
    2. Under Application – Recommenders and FERPA click Incomplete
    3. Click Release Authorization under FERPA Release Authorization
    4. Read instructions and click Continue. You must waive your rights in order for counselors to submit your letter of recommendation and transcript.
    5. Sign the FERPA WAIVER
      1. Continue on this page if you want to Invite Recommenders other than your high school Counselor or teachers.  You will be adding your teacher names on NAVIANCE under the NAVIANCE Colleges tab.
      2. Once you complete the FERPA, return to the COLLEGES I’M APPLYING TO TAB IN NAVIANCE and enter the email you used for your Common Application account and  your date of birth.  Click  Match.


    Teacher Recommendations:  Please make sure you have already personally asked each teacher prior to sending a request through Naviance.

    1. On the NAVIANCE home page Click Colleges
    2. Click the letters of recommendation link - Click Add Requests -Go to Select a Teacher
    3. Click the dropdown menu and choose your teacher(s) from the list.  
    4. You now have a choice to have the teacher send their letter to every college on your list or you can choose specific colleges from your Colleges I'm Applying To list (For colleges that limit the number of letters of recommendation allowed, recommenders who submit first will fulfill that limit, and any subsequent letters will not be accepted by the college)
    5. Add any notes to the teacher(s) in the box such as the date your letter is due.
    6. Click Submit Requests (This will send an email to the teachers stating your request and adding the request to the teacher’s Naviance account.  When the teacher has completed the recommendation, they will mark it as completed and it will show on your letters of recommendation page so you can keep track of your application materials.


    Counselor Meeting  Once you have completed the above you will be ready to meet your counselor.   Make sure you have set up your meeting by logging into Signupgenius.com.   Then click     and using your Counselor’s email, find an appointment slot that works for you.


    mpall@lvusd.org               (A-Chuam)

    lordin@lvusd.org              (Chuan-Golds)

    craven@lvusd.org             (Goldt-Kraty)

    mlipka@lvusd.org             (Kratz-Nez)

    rgagliardi@lvusd.org        (Ng-Seb)

    clatty@lvusd.org               (Shec-Z)

    Once you have confirmed your appointment time, you will receive an email that you will need to print and use as your pass to the Counseling Office.  You will not receive a pass from the office. If you are missing a class, email or speak to your teacher 24-48 hours ahead of time.

    When you meet with your counselor, you will need to bring your completed brag sheet.  Counselors cannot begin to complete their portion of your application until you meet in person.

    SAT/ACT testing

    Order your SAT and/or ACT test scores and have them sent directly to each college. You will also need to order your SAT subject tests.  ACT scores can be ordered at: www.act.org/the-act/scores.  

    SAT - https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/scores/sending-scores\


    You will need to order your transcript to send with your application. You can order transcripts from the Registrar.  Use the Blue order form.  The cost is $5.00.  You will need to order mid-year transcripts in February and another in June to send to the college you will be attending.

    Brag Sheet  

    Login to NAVIANCE and select the About Me tab.  On the left hand side, there will be a link to the Brag Sheet.  This questionnaire must be submitted to your counselor by November 1 in order for your counselor to write your letter of recommendation.  Your counselor will be using your responses to write your letter.  It is imperative that you fill out the questionnaire thoroughly so your counselor can have as much information as possible for your letter.