• Instructions for PFA/PFC and Booster Clubs

    Flyer Distribution Procedures

    For approval, please email your flyer to Debbie Hoisch in the District Office (dhoisch@lvusd.org), and indicate the school and that dates that you would like the flyer sent.  

    • Flyers must be uploaded as a PDF file and must be under 50MB
    • Flyers for PFA/PFC and Booster Clubs are emailed 1x weekly, typically on Wednesday or Thursday.
    • Please upload or provide your flyer 1 week ahead of when you would like the flyer to be sent. Flyers submitted after the weekly email has been sent will go out the following week.

    Policies for PFC/PFA and Booster Clubs

    PFA/PFC and Booster Clubs for one of our schools can post and distribute their flyers usually at no cost as long as the flyer describes an event or activity and
    both of the following criteria are met:

    1. The fee must be payable to the school, school district, PFC, PFA or the booster club.
    2. School/district staff, students or the parent group volunteers must administer the activity.