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    The Las Virgenes Unified School District operates a fee based home to school transportation program for students enrolled in the District’s regular education program to some, but not all schools. The City of Calabasas offers a public transit service used by many students. For more information please click here to read more about transportation.


    The Cafeteria offers a daily menu along with specials for both breakfast ($4.00) and lunch ($5.00).

    Students can pay in two ways:

    The Snack Shop sells items such as baked goods, assorted bagels, chips, fruits, hot chocolate, water, and sports drinks.  There are Vending Machines near the lunch area that sell water and various snacks.  Free and Reduced priced meals applications are available in the Main Office and in the Cafeteria.  Parents dropping off lunch should report to the Main Office.  Students (and parents) are not permitted to order food for delivery to school.


    Click here to visit the Attendance pages. To report an absence, please email and include the student's name, grade, and reason for absence. T

    When a student is absent for a whole day or class period, parents are requested to call to report the absence on a daily basis.  If no contact is made on the day of the absence, your child must return to school with a note written and signed by the guardian, stating the date and reason for the absence.

    If a student arrives late, he/she should:

    • Parent and Student should go to the Main Office immediately upon arrival at school for parent to sign student in and student to get a late pass.

    Please click here to visit the General Health Office Information page. All student medication, including prescriptions and over-the-counter, must be kept in the health office. For medication that must be given during school hours, parents should complete the Medication During School Hours form and bring to the health office along with the medication in a labeled pharmacy container specifying the dosage amount and time to be administered. The form may be downloaded from the school website under the Offices tab and click on the “Health” link.

    Students who must carry an epi-pen, inhaler, or diabetic supplies should contact the health office to receive instructions. If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Prater at (818) 880-4614 ext. 31223

    We have several students attending our school who are severely allergic to peanuts.  Our goal is for all students to be able to learn in an environment that is safe.  We will provide a peanut-safe environment, but we need your assistance to accomplish this goal.
    Children who are allergic to peanuts do not need to ingest them to have a significant reaction, but may have a reaction from merely touching surfaces or items that have been in contact with peanuts.  Prevention is the best approach for reducing the risk of a severe allergic reaction.  Therefore, we are requesting that you DO NOT SEND PEANUT PRODUCTS to school with your child. We appreciate your support and understanding in providing a safe environment for all students. 

    SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Students will be given a list of supplies from their teachers. A three-ringed binder, college ruled paper, composition books, pencils, pens, a red correcting pen, a highlighter, and colored pencils are commonly used supplies for all middle school students.

    P.E. CLOTHES & LOCK: Students may purchase P.E. clothes for $28.00 per set (shorts & shirt) or $15.00 each. Please write your student’s name on the PE clothes. The P.E. teachers will give your student very specific instructions as to how the names are to be written. Please do not allow students to draw pictures, use a variety of colors, or mark uniforms themselves. Locks for the PE lockers may be purchased for $8.00 or students may bring their own combination lock from home. Please note: neither A.E. Wright nor the District is responsible for broken, lost, or cut locks.

    ORGANIZERS: Student organizers are a key tool in helping students keep track of homework assignments and upcoming tests. The organizers are used daily and are a great tool for communication between parents and teachers. The organizers also include a “Student Handbook” section with information about school procedures and policies.  Organizers are $13.00.

    LOCKERS: Lockers are available for 6th grade students only. Locks may be purchased for $15.00. Students may also provide their own lock from home. However, the school or the District is not liable for any lock that is broken, lost, or cut. All lockers (P.E. lockers included) are property of the LVUSD.

    YEARBOOK: Students may purchase the yearbook through early December for $60. Books sold after January 1st will cost $75; however, supplies are limited and subject to publisher availability.


    • Our library stays open until 4:00 pm.
    • The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley offer an after school program for middle school students Monday - Friday, from after school - 6:30 p.m. For more information, contact them at (818) 963-8070. 

    Please make sure you check the following guidelines. Just because an item of clothing is  popular or super-cute does not make it school appropriate! Students who do not meet dress code will lose behavior points and will be required to immediately change into appropriate clothing (red loaner shirt/shorts or may have parents contacted to bring appropriate clothing to school).

    • Make sure your clothes cover the four B’s: Bottoms, Bras, Boxers, Bellies
    • Make sure your outfit is not going to cause a distraction to school or class.
    • Shorts and skirts must be long enough so that when one’s arms are straight at one’s sides, the tip of the student’s thumb does not exceed the length of the garment.
    • Shorts/pants must fit around the waist and stay up without a belt, rope, or suspenders.
    • All shirts or blouses worn to school must be long enough so that if hands are raised over the head, a bare midriff is not exposed. Shirts must cover lingerie straps, bras, and underwear.
    • Clothing styles that are unduly revealing and/or expose underwear are not allowed. These include: “see through” clothing, very low-cut tops, bikini tops, undershirts (worn alone), tube tops, strapless tops, and tank tops or t-shirts with wide arm holes.
    • Spaghetti strap style tank tops or undershirts worn alone are not allowed.
    • Flip-flops, spiked heels, slippers, and shoes with heels in excess of 2” are also not allowed due to safety concerns. All shoes must have a strap around the back of the foot.
    • Clothing which depicts obscene or vulgar material, nudity, sexual activity, sexual innuendo, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, controlled substances, graffiti, weapons, illegal acts of violence, or racial, ethnic, religious, and/or gender slurs is not allowed.


    We believe students are capable of high character and can be incredible examples for our community who make us proud.  Occasionally, though, students display behaviors that are self-sabotaging and non-normative.  We operate multiple programs to support positive behavior and help students improve when they make mistakes.

    SPARTAN CLUB: Spartan Club is a reward system to recognize good citizenship and behavior. Every school year students begin the year with 100 behavior points and automatically become a member of Spartan Club. As long as a student maintains his/her original 100 points, and does not receive a “U” or “N” citizenship mark, he/she will continue to be a member of Spartan Club.

    All students who maintain eligibility in Spartan Club are eligible to attend Spartan Club Field Trips offered at the end of the school year. Students who have lost behavior points are not allowed to make up points to qualify for these field trips.

    Click here to go to the PFC website pages. A.E. Wright is always looking for volunteers to help with activities, serve as Committee Chairs, supplement needed materials, raise funds for large items, and work with the principal and the staff to support programs at school.

    If you are able to volunteer, please email You may also visit the PFC tab on the A.E. Wright Website to view volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and meeting dates. All A.E. Wright parents are welcome to attend the PFC meetings.

    The School Site Council creates and reviews the School Improvement Plan.  The Council is composed of twelve members who serve two year terms: three parents, four certificated employees, three students, and one classified employee. The School Site Council meets after school about four times during the year.  If you are interested in volunteering, please call Ms. Johnson in the Main Office (818)880-4614 Ext 31221. 

    If you change your address, please contact the Counseling Office ASAP at You will need to provide proof of residency with your new address as follows:

    • Water, gas, or electric bill (NO OTHER BILLS) for the address of residency in the PARENT’S NAME. If you are unable to provide this, prior approval from the District Office will be required.
    • Escrow/lease agreements (signed by landlord) will be accepted for new residents only until the first utility bills are received.
    • Residency Verification Form (available in the Counseling Office) and a copy of your Driver's License.

    If your student is not taking the bus through the district or the shuttle through the City of Calabasas ( – click the transportation tab for the required StudentPass), please try to walk or carpool. 

    A.E. Wright has one main area for parents to drop off or pick up students. This area is the carpool loop on the north side of campus. We appreciate you following the procedures, being polite, courteous and patient when driving through the traffic loop. Our children observe and model all of our behavior, good and bad. Please also remember that school traffic is usually heavier than normal the first two weeks of school. 

    Alternative Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations
    We encourage you to use alternate pick up and drop off locations. 
    Students may be picked up or dropped off along Las Virgenes Road between the shuttle stop and Meadow Creek Lane.  There is a sidewalk and plenty of space for them to safely wait. The area is usually clear and easily accessible after 3:15pm. Most parents who pick up/drop off at this location turn right on Meadow Creek and then turn right on Lost Hills Road. Lost Hills Road takes you directly to the freeway. Do not pick up on the corner of Meadow Creek & Las Virgenes. 

    Students are encouraged to walk to school when feasible. The bridge between Lost Hills Road and A.E. Wright makes walking to school very easy for those students who live in the immediate community. This area is not meant to be a drop-off/pick-up area for parents waiting in cars.

    If you need to pick up your student quickly, the best choice is to park on Las Virgenes Road either north or south of the school and have your student walk out to meet you.

    For more information about the car loop instructions, please click here.