• 6th Grade Elective Descriptions - 2019-2020

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    This course is designed to introduce students to the skills, values and experience that will help them succeed in the digital world. They will learn to maintain technology, create digital content and provide training. Student driven curriculum will develop critical thinking skills, communication, business organization, leadership and technical skills.


    The Exploratory Program is a series of classes designed to expose the student to a variety of enrichment topics and new experiences.  Periodically throughout the school year, the student’s group will rotate to the next class. Exploratory classes include the topics indicated below and are open only to sixth graders.  

    • ART - This class exposes the sixth grade artist to two and three-dimensional art forms in a short amount of time.  Each year the students work with clay as a sculptural medium, become familiar with the techniques of linoleum block printmaking by creating their own stamp, and do some additional multimedia projects such as collages.  Students have an opportunity to explore 2-dimensional media with drawing and shading as well as trying watercolor techniques for creating different effects. Fun and exploration are the key elements as they are exposed to various art media.
    • GUIDANCE - This class will address topics ranging from exploring work habits, time management strategies, and organizational skills (personal and digital) to help students succeed in middle school and beyond.  These essential skills can boost achievement across all areas of curriculum and build good academic behaviors. Students will learn to self-monitor their academic progress and learn skills to effectively communicate with peers, teachers, and other school staff.
    • MUSIC - Exploratory music teaches student basic concepts of music, including pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and tempo.  It also teaches signs, symbols and terms found in music and how to read a musical program (such as is found at a classical music event).  Students are also exposed to major classical composers and their works. The emphasis is on having fun and learning for the innate joy of accomplishment and knowledge.
    • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) - This class provides sixth grade students with experiences involving science, technology, engineering, art and math.  Exploratory STEAM introduces website development and design using Google Sites, design and modeling using SketchUp and introduces building robots with VEX Robotics and programming using RobotC.


    • Beginning Band - For students with no previous, or less than one academic year of experience with band instruments:  woodwinds, percussion, and brass (ability to play piano not applicable).  Open to all grade levels.
    • Cougar Band - Cougar Band is for intermediate levels of playing ability.  Acceptance into Cougar Band is based on recommendation of the director.  Participation in several scheduled evening performances is a course requirement.  
    • Beginning Strings - For students with little or no previous experience with stringed instruments.  Students play violin, viola, cello, or bass.  Open to all grade levels.
    • Cougar Strings is for intermediate levels of playing ability.  Acceptance into Cougar Strings is based on recommendation of the director.  Participation in several scheduled evening performances is a course requirement.
    • Concert Choir - This class is open to all grade levels.  Students will learn beginning and intermediate vocal techniques, correct breathing, tone production, and how to read music.  Concert Choir is a performing group that will sing all types of music such as pop, rock, Disney, and light classics. Participation in several scheduled evening performance is a course requirement.

    YEARBOOK (El Gato) This class is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  Using a unique and specialized online computer program, students will design the Lindero Canyon Middle School yearbook.  They will also take photographs and create original artwork. Students with an interest or ability in computer skills, creative writing, journalism, photography, art, or layout design are encouraged to select this elective.  This is a great way to become involved in all the school activities and events, and is a good foundation for working on the yearbook in high school. In addition, our school newspaper is published in the spring semester, and the students write articles, do interviews, take surveys, cover school functions, write poetry, and draw comics.  Students should have good organization skills, be reliable, able to work in groups, take direction, and have the ability to work independently.


    A Zero Period PE class is offered so that students have the opportunity to add a second elective which means the student would have a full eight-period schedule starting at 7:42 am and continuing until the end of the school day.  Note:  There are a limited number of spots available in this class.