• Make Your Class Celebration a GREEN One!

    In compliance with the new state law (AB 341) and Board Policy 3511, the following information outlines LVUSD’s waste reduction and recycling recommendations regarding class parties:

    PURCHASING: Purchase only what you need, with a focus on recyclable materials.

    Water Bottles:
    LVUSD discourages the use of plastic water bottles. Most students have a reusable drink container at school. We recommend the purchase of large-sized water jugs to refill these containers as needed. You may want to have a few cups on hand for the few students who don’t have one. If you do buy water bottles, please choose the small ones in an effort to reduce overall waste. When plastic water bottles are used, it is each class’s responsibility to empty them and place them in the recycling bin.

    Plates and Cups:
    We recommend plastic plates and cups, when those items are needed. Please request that NO Styrofoam be purchased. Once the food has been removed, these items can be placed in the recycling bin. Please avoid wax-coated paper and Styrofoam because they are not recyclable in our area.

    Paper Napkins and Plastic Utensils:
    Once used, paper napkins are not recyclable and should be placed with the food waste.

    Store-bought items such as fruit, cookies, frosting, etc., typically come in a plastic container. Please remove any remaining food, and place all empty plastic containers in the recycling bin. The purchase of individually-wrapped snacks is strongly discouraged.


    Separating Waste from Recycling:
    We recommend using different color trash bags, one for recyclables and one for trash. Coordinate this with your plant manager. Students, with the help of parent volunteers, should sort their food waste and trash from their recycling. Once the party is over, the plant manager will collect bags and dispose of them properly.


    Show your love for our school and the planet by reducing the amount of waste produced at class parties and recycling whenever possible. This not only helps the environment, but it also helps keep our campus clean.

    Thank you for keeping our school clean and green!