GATE Information

  • Welcome to the Gifted Program at A.E. Wright Middle School!

    A.E. Wright Middle School is pleased to offer a Gifted Program as an option for students who qualify.  The program is designed to meet the needs of those young people who have a high intellectual giftedness.  These students often find themselves in classrooms where they are bored and not challenged.  Our GATE program includes a classroom setting that is enriched with depth and novelty and accelerated to enable our gifted students to make continuous progress in school.

    Program History

    The GATE program began in 2013 with one teacher and one cohort of thirty students. Each year interest in the program has grown and we currently have two full-time GATE teachers who teach ELA and Social Studies to 5 cohorts, two science teachers who teach GATE-specific cohorts, and math teachers who differentiate to meet our GATE students' needs.

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