• Early Leave Form


    Early Leave Absences

    Students leaving campus early for any reason(except health) throughout the normal school day must check out in advance through the Attendance Office.

    • A student may check out during the day ONLY if the parent/guardian has completed the AHS Early-Leave Reporting Form(https://forms.gle/vyzyeuu4GoDSFQj16) by 9:00am, so the off-campus pass can be generated. 
    • Students can pick up their off-campus pass during Nutrition and Lunch.
    • Medical office visits require documentation, which can be uploaded to the form or brought by the student to the attendance office upon the student’s return to school.

    Students leaving campus for any reason must check out at the Attendance or Health Office.

    • Students must sign in at the Attendance Office when they return to campus.
    • Students leaving campus for any reason and not checking out through the Attendance or Health Office will be considered truant for that particular class period.
    • A parent phone call or email will NOT clear a truant or unverified absence when a student has left campus without authorization.
    • Students must be in school all day in order to practice or participate in a game, practice, rehearsal, performance or activity. Requests for exceptions must be made in advance through the Attendance Office.