• Please consider participating in LVUSD’s goal to create sustainable and environmentally responsible practices with regard to RECYCLING and TRASH(Landfill) waste. The following are suggested guidelines to help your event be successful in reducing “your” carbon footprint. 

    1. Designate a Green member of your Event Committee. At your event meetings, green member should understand the full scope of waste of the event.
      1. Need the number of expected attendees (_____________)
      2. Need list of vendors and contact numbers
      3. Need a Site Map of placement of Vendors, Booths, other areas to be used
      4. Establish if the Event committee has made arrangement for additional Trash and Recycle dumpster and recycle containers. LVUSD works with Waste Management your contact is: Tom Jacobellis, tjacobellis@wm.com at 805-955-4346.
      5. Event committee should determine if any other recycle or compost company that may be needed. Request # of collapsible recycled containers with tops from Waste Management (should be donated by WM). See attached paper work for suggested wording for separation.
      6. Using a Site Map, coordinate with Facility Director for placement of waste/recycle stations and how collection will be handled
    2. Green Team Meeting Prior to Event (get volunteers to assist in preparation) Contact Vendors either prior to the event for list of waste items. Sometimes information is given on their websites too. Example “corn” forks recyclable
    3. Establish Waste Stations: Trash/Landfill, Recyclables. 
      Is there a need for compost collection? 
      Is there a need to separate Bottles and Cans (source of income)
      • Clearly label what products can be recycled and compostable
      • Create same Poster/Signage on the recycle, trash(Landfill) and compost containers (see attached examples)
      • Recycle all paper, plastics and glassware after the event
      • Leftover food that has not been set out for consumption and in original wrapping can be donated to local food banks and shelters.