• Academic intervention


    We have a highly committed staff to ensure the success of every child.  We offer differentiated instructional strategies to meet the individual needs of all students we serve.  Teachers are trained in how to individualize academic supports, behavior management strategies, and provide students with the skills they need to be successful.  However, sometimes the daily classroom program is not enough and students can start to fall behind.  

    Our new academic intervention program, "The Bobcat 30" is a way to meet the needs of the students who have some skill deficits and need more support in a small group setting. 

    What does the program look like? 


    Thirty minutes of intensive, small group, skill based academic intervention, during the school day with our highly qualified classroom teachers, three times per week!

    Each of our grade level teams work collaboratively to identify students in need of support and then students are grouped with peers at their same learning level.  Three times per week, students move into other classrooms within their leveled groups to receive either intervention or enrichment.  

    The intensive intervention group is taught by one of the teachers in the grade level, while the other teachers provide enriching learning activities in collaborative groups.  These enrichment activities allow students to build working relationships with peers in other classes, advance their communication skills, and allow for like-minded students to work together on problem solving and other critical thinking areas.  

    During this 30 minutes, those students who are in need of more intensive academic support, work very closely in a small group of no more than 10-12 students with one of the grade level teachers.  The teacher working with this group of students may or may not be the assigned classroom teacher, but it is one of the teachers in their grade level.  

    The groups are fluid and flexible. When student's data indicate a need for more or less support, they are moved in and out of the intervention group or enrichment groups.  Data is collected each week and teachers collaboratively identify students to move in and out of groups after 4-6 weeks of support, based on their individual need and rate of progress.

    We are very excited to lauch this new program and look forward to seeing the results with student achievement.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your classroom teacher.