• Instant Challenges

    Instant challenges are either performance or task-based challenges to help children work collaboratively and following their own curiosity.  Students are presented with some information and they must plan how to solve the problem in a quick and creative way, using critical thinking skills.  

    At Yerba Buena, we incorporate instant challenges into many of our classrooms on a regular basis.  Not only do students become engage and excited, but they learn to work in a team to communicate, collaborate, critically think, and develop an amazing creativity.  

    In addition to classroom instant challenges, each month we offer an instant challenge opportunity to all students during their recess time.  Each of the challenges are aligned to the monthly Univeral theme, and students have so much fun.  

    We encourage all students to try out one of our lunchtime instant challenge activities.  


    For more inforamation about instant challenges or our GATE program, please inquire in our front office about joining the YB GATE committee.